15 best Traits in Remnant 2, Ranked

15 best Traits in Remnant 2, Ranked

There are plenty of ways to customize your character in Remnant 2. Traits are particular passive skills that grant a player exclusive benefits and enhancements.  They enhance key character attributes like health, stamina, range, and movement speed. We have listed and described 15 best Traits along with their locations that are good choices for any build you’re playing in Remnant 2.

Types of traits in Remnant 2. How to Unlock Traits in Remnant 2?

There are three types of traits in Remnant 2: regular, archetype, and core. As of right now, the game has 17 Traits, 4 Core Traits, and 11 Archetype Traits.

  • The four Core Traits—Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise—are unlocked at the beginning for all players.
  • Depending on which archetype the player has equipped, archetype traits are automatically assigned. You will be equipped with two Archetype Traits if you possess Dual Archetypes. With one for every archetype.
  • The remaining Traits can be acquired in a number of ways that are revealed during gameplay.

15 best Traits in Remnant 2, Ranked

Certain traits work better with specific builds, but other traits work well for all character types. These are the traits we’ve listed because they’re typically good choices for any build you’re playing. In light of that, these are Remnant 2’s top 15 traits are described follows.

15) Endurance

At rank 10, endurance can give you an extra three stamina points per point, for a total of thirty extra points. Since it’s a Core Trait, you can use it right away without having to find or unlock anything else. You start the game with Endurance.

Although most builds allow you to choose from stronger generic traits, extra stamina is always useful in the heat of battle, particularly if you’re playing a medium or close-range character that depends on dodging attacks.

14) Blood Bond

The Blood Bond trait is linked to the Summoner Archetype and mostly helps the summons of this class. This trait gives summoners a huge advantage because it makes their summons more resistant to damage, giving them strong defense.

When this trait is at its highest level, the summon entities can block up to 10% of the damage that enemies do. It will be better for players in the long run to improve this trait.

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13) Siphoner

The Siphoner Trait is located in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility in N’Erud. It raises the maximum amount of damage you can steal with each point you gain, up to three percent. Since you only have a few healing items between checkpoints in Soulslikes, self-sustainability is crucial, and Remnant 2 is no exception.

If you have a build that deals a lot of burst damage, you can avoid relying too much on your relic by using the Siphoner Trait. You’ll be able to heal yourself more the more damage you can do. Utilizing the Siphoner Trait in conjunction with the Shielded Heart Relic—which grants a shield for 100% of your maximum health rather than healing you—I was nearly unbreakable in all but the most difficult encounters.

12) Longshot

Longshot is a unique trait for Hunters that makes your weapons more powerful, as the name suggests. It can be unlocked by either making your character a Hunter or buying the Rusty Medal from Brabus in Ward 13 and giving it to Wallace.

As you level up in Longshot, your weapon’s effective range grows by 60 centimeters per rank, up to six meters at rank 10. This is an important trait that makes all ranged weapons better, and builds that do well at long range need it. The Longshot Trait turns mid-range Long Guns into sniper rifles. If you like killing enemies from far away, this is a great choice.

11) Triage

The Medic Archetype includes the Triage trait. A healer should be available to assist players in times of need because they will be taking damage while they play. Here’s where triage becomes relevant. a potent characteristic that maximizes the medic’s potential by enhancing their healing abilities. This is an impressive quality for any team healer to have.

It is well worth spending points on this attribute. It will be simpler to revive or heal allies when Triage is at its highest level, level 10, as players will have a 50% health boost in healing abilities.

10) Barkskin

One of the most essential characteristics for Hardcore or Apocalypse runs is Barkskin, which is a straightforward but powerful ability. To a maximum of ten percent less damage, it reduces ALL incoming damage by one percent per point, bringing the total reduction to this amount. In the middle to late game, attacks can be extremely damaging, particularly on more difficult difficulties; therefore, you need every single point of damage reduction that you can get your hands on.

Depending on where you are in Yaesha, you can find this Trait in either The Far Woods or The Forbidden Growth zones. Responding to Meidra’s questions with answers that would be of the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people is the way to obtain it. If you answer in a self-centered manner, you will end up with the Bloodstream trait instead, which is not nearly as beneficial.

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9) Spirit

Spirit boosts weapon mod power. This allows you to use your weapon mods more often in combat, but its usefulness depends on how well they fit your build. At the start of the game, weapon mods are most useful during boss battles, which you’ll probably end before using them again. You should save spirits for leveling up. Due to their DPS power, gunslingers may like this in groups

8) Expertise

As a Core Trait, you have expertise by default. It reduces skill cooldowns by two percent per level up to 20 percent and is a good choice if your build relies on skills more than weapon mods or gunplay.

Expertise is crucial for archetypes like the Archon, who can use Havoc Form to change the game. Most archetypes and builds benefit from skills, so Expertise is usually a good choice.

7) Kinship

Kinship belongs to the archetype of Handler. At level 10, it reduces both dealt and received friendly fire damage by 80%. If you want to try multiplayer co-op, this is practically a must. It’s possible that a lack of coordination will result in chaotic situations where people are randomly firing rounds or lobbing explosives. Thus, you can mitigate the difficulties to some extent while also making sure that you don’t unintentionally take out your teammates.

6) Swiftness

Swiftness is my favorite trait in Remnant 2, because I enjoy getting from A to B as quickly as possible. Simply put, it increases your movement speed by 1.5 percent per point, with a maximum of 15%. Swiftness is the Explorer’s unique trait, unlocked by completing the main story, so you won’t be able to use it until after the campaign.

5) Potency

The Alchemist Archetype presents the opportunity to acquire the Potency trait. The potency of the Alchemist potions is increased, and as a result, they become the most powerful they could ever be. Due to the fact that this trait focuses on the Alchemist’s ability, it is worthwhile to spend points on it. Players have the ability to increase the effectiveness of these consumables or potions by an astounding one hundred percent.

The primary function of the Alchemist Archetype is to produce potions that are beneficial to players while they are playing the game. By possessing this trait, players will be able to maximize their capacity to create consumables that are both very durable and very long-lasting.

4) Regrowth

Apocalypse and Hardcore require survivability, and regrowth, like Barkskin, helps. Unlock the Summoner Archetype to use this exclusive trait. Craft the Faded Grimoire at Yaesha’s Bloodmoon Altar for 1500 Scrap, five Lumenite Crystals, and fifteen Blood Moon Essences. Rare Yaesha monsters drop Blood Moon Essence during Blood Moons.

Regrowth improves self-sufficiency and is great for any build. It regenerates 0.15 health per second per point up to 1.5 health per second. A full heal in over a minute is no joke given your initial health of 100. With Siphonr or Barkskin, you’ll be tough to beat.

3) Footwork

Without a doubt, the greatest trait in the game for ranged builds is footwork. Your aiming speed is improved, with up to 50% more movement speed at maximum rank. It’s a significant distinction.

Footwork gives you the speed and agility to move around the battlefield and avoid damage without pausing fire. Finish the train event at N’Erud’s Terminus Station to get the Footwork Trait.

2) Fortify

Another very important trait for harder difficulties where you’ll need all the defense you can get is Fortify. It makes your armor up to 50% stronger, five points per point. This can be very powerful when combined with heavier armor sets like the Leto Mark I or II Armor.

Only Engineers can use this trait, so unlock the Engineer Archetype. This Archetype is hidden behind the poisonous fog on the Timeless Horizon and N’Erud’s Eon Vault maps, making it hard to get.

1) Vigor

Vigor will improve your health, allowing you to withstand more damage before dying. This is probably the most important trait to invest in when first entering Remnant 2’s dangerous world, especially after you become established. The first hours are difficult to heal, and enemies, especially bosses, are powerful. Thus, you will need all the extra health you can get. You’ll get more points and take more hits against the game’s first few bosses, so it’s a good idea to prioritize this trait until level 10. The Challengers will tank and spend a lot of time in melee range in such teams.

How to Level Up Traits in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2’s system for leveling up attributes is a little bit like that of Remnant: From the Ashes. Similar to its predecessor, leveling up traits requires players to spend Trait Points. Upgrading each trait to Level 10 will yield more potent benefits. Trait Points can be obtained by players in the following ways:

  • Killing Bosses
  • Locating Knowledge Tomes
  • Eliminating Aberrations

Regretfully, a player can only have a certain number of Trait Points in the game. In Remnant 2, a player can earn up to 65 Trait Points. After they get to this stage, finding the Tomes of Knowledge and beating bosses won’t grant them any more Trait Points.

It will not be possible for players to max out all of their traits with only 65 Trait Points to spend. They must therefore exercise caution and good judgment when deciding which traits to level up. Traits associated with each Archetype automatically gain +1 as it levels up. The Prime Archetype additionally gives the Core Traits an additional 5 Trait Points in dual class.

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