55 Inch TV Dimensions. Size of 55 Inch TV (Full Details)

55 Inch TV Dimensions. Size of 55 Inch TV (Full Details)

If your a fan of big screen to enjoy different shows, films, movies, dramas etc, you need a TV that fulfil your desire. With the massive development in the technology sector over the past few decades TVs company offer their products is massive ranges and dimensions. The size of the TV is important to improve your experience, whether you want to watch your favourite movie, play FIFA, or just relax with friends and family. The most common types of TV size are 32 – inch, 40 – inch, 42 – inch, 50 – inch, 55 – Inch, 60 – inch, 65 – inch, 70 – inch, 75 – inch, 80 – inch and 85 – inch. When making a choice, it is essential to comprehend a TV’s dimensions, particularly its entire width. Some people unconsciously combine the TV’s diagonal and width. In order to better comprehend how big a TV screen is, users might need to use formulas or charts to determine the height and width of the screen. So if you are looking how big a 55-inch TV screen is, this article is all about the 55 inch tv dimension whether 55 Inch TV best for your home or apartment or not? Here we answer all your questions and quires about 55 Inch TV dimension, 55 Inch TV width, 55 Inch height, 55 Inch TV length, 55 Inch TV thickness, The optimal viewing distance etc.

55-inch TV Dimensions (Size/Area of 55 Inch TV)

Generally most of people think 55-Inch TV is 55-Inch wide but thats not the reality instead of that You should be aware that the width of a 55-inch TV will never be exactly 55 inches wide because the diagonal is always larger than the width. So how long 55-Inch TV is, let’s solve this issue.

1. 55-inch TV Width

A diagonal screen size of 55 inches, measured from one corner to the other, is commonly referred to as a 55-inch TV. Depending on the particular model and its aspect ratio, a 55-inch TV’s exact specifications, including its width, will alter. The typical TV aspect ratios’ general ranges and approximations of their sizes are listed below.

Aspect ratio SpecificationWidth
16:9 Aspect ratio Most popular47.9 inches
4:3 Aspect ratio Less popular 43.1 inches
21:9 Aspect ratio Ultra wide 51.3 inches

To get exact measurements, it’s a good idea to verify the specifications of the particular TV model you’re interested in since real dimensions may vary somewhat depending on the manufacturer and design of the TV.

2. 55-inch TV Height

The aspect ratio will determine the height of a 55-inch TV. The probable heights for the most popular aspect ratios are listed below

Aspect Ratio SpecificationHeight
16:9 Aspect ratioMost popular26.9 inches
4:3 Aspect ratio Less popular 32.3 inches
21:9 Aspect ratioUltra wide Less than 16.9 inches

3. 55-inch TV Thickness

A 55-inch TV’s thickness can differ significantly from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. Modern flat-screen TVs, including 55-inch versions, are often assessed in terms of their thickness, sometimes known as “depth.” Here are some typical thickness ranges:

Specification Nature Thickness
Standard thickness Most modern 5 to 12 mm
Slim TVCommon type 25 to 50 mm
Standard thickness Old type 50 to 75 mm

Keep in mind that the hardware like different ports that facilities the other functions of TV that decide the thickness of TV not the width and length.

4. Optimal viewing distance for 55-inch TV

The optimal viewing distance ranges and depend upon the nature of person, some people like to sit by the TV and some wants a optimal distance. The average optimal viewing distance for 55-inch TV is 7m5 feets.

Some TV manufacturers have suggested ideal viewing distances in published materials. Two things that determine this distance are the amount of area the screen should occupy in your field of vision and the distance at which the eyes can perceive the image of the screen.

Function & Features of 55-inch TV

After reading this article if you interested in buying 55-inch TV, you need to read some features of 55-inch TV which are given below.

1. 55-inch TV Resolution

The majority of 55-inch TVs have high-definition (HD) or ultra high-definition (UHD/4K) resolution, which produces clear, detailed images. Even 8K resolution may be available in a few high-end models.

2. Smart TV Functionality

You can access streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more straight on many 55-inch TVs that are “smart” and have built-in Wi-Fi. They might also have app stores where you can download more programmes. HDR: The TV’s contrast and colour range are improved by HDR technology, creating more vivid and lifelike images.

3. Ports and connection

Verify the availability of ports, such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio outputs, as well as their variety. The ports you require for connecting your devices should be present.

4. Other functions of 55-inch TV

Some both other functions are

  • Voice Control
  • Gaming Features
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Efficiency


Due to its adjustable size, 55-inch TVs are among the most popular TV sizes. A lot of customers don’t know how to calculate the width of TV so this article is all about that and you can also determine which dimension of TV suit your home or apartment.  It is also simple to mount a 55-inch TV on the wall, which is 48 inches broad, 29 inches tall, and 2 inches thick.  Depending on the manufacturer and model, the TV’s size may also change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 55 inch TV in cm?

The universal measuring method is in inches but can be converted into other measuring units like cms. In centimeters the 55-inch TV width is approximately 140 cm. The height of a 55-inch TV is varying depend upon aspect ratio but generally it is 77.5 cm.

Is 55 inch tv too big?

A 55-inch TV is the perfect size for the majority of living rooms since it offers a big enough screen to watch all your favourite shows and movies without being too bulky to accommodate in smaller spaces. It’s also the perfect size for spaces with several uses, such a bedroom or home office, where you might need to alternate between watching TV and using a computer. It is understandable why a 55-inch TV is among the most often used TV sizes worldwide given its excellent size-to-portability ratio.

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