Remnant 2 Bulwark: What is Bulwark & How to Get It

Remnant 2 Bulwark: What is Bulwark & How to Get It

Do you want to know more about Remnant 2’s Bulwark stat and how to get it? The Bulwark is a new item in Remnant 2, but there isn’t a lot of knowledge about what it is or how to get it. But it is very important for making your character more durable, especially if they are a tank. We have written a full description of the Remnant 2 Bulwark stat to help you get the most out of it for your character.

What is the Bulwark in Remnant 2?

Bulwark is a damage boost in Remnant 2 that is tied to the Challenger Archetype. It’s a buff that makes your defense stronger and lowers the damage enemies do to you. At first, you will only get a 5% damage decrease.
But this benefit can stack up to three times, giving you a 15% reduction all together. As a tank or to take damage from enemies and tough bosses, this is a great buff that will make you stronger.

An icon of a white shield shows that Bulwark is active. In the character screen, you can see if your character has the buff. Look for the white shield icon in the upper left part of the screen.

In any case, the Juggernaut skill and the Face of Danger perk will give you the Bulwark buff if you play the Challenger Archetype. Finally, some things, like the Harcore Metal Band, the Fae Bruiser Ring, the Soul Guard, the Guardian’s Ring, and the Rusted Heirloom, all give the Bulwark buff.

Bulwark in Remnant 2

How to Get Bulwark in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, there are two main ways to get Bulwark:

  1. Playing the Challenger Archetype: 
  2. Getting certain pieces of gear and putting them on.

1. Playing the Challenger Archetype

You get three stacks of Bulwark instantly for 25 seconds when you use the Juggernaut ability, which is unique to the Challenger Archetype.
The Juggernaut ability also increases your moving and melee speed, as well as your damage in melee. This makes it a great skill for Challengers who are often in the middle of a fight.

2. Utilizing Specific Gear

In Remnant 2, some gear can also give you Bulwark points. Something like the Guardian’s Ring gives you one Bulwark stack when you are 7 meters away from an enemy.
As a result, you can now play more strategically by placing yourself close to foes to take advantage of the Bulwark effect. The following items of gear will raise your Bulwark stat:

Fae Bruiser Ring:

When you deal striking damage, you get two stacks of Bulwark for 7 seconds. Doesn’t fit on top of itself. You can find this ring in Losomn.

Guardian’s Ring:

When you are 7 meters away from an enemy, it adds 1 stack of Bulwark. After taking physical damage, it goes up to two stacks for 10 seconds. You can find it in Yaesha.

Hardened Metal Band (Ring):

Gives 1 stack of Bulwark when you take damage. It’s possible to stack it five times.

Rusted Heirloom Ring

When your health drops below 50%, the Rusted Heirloom Ring gives you two stacks of Bulwark.

Soul Guard Ring:

Soul Guard Ring gives one stack of Bulwark to every current summon.


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Impact Of Bulwark On Different Builds In Remnant 2

When it comes to how well different types of character builds work, the Bulwark stat is very important. What kind of build it helps will depend on how it’s used and what role it’s supposed to play.

Based on what I’ve seen in game, Bulwark has the following effects on different builds:

Tank Builds

As we already said, the Bulwark number is very important for tank builds. This means that tanks are often in the front lines, where they are attacked directly by the enemy. Due to Bulwark’s power to boost Damage Reduction, tanks can take more damage, which helps them do their job better.

When paired with certain gear and the Challenger Archetype’s Juggernaut ability, tanks can become very strong, which can help them last longer on the battlefield.

Damage Dealers

For harm dealers, the Bulwark stat may not be as useful as it seems. When you’re a striking damage dealer who is often in the middle of a fight, Bulwark can help you take more hits and stay in the fight longer.

But other stats might be better for ranged damage providers who want to avoid damage as much as possible. They might rather focus on stats that make them more accurate or deal more damage than on stats that lower harm.

Support Builds

The Bulwark’s usefulness for support builds depends on their job and how they play. They might put other stats ahead of Bulwark if they want to heal or buff while staying out of direct battle.

However, let’s say that the support character needs to be in the middle of the action in order to do their job well (for example, close-range heals or crowd-controlling supports). That’s when Bulwark can add another layer of protection.

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