Remnant 2 Best Bow Build (Archetype, Weapons, Rings & Amulet)

Remnant 2 Best Bow Build (Archetype, Weapons, Rings & Amulet)

To get the best bow build, you need to know about the right weapons, amulets, traits, and rings to go with it in Remnant 2.

There is a special bow called the Crescent Moon that is the best choice for a weapon when building an overpowered bow. If you use the right archetype, traits, rings, secondary weapons, and amulets, you can actually improve your build. When building the best bow in Remnant 2, there are many things to think about.

What Is The Best Bow Build In Remnant 2?

The Best Bow Build In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, enemies can be badly hurt by bows if they are used with the right timing and accuracy. When you carefully build the Remnant 2 Best Bow Build, you give your character the ability to quickly kill enemies with a single well-placed shot, so they don’t need an assault rifle.

It is possible to make your bow do more damage and have a higher chance of a critical hit. You’ll also get a weak spot bonus and a bunch of skills that will make you a great melee attacker.

If you make your character with the Best Bow Build, one of the best things about it is that some of the best weapons in Remnant 2 make less noise. Because of this, you can attack without being seen, making sure that enemies don’t catch you.

AmuletAnkh of Power
Best ForBest For Long Ranged Combat In Remnant 2
Primary WeaponCrescent Moon
Secondary WeaponDouble Barrel
Secondary ArchetypeGunslinger
Primary ArchetypeHunter
RingsProbability Cord, Zania’s Malice, Stone of Expanse, Archer’s Crest
Melee WeaponSpectral Blade
TraitsUntouchable, Recovery, Ammo Reserves, Longshot, Spirit

Best Archetype for bow build in Remnant 2

If you want your character to be strong in Remnant 2, you need to choose the right archetype. Each one has its own set of skills and traits that affect how you play.

We suggest mixing two strong archetypes, Hunter and Gunslinger, to get the best Best Bow Build. Hunter becomes the primary and Gunslinger falls behind. This makes your hunter skills more useful.

Primary Archetype

This ranged bow build is going to require you to make use of the Hunter class as your primary archetype because you will require the ability to mark in order to increase the likelihood of dealing critical damage.

Considering that the primary weapon in our build is dependent on critical damage, that marking ability is going to be extremely important for the overall build in the indefinite future. It is for this reason that you ought to prioritize the Hunter as your primary archetype.

Secondary Archetype

I believe that the Gunslinger should be your choice for the secondary archetype because it possesses a specific ability that not only increases the chance of critical damage but also makes the bow more powerful.

Additionally, the rate at which your weapon fires and the speed at which it reloads are both improved, which can be beneficial for your secondary weapon as well. When it comes down to it, the Gunslinger class is the one you should go with as your secondary archetype because of the Bulletstorm skill.

Best Weapon for bow build in Remnant 2

Primary Weapon

The main weapon is the next section, which personally excites me is The Crescent Moon long gun, one of Remnant 2’s best bows, will be your main weapon. The Moonlight Barrage, its main weapon mod, can be used both offensively and defensively.

  • To increase the speed of the Crescent Moon, make sure to install the Supercharger mutator.
  • It also increases the chance of critical damage for charged shots.
Crescent Moon long gun, primary weapon in The Best Bow Build In Remnant 2

Secondary Weapon

With this bow build, your secondary weapon will be the Double Barrel handgun. The Crescent Moon covers ranged damage, so the Double Barrel will help you become more formidable in close quarters fighting.

Melee Weapon

Among Remnant 2’s strongest melee weapons is the Spectral Blade, which is an excellent fit for our bow build. It’s very simple to crowd-control multiple enemies at once with its default weapon mod, the Whirlwind.

Melee Weapon, spectral blade for bow build in remnant 2

Best Amulet for bow build in Remnant 2

Ankh of Power is an amulet that I used in my build, and it will increase the damage dealt by fifteen percent. Obtaining that flat damage increase is beneficial not only for the Crescent Moon but also for all of the other weapons in the build, including the secondary firearm and the melee weapon. This is because the Crescent Moon is the secondary weapon in the build.

Best Rings for bow build in Remnant 2

Archer’s Crest  

Reduces the time needed to charge your weapon by 25% and boosts the speed of your projectiles from the bow by 20%.

Archer’s Crest , one of the Best Rings for bow build in Remnant 2

Stone of Expanse            

Enhances damage dealt from a distance by 12%, making it an excellent choice for bow builds.

Zania’s Malice  

Should you manage to strike a weak point, the effect will last for 7 seconds and increase the amount of damage dealt to that area by 10%.

Probability Cord              

Your critical damage is enhanced and raised by 30% as a result of using Probability Cord.

Best Traits for bow build in Remnant 2

Untouchablegives the evade window a 30% boost.
Recoveryincreases the rate of regeneration of stamina by 30/s.
Ammo Reservesincreases the player’s overall ammunition reserve by 50%.
LongshotMaximizes the weapon’s optimal range, which is beneficial for bows in particular.
SpiritBy using this, you can generate 20% more mod power.

Final verdict

  • The Remnant 2 best bow build involves maximizing the critical damage and the critical damage chance.
  • Hunter will be your primary archetype, whereas the Gunslinger will be your secondary archetype in Remnant 2.
  • Crescent Moon, paired with the Supercharger mutator, makes for one of the strongest bows.
  • Use the Double Barrel as your secondary weapon and the Spectral Blade as your melee weapon.
  • The Ankh of Power amulet gives a flat buff of damage increase to all of your weapons.

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