Remnant 2: 10 Best Builds

Remnant 2: 10 Best Builds

Because there are so many choices for equipment, archetypes, and traits in Remnant 2, there are a lot of possible builds. Together, these choices can produce a precisely tailored build that fits your playstyle. Finding exactly what you like requires some trial and error (and a great deal of exploration), but that is half the fun. The other half consists of boss-level dungeon clearing.

The best combinations of different Archetypes, Weapons, Armor, Traits, Skills, and other character customization elements are called builds in Remnant 2, and they are designed to fit particular play styles and objectives. If you’re having trouble with a particular aspect of the game or feel like the gameplay is becoming tedious, you might want to try a different build.

10 Best Builds in Remnant 2

Best Builds in Remnant 2 video game

Every build can be used to play the game because of the variety of customization options available. With the help of this list, which highlights some of the best builds for various scenarios, you’ll be equipped to rule Remnant 2’s world.

10. Melee Build – Challenger And Handler Archetype

With The Power Of The Mighty Sword

In a game where guns play a major role, a melee build turns out to be quite effective. It’s a feasible option, despite how it may sound. You need an archetype that can withstand a beating because your attacks will mostly be melee-based, and the Challenger is the ideal choice. Its abilities and benefits are made to withstand damage and raise your chances of surviving.

You’ll be using your melee weapon most of the time, but it’s still a good idea to have a backup ranged weapon on hand. With its loyal canine companion, the Handler is a perfect example of a secondary character. This comrade is great at defeating and diverting enemies, but in tight situations, it can also revive you. Although it might not be the best option for your initial playthrough, it’s still an interesting experiment to do.

9. Support Build – Medic And Alchemist Archetype

A Healer In Need, Is A Friend Indeed

This build is ideal for cooperative runs in which you play the crucial support role, keeping your friends moving and involved in the action. However, it’s not the greatest option for solitary explorations. The best archetypes for a support role are those who can heal and support the team at a high level; this is where the Medic and Alchemist excel.

When things get hard, you turn to your Medic to heal and revive your teammates. As they concentrate on defeating enemies, they will look to you to keep them engaged in the game. The Alchemist, on the other hand, is an expert at increasing your allies’ resistance and defense, giving them greater stamina when facing peril. This setup is perfect for you if you like to play support roles in other games.

8. Explorer Build

In Remnant 2, the Explorer Archetype is not designed to carry players on its own; rather, it is meant to support other Archetypes during a second playthrough of the game. Still, there are some intriguing combinations that players can try if they want to push themselves with a pure Explorer build for cooperative play. The pickup bonuses of the Explorer are the main focus of this build. Their amulets and rings are all related to picking up objects. Pickups are also the foundation of the Transpose mutator. Players will have plenty of resources to defeat bosses with this pure Explorer build.

7. Invader Build


Invader Build in remnant 2

Since invader differs from the game’s usual high-damage archetypes, it’s an intriguing archetype that takes some time to master. But its abilities offer a big advantage when it comes to moving around the battlefield. Especially useful against bosses, the first skill, Void Cloak, lets you automatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for a predetermined amount of time.

Worm Hole, your second main skill, lets you warp forward and deals 300 percent damage on your next attack. This skill can deal a lot of damage when combined with a weapon that deals a lot of damage, such as the Sporebloom. Remember to look at accessories, especially those that provide bonuses for ranged damage, weapon damage, or any other specializations that you may have.

While this archetype works well with many others, it can be especially helpful when paired with a Gunslinger or Engineer for their increased fire rate and ranged damage, or when they have more allies to distract enemies and open up opportunities for skill reloading.


Remnant 2 Invader Build Guide: Best Archetypes, Amulets And Traits

6. Medic And Summoner Build

Let Them Do The Work For You

Summoner and medic build in remnant 2

The key to this build is combining the Summoner and Medic archetypes to create a potent combo. The Medic’s specialty is providing support and healing to you and your group. The prime perk, which grants you a Relic charge back after restoring 250 health to allies, is the standout feature. You don’t need other players when using the Summoner; this benefit extends to the minions you call forth as well, guaranteeing a consistent flow of Relic charges.

The Summoner steps in to assist even though the Medic isn’t the greatest at dealing damage. In battle, you can call upon minions to carry out your commands. These goons deal damage in addition to deterring opponents. For those who are new to the game or want to play it alone, this ideal combination makes for a secure and efficient build.

5. Bleed Build

Let Them Bleed To Their Death

Bleed Build in remnant 2

Bleed builds always seem to work best in games where the Bleed status effect is present, and Remnant 2 is no different. The idea behind this setup is to inflict Bleed on enemies, allowing them to take the brunt of the damage while you stay back and dispatch them with a few well-placed shots. This build is designed to deal a lot of damage, so it needs the appropriate equipment to be effective.

Because it has the Bleed effect built in, the Merciless is perhaps the best weapon choice for this build. In terms of archetypes, the Gunslinger and Hunter complement each other well and work well together. Their advantages include constant firing, a quicker rate of reload, and a steady stream of damage with critical hits and bleeding effects. The benefit of having limitless ammunition reserves is also included, which is a significant plus. But don’t be afraid to experiment with other archetypes as well, since this build is primarily focused on Bleed, and no archetype is particularly good at it.


Best Bleed Build In Remnant 2

4. Weapon Mod Build – Archon Archetype

Mod, After Mod, After Mod

Do you recall how we worked through the Archon archetype to unlock it? It’s here, and it’s a formidable machine. The Archon specializes in Weapon Mods and is very good at producing them passively, which increases their damage and cast time. This means you can use mods more quickly and deal even more damage.

It’s surprising how well the Summoner complements this archetype. Your mods will hit even harder because the Summoner’s skill, Dominator, increases mod and skill damage by thirty-five percent. Although you can select any regular weapon from the game’s inventory, it’s important to choose your weapon mods carefully. Look for something that can be quickly reused and is effective against groups of enemies with low mod requirements. Use this build and you’ll see why we insist that you incorporate the Firestorm Mod into your main weapon regardless of the circumstances.

3. Bow Build

There Is Archery Too

Bow Build in remnant 2

In Remnant 2, a bow builds? Despite its unusual sound, there is a particular bow in the game that you can build around and use to overcome any obstacle. The Crescent Moon is a special weapon with a variety of uses, including healing your character when using its mod and dealing damage and enhancing your arrows. But when combined with the Hunter and Gunslinger archetypes, it really shines.

The Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm skill improves projectile speed and critical chance in addition to increasing your fire rate and reload speed to counter the bow’s one-shot limit. In the meantime, you can sneak up on opponents, deal more ranged damage, and mark nearby enemies with the Hunter’s Shroud. This construct refutes the idea that bows are useless in a game like Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Best Bow Build (Archetype, Weapons, Rings & Amulet)

2. Engineer And Summoner Build

Why Get Your Hands Dirty

Summoner build in remnant 2

When others are capable of doing the task for you, why get your hands dirty? You can finish your bidding with this build by becoming an expert in both Engineer and Summoner. The Engineer is very good at carrying and using heavy weaponry as turrets, which increases your skill damage by a large margin. This boost helps your minions when using the Summoner in addition to improving your heavy weapons.

Using the first and second skills of the Summoner archetype to summon two minions gives your squad more strength. These minions are excellent at both deterring opponents and inflicting significant damage. Enemies are unsure of whom to target when playing solo because you effectively have three extra party members. They can’t decide whether to target the minions, the turrets, or you. You’re going to have a blast, and they’re going to have a hard time, either way.

1. Status Effect Build – Ritualist Archetype

Hit Them Where It Hurts

A powerful archetype known as the Ritualist is introduced with the release of Awakened King; this type of play is all about literally hitting enemies where it hurts. With its focus on status effects and extending the damage and duration dealt to enemies, this build is perfect for taking on groups of opponents. For the Ritualist build, choosing your weapon carefully is essential. Select your preferred weapon that deals with different status effects; weapons like Merciless or Enigma are excellent options. Since the Ritualist places a strong focus on effects, be sure your weapon has a lot of power in that area.

The Challenger is a good choice for the secondary archetype if you’re thinking about going with a more tanky build. Gunslinger or Hunter are excellent choices if you want to concentrate more on DPS. By customizing your secondary archetype to fit your preferred playstyle, you can enhance the Ritualist’s strengths and become a very powerful opponent in groups.


  • Players can customise their builds in Remnant 2 to suit their preferred playstyles because of abundance of gear and customization options available.
  • The article highlights a variety of build options, each with specific advantages and tactics, such as melee, support, summoner, bleed, engineer, and status effect builds.
  • The article encourages experimentation and personal preferences while highlighting the significance of choosing the appropriate archetypes and gear to maximize the effectiveness of each build.

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