How To Get The Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2?

How To Get The Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2?

Want to know where to find Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2 and how to use it? It’s one of the best things about Remnant 2 that the world is generated randomly, which is also why you might start over or learn about the adventure mode. It’s true that in the main mission, you may only be able to get some of the items. Decorum Cipher was no different; the player only showed up in half of the games it was played through. You must have this item in order to get the Pulse Rifle. We’ll show you how to find and use Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2 so you can see if this time you’re lucky.

What is Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, Decorum Cipher is a Quest Item. Quest Items are utilized to unlock and explore specific regions, as well as to go through main plot missions and unlocks. Key Items can be located in certain locations, given by NPCs, or taken as treasure from bosses and enemies.

Decorum Cipher Location in Remnant 2

The Decorum Cipher can be found in Terminus Station, once all of the train cars have been loaded. To get on the train, go up to the control room and jump out of the window.This and the Atom Smasher can be found in the head car.

Decorum Cipher Location in Remnant 2

How To Get The Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2?

You can find the Decorum Cipher in the dungeon of Terminus Station. The four open world N’Erud maps—Phantom Wasteland, Timeless Horizon, The Eon Vault, and Abyssal Rift—all contain this dungeon. Just keep looking until you reach the Terminus Station, which will appear in your world if your console has two vacant slots.

You must finish the train event at the Terminus Station. You have seven minutes to finish this event by eliminating every adversary as you proceed down the train in each compartment. The primary adversary of this event is the Robot Grunt, which can be found in both regular and shield-wielding forms.

You will reach a room with a checkpoint after finishing the train event and reaching the finish line. Crouch beneath the wires to the right of the chest at the checkpoint. Proceed beneath further wires to reach a ladder, then ascend to reach an additional room.

There’s an opening to the train below here. Descend this way and enter the train through the hatch to obtain the Atom Smasher melee weapon and the Decorum Cipher.


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How to use Decorum Cipher

Ascension Spire is where you can find the room with The Custodian where you can use the Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2. On the left side of the room, jump into the hole behind the figure. You’ll find a small room with a desk nearby once you get down. When you put the Decorum Cipher into the console, a close secret room will appear. The Pulse Rifle, the powerful tool you’ve been looking for, is in this hidden room.
It’s also possible to use the Decorum Cipher in the Abyssal Rift area. Two consoles can be found downstairs in the area where you can find The Custodian. These consoles let you put “key” quest things in them.

The Memory Core II and the Decorum Cipher are these keys. The Core Booster can be reached by putting in either of these keys first. You can get to the Pulse Rifle by inserting the second key into a door that opens when you get lucky enough to get both keys. Try the Decorum Cipher in the perfect places to boost your Remnant 2 arsenal.

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