Best Bleed Build In Remnant 2

Best Bleed Build In Remnant 2

The player of Remnant 2 is free to design their own builds and select whatever gear and weapons they like. To be the most effective in the game, some players might not be using the right loadout, though. This assumes a significant role when players engage in an Apocalypse run. Here is everything you need to know about the Bleed Build in Remnant 2 to help you.

The main goal of Bleed Build is to maximize bleed damage. In addition to enabling you to combat multiple opponents at once, persistently inflicting damage on them will allow you to concentrate on both your offensive and defensive abilities. It is therefore crucial to understand which relics, rings, skills, and weapons complement this build the best.

Discover the ideal load out for the Bleed Build in Remnant 2 by reading on, and maybe you’ll be able to defeat the game on Apocalypse difficulty.

Crafting a Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Crafting a Bleed Build in Remnant 2

A useful feature in most fighting-based role-playing games is bleeding. Even when you cease engaging in direct combat with an opponent, you can still inflict damage on them. If this describes you, you need Remnant 2’s tools to make the ideal Bleed Build.

Weapon Choice For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Long Gun

For this Build, you’ll need the Merciless, the greatest Bleed weapon in the game. Just based on its basic stats, the long gun is essential. It begins with a 100% weak spot damage bonus and a 10% chance of crit hits. You have an ample amount of ammunition to work with, as the maximum is 250.

Merciless is an excellent weapon for close-quarters fighting, and it comes with an unremovable mod called Bloodline that enhances its performance when used with your Remnant 2 Bleed Build. Any enemy in its path will be destroyed and penetrated by the blast. In addition, you can deal 150 damage, x3 stagger, and a 25% bonus to crit damage when you hit multiple opponents.

Hitting as many opponents as you can is your goal. Each enemy that the blast hits will cause the damage to increase by 50%.

The following materials are needed to craft Merciless:

  • x1 Crimson Membrane
  • x7 Lumenite Crystal
  • x650 Scrap

When you use this mod with the Twisting Wounds Mutator, every shot is even more dangerous. With the first shot, the enemy will start to bleed, and the next shot will do 20% more damage because of this mutator.

Should you be able to raise the weapon to level 10, it will be able to do an extra 1200 damage over 20 seconds. That’s a lot of damage from bleeding.


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Hand Gun (Rupture Canon – Blood Draw Mod)

The gun is small but very strong, and it has a mod that was chosen just for this Bleed Build in Remnant 2. It is great to have the Rupture Canon by itself. The DPS is fine, but the mod makes things really exciting.

When you turn on the mod, metal chains will shoot out of the gun and go through the enemy. The attack can hit up to five enemies in a 15-meter range at the same time.

The bleed status effect will be caused by this attack. It will take 30 seconds for enemies that are affected to lose 1650 health. It will add another stack of bleed, but this time it will hit more than one enemy. That makes it very useful when fighting groups of enemies.

Melee Weapon (Assassin’s Dagger – Bloodthirst Mod)

The Assassin’s Dagger is the one item that a bleeding enemy dislikes. It’s a ridiculously powerful melee weapon that is small and simple to use.

To start, an enemy that is already bleeding takes 25% more damage when attacked. The same attack delivered from behind deals an extra 25% damage on top of the 25% boost.

Then, with just the dagger, you can cause an enemy to bleed if you execute a charge attack. The objective now is to engage the enemy with a charge attack using the Dagger, run up to them, and fire Merciless, your main gun. You will get four to five stacks of bleeding from a single enemy using this strategy alone.

Weapon Choice For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Best Archetype Combo For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

The following Archetype combination will be used for this build:

  • Primary Archetype: Gunslinger – Loaded (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer

Primary Archetype: Gunslinger – Loaded (Prime Perk)

The Gunslinger and Engineer archetypes are our own combination for this Bleed Build in Remnant 2. Due to the fact that our primary objective is to exhaust our opponents, the choice of archetype doesn’t significantly affect the build.

Because bleeding damage by itself won’t win you battles, we have chosen archetypes that have a high damage output and the ability to deal significant damage.

Every time you activate the Gunslinger with Loaded prime perk, all of your weapons will instantly reload. The mod will grant you infinite ammo for a brief period of time, during which time your actual reserve will remain unaffected.

There are several reasons why you ought to use Bullet storm as your primary skill. It will increase your rate of fire and reload speed in addition to turning your weapon automatic, if it isn’t already.

Secondary Archetype (Engineer)

One of the most well-liked options for the secondary archetype slot is Engineer, which we have selected for your secondary archetype.

The heavy guns and turrets that you can use to your advantage during combat were the primary cause. You can choose from a variety of combinations aside from that. Whichever takes your fancy.

Best primary and Archetype Combo For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Traits For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Ammo Reserve is your go-to Trait since your main archetype is Gunslinger. You will receive additional ammunition for both your primary and secondary weapon by devoting points to it. At critical times, this can save lives.

Other than that, regardless of the build type you are running, Vigor and Endurance are typically the standard upgrades.


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Relic For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

The effectiveness and functionality of the build are not significantly impacted by the relic selection. Remnant 2 has a ton of useful relics, so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

We would advise trying something like Dragon Heart or Crystal Heart, which will instantly boost your health.

You will experience an immediate or gradual increase in health from both of them. In any case, since you may come across some close-quarters combat, this will be very helpful to you. Therefore, having a backup is ideal.


Jewelry For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Amulet (Ravager’s Mark) For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

If an enemy is bleeding, you will deal 20% more damage to them with this amulet. The damage increase is increased to 30% if their health is less than half.

Rings For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

The following rings will be used to strengthen our build:

  1. Blood Jewel: Any melee weapon charged attack will deal bleeding damage. When coupled with the Assassin’s Dagger, the effect will be amplified.
  2. Timekeeper’s Jewel: The enemies’ status effects will endure for an extended period of time. Indicating that it will inflict greater harm. The effect will persist longer if it is more stacked.
  3. Blood-Tinged Ring: You will gain health every second if you are near an enemy who is bleeding.
  4. Zania’s Malice: Dealing more damage now when you hit the vulnerable area. There are three ways to stack this effect.
Rings, armor and amulet For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Armor For Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Remnant 2’s Bleed Build is highly customizable and has a ton of room for improvement. You are free to choose whatever armor you want.

Your only real concern should be that you have to be moving all the time because you don’t have much lifesteal or health-regen. In addition to shielding you from harm, your armor shouldn’t be heavy.

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