How to get the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2?

How to get the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2?

To get the Pulse Rifle Long Gun in Remnant 2, follow these steps. Receive the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II.

Remnant 2 has a lot of worlds, and hidden in each one are a bunch of secret weapons that are very powerful but very hard to get. Some of these weapons can only be found on rare generations on certain worlds, which means that Players who aren’t aware of this could miss them totally.
The Pulse Rifle is a Long Gun that you can find on N’Erud. It shoots three powerful rounds at once, so you can quickly kill enemies far away. It is one of these secret weapons. We’ll talk about how to get this tool and the two things you need for it below.

Pulse Rifle  Remnant 2

Pulse Rifle is a Long Gun and one of Remnant 2’s Weapons. It is a high-tech gun known for being very accurate and firing three rounds quickly. It works best at medium ranges, finding the right mix between accuracy and rate of fire to make combat performance effective and efficient. The Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 is praised as a great tool.

Pulse Rifle  Remnant 2

What are the steps to unlock the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2?

  1. Find the Custodian (Check The Ascension Spire)
  1. Get Decorum Cipher
  2. Get Memory Core 2
  3. Revisit the Custodian

Check The Ascension Spire

In N’Erud, the Pulse Rifle can be found under the Custodian’s tower. Pay attention to the first figure on the left as you move toward the Ascension Spire, which is where the Custodian is. You can fall into a hole behind the figure.

These are the places in N’Erud where you can find the Ascension Spire: Abyssal Rift and Phantom Wasteland. You need to find the huge statue that is carrying a white glowing ball.

There is a Dryzr Replicator dealer in this hole in the Ascensio Spire. You can buy a lot of useful Rings there. There is a lift to the right of the store owner. Take it down to the area below.
Get close to the purple console in this spot. The two things you need are the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II to open the door behind this console and get the Pulse Rifle. To fit these things, the machine will need to have two empty slots. You’ll have to start over with your world and try again if there are no or one open spots.

To get the Pulse Rifle, you need to keep going on quests even if you reroll your mission. If you only have one slot left, there’s no point.

Start over with your world mission until there are two empty slots on the console. You might have to try a few times to get this, but once you have two open spots, you can use the Pulse Rifle in that world. Get the two things we talked about before.


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 How to Get Decorum Cipher?

You have to finish the train gauntlet part of the Terminus Station level to get the Decorum Cipher for the Pulse Rifle. So that everything is clear, Steps 2 and 3 may come before Steps 1 and 2. It depends on how you set up your N’Erud tiles.

  • Get off the train, turn left, and walk through the door.
  • To get to a checkpoint, take the road left and then right.
  • After you pass the guard, go right under some black wires.
  • Fork the chest open, then go right under some more tubes.
  • Ascend the ladder on the wall in front of you.
  • Walk around the room and then drop down.
  • Then go through the square hole to get to a different room.
  • This is where you can get both the Atom Smasher and the Decorum Cipher.

How to get the Memory Core II?

Memory Core II can be found in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility level, which can be found in all four open-world N’Erud maps.

In this dungeon, you have six minutes to kill all the enemies, such as Parasites that shoot poison globs and bigger Parasites that use sweeping claw attacks. This is also when you’ll face three Elite enemies. Once they die, the cave is finally over.
Leave the building until the lockdown is over, and then go to the area with the curved bridge. There will be a broken fence that lets you get to the ledge below. Follow the path until you reach a lift. Take it up to the next room. Move forward until you reach a device that has the Biome Control Glyph on it.
After getting the item, go back to the checkpoint at the beginning of the cave. Talk to the locked door near the checkpoint and use the Biome Control Glyph to open it. The Memory Core II and the Toxic Release Valve Amulet should be inside.


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How To Get The Pulse Rifle

Return to the Ascension Spire and descend into the hole beneath the statue once more after obtaining the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II. Lower the elevator one more, then place both objects inside the console. The keys can be inserted into the console in any order.

After unlocking the door, go further into the room to find the Core Booster Amulet and the Pulse Rifle.

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