How To Get Barkskin Trait In Remnant 2

How To Get Barkskin Trait In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 handles traits differently from other similar Souls-like games. Many of these stat-altering cards are dispersed across the worlds, rather than having the Trait available right away. This article will discuss a trait known as Barkskin, which like other traits of a similar nature, is locked away in a one-time challenge in remnant 2.

A trait called Barkskin lowers all incoming damage by a percentage ranging from 1% to 10%. Damage reduction operates somewhat differently from the Armor value of your character. First of all, both values strengthen your defense as a whole, offsetting the Wanderer’s health damage. Second, some attacks in the game are able to get past Armor. This also applies to status effects that significantly lower Armor, such as Corrusive. DR assists in reducing some of the harm.

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Remnant 2 Barkskin Trait

Barkskin is a trait in remnant 2 that completely shields against all forms of damage by reducing all incoming damage.

In Remnant 2, the Barkskin Trait is an optional trait that you can only get by finishing specific tasks or goals. You are less likely to miss these traits than Core traits, which are the same for all four classes, and Archetype traits, which are traits that you can get through archetypes.

One of the greatest traits for any class that players can discover and acquire is the Barkskin Trait. Owing to the game’s randomly generated dungeons, it is simple to overlook this feature. You need not worry; I will assist you in obtaining the Barkskin Trait without any difficulties.


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How to get the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2?

Finding Meidra, the forest spirit, is the first step towards obtaining the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2. You may run into her as an amiable NPC while exploring Yaesha’s forests. Depending on your tileset, she may spawn in the first or second Overworld. You can locate her location just before returning to the Ravager’s temple to activate the gears if your set starts in the Forbidden Grove. On the set that begins in the Red Throne, she is situated in a slightly more private area.

But the process of obtaining Barkskin is the same no matter how you locate her. You will have to respond to her first question in a way that the Doe would find acceptable.

How to get the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2?

Meidra is going to ask five questions, and your responses will determine which of the Doe and Ravager you identify with. There are, as far as we are aware, twenty-five possible questions she could ask.

You will respond to questions in one of two ways each time. You will be in line with the Doe’s values if you choose one of the options. The Ravager is in the same boat. After completing the five questions, you have to align with the Doe in order to receive the Barkskin trait.

It’s not necessary for you to have every answer to match the Doe’s. In our opinion, three of the five are sufficient. Even so, 4 out of 5 on our tests clearly indicate that you can acquire the trait.


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Answers for Meidra to get the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2

Meidra asks the players only these questions, as far as I can tell. To unlock Barkskin Trait, make sure you only choose the options below (don’t worry, she only asks a few questions).

Should you kill the fighter or let him face his own fate?Leave him alone. ­­­­
Should you push the stranger or run the chance of the five miners dying?Risk the death of the five miners.
Should you kill the fighter or let fate decide what will happen to him? Do you harm him or don’t you see his plans to get back at you?Kill him with poison.
Do you put your daughter’s life in danger or convict the innocent?Free the person who is innocent.
Do you call out the owner and give back the money, or do you keep it?Give the money back.
Should the disease make the final decision or do you kill your patients in an attempt to find a cure?I will not kill knowingly
Which would you do, report the thief or let the unfortunate orphans keep the coin?Tell the police about the thief, and they’ll decide.
Turn him in to the authorities.Risk death for us all.
Do you save the family, or let the family suffer by spring the unwilling donor?Spare the healthy donor.
Do you abandon your fellow hostages or face death together?Talk to them. Listen to them.
Do you try to destroy the goon or do you assist the victims?Help the hurt people.
Do you choose to protect the family or do you let them suffer because the donor is unwilling?Face death with each other.
Do you grant immortality to everyone or just a select few?Everyone should get a treat.
Do you forgive them?I do forgive them.
Which of your grandchildren or son would you save?Save my granddaughter
Do you leave the throng in the fire to fend for itself, or do you torture your captive?Believe that the crowd can handle itself.
To save yourself and the others, would you risk suffocating the child?You run the risk of being found.
Give the king the tools to dispatch his enemies and endanger the war, or send them packing?He should kill his enemies on his own.
Do you try to stem the flow at the elder’s peril or do you abandon him to his fate?Let him deal with what will happen.
Should you kill your family’s enemy to put an end to the conflict, or spare him?Don’t hurt them.
Do you live your life without your one true love, or do you reject your mortal family?Stay alive without my love.
Do you risk dying in battle, or do you leave your eldest to face the unknown?Leave your oldest child. ­


What does the Barkskin trait do?

What does the Barkskin trait do?

In Remnant 2, the Barkskin Trait lowers all incoming damage by a fixed percentage. You can reduce enemy damage by 1% (per upgrade) by upgrading this trait once.

Barkskin Trait LevelImpact
11% reduction in all  incoming damage
22% reduction in all  incoming damage
33% reduction in all  incoming damage
44% reduction in all  incoming damage
55% reduction in all  incoming damage
66% reduction in all  incoming damage
77% reduction in all  incoming damage
88% reduction in all  incoming damage
99% reduction in all  incoming damage
1010% reduction in all  incoming damage

Barkskin Trait can be upgraded to level 10 by using trait points to 10% off all incoming damage. In the game, damage reduction is OP, so you should definitely unlock Barkskin Trait as soon as you can. In Remnant 2, some players also confuse Bloodstream and Barkskin traits; however, you don’t have to.

Both are beneficial in certain circumstances. Bloodstream increases the rate at which your grey health regenerates during combat, while Barkskin aids with defense. You can pick the choice that fits the way you like to play.

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