Blood Bond Trait in Remnant 2

Blood Bond Trait in Remnant 2

People who are Summoners can use the Blood Bond trait in remnant 2, which mostly helps summoners of this class. People who have this trait have a huge edge because it makes their summons stronger and less likely to get hurt.

As this trait gets stronger, the summoned beings can block up to 10% of the damage that foes do. People who play will do better in the long run if they work on this trait.

What is Blood Bond Trait in Remnant 2?

The Blood Bond is a trait in remnant 2 that protects the caster from damage by allowing your character’s summoned entities to absorb a significant amount of damage.

Remnant 2 Blood Bond Trait Effect

Blood Bond is a trait that has the following effect:

  • Archetype Summons absorb X% of the caster’s damage.
  • Blood Bond Summons absorbs 10% of the caster’s damage at maximum level.

How to Get Blood Bond in Remnant 2

Get Blood Bond in Remnant 2 by defeating root nexus boss

You can get Blood Bond as a reward for beating the Root Nexus boss or doing an event there. It’s possible for Yaesha to spawn in The Far Woods. Remnant 2 has a place called Far Woods. Far Woods is the inner part of the Yaesha forest where The Root has done a lot of damage. It’s one of many places in Yaesha that can be visited.

Root Nexus isn’t really a boss, but it’s treated like one, and it gives you the Blood Bond trait.


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Remnant 2 Blood Bond Trait Levels

As your Archetype level increases or as you invest more Trait Points in it, Blood Bond’s effect gets better. It should be noted that players can unlock any archetype trait from the archetype page once it reaches its maximum level (Level 10), eliminating the need to wear the corresponding engram.

Level 110% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 210% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 310% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 410% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 510% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 610% of the caster’s damage is absorbed by summons.
Level 7Summons will absorb 7% of the caster’s damage.
Level 8Summons will absorb 8% of the caster’s damage.
Level 9Summons will absorb 9% of the caster’s damage.
Level 10Summons will absorb 10% of the caster’s damage.


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Remnant 2 Builds that use Blood Bond

Blood Bond is used in Regenerator Build. I really like how easy it is for newcomers to use The Regenerator Build. Players with little prior experience need not worry; this Remnant 2 Build permits an abundance of battle mistakes—particularly when adjusting to the toughest difficulty—and still manages to come out on top.

Due to the build’s emphasis on tanking damage, this Remnant 2 character is likely to have lower-than-average DPS and combat durations will be longer than normal. But you’ll have more faith in your capacity to survive, especially when confronted with the game’s most formidable enemies.


Remnant 2 Blood Bond Notes & Trivia

  • Among your Summons, the Damage reduced is distributed equally. The damage mitigation is not increased by having additional Summons.
  • Your total damage reduction is multiplied by this occurrence of damage reduction.
  • A player’s traits are special passive abilities that grant them advantages and boosts. In the game, traits come in three different varieties.
  • Core traits are available to all four classes from the start of the game and are universal to them all.
  • Only one Archetype at a time may be donned, unless you have the ability to combine any two of your Archetypes. Archetypes and Class Traits are locked behind their respective Archetypes.
  • Any Class can equip the third type, commonly known as traits, but they must first be unlocked. Levelling up the correct Archetype can also level up unique Archetype traits. However, in order to upgrade the others, Trait Points are needed. Keep in mind that level 10 is the cap.

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