How to Get Nightfall in Remnant 2? Remnant 2 Nightfall Guide

How to Get Nightfall in Remnant 2? Remnant 2 Nightfall Guide

Given its exceptional range, damage, and firing rate, the Nightfall long gun is perhaps the best long-range weapon available in Remnant 2. The weapon can be easily modified to become a boss shredder and defeat even the most powerful enemies. To make things even better, you won’t have too much trouble getting this weapon because it can be crafted with the right materials.

You cannot obtain this weapon prior to finishing a specific section of the game. It will also be necessary for you defeat the Nightweaver, which is a considerably more difficult task. When all of this is done, you can craft Nightfall and add it to your in-game inventory.

What is Nightfall in Remnant 2?

Nightfall is a weapon in Remnant 2 that is a long gun. With its high-damage hardened bone shards, nightfall inspires fear. It is most effective in close-quarters combat, turning into a terrifying weapon that deals constant damage to its enemies. One of the most potent weapons in the game, Remnant 2 Nightfall’s performance was lowered by an early patch.

How to Get Nightfall in Remnant 2

The following materials are required to craft Nightfall at McCabe:

  1. x1 Cursed Dream Silks
  2. x7 Lumenite Crystal
  3. x1000 Scrap

You must defeat The Nightweaver at Losomn in order to obtain the Cursed Dream Silks

Guide To Get Nightfall In Remnant 2

This detailed guide explains how to get Nightfall in Remnant 2:

Reach Losomn:

Reaching Losomn, a closed area that is unlocked from the start of the game, is the main route to obtain Nightfall in Remnant 2. In order to begin this task, players will need to roll campaign rerolls until they reach Losomn, which is the essential starting point for the Nightfall search.

Defeat the Nightweaver boss:

Upon reaching Losomn, players will face The Tormented Asylum’s powerful Nightweaver boss. It is a difficult task that requires careful planning and preparation to defeat the Nightweaver. It is strongly advised that before beginning this hard battle, a competent team should be assembled and equipped with powerful weapons and protective gear.

Gather the required materials:

After defeating the Nightweaver with great victory, players will have to concentrate on gathering the materials needed to craft Nightfall. One Cursed Dream Silk, seven Lumenite Crystals, and six hundred units of Scrap are these essential components. Obtaining these resources is essential to continuing the crafting process, highlighting the significance of careful resource management and exploration.

Visit McCabe in Ward 13:

After gathering the necessary supplies, players have to travel to Ward 13, where they will meet McCabe, a renowned vendor which will turn the components into the wanted Nightfall.

Obtain Nightfall:

After exchanging the necessary materials with McCabe, players will see the incredible transformation of the materials into Nightfall, a formidable weapon. This amazing Long Gun has a notable bonus stagger effect in addition to its rapid ability to shoot hardened bone shards. As one of the player’s most powerful tools, nightfall can deal a great deal of damage and have a big effect on combat encounters.

When to use NightFall Weapon in Remnant 2?

Now that Nightfall is firmly in the player’s possession, it is critical to use this powerful weapon sparingly. Owing to its powerful abilities, Nightfall should only be used when facing down strong opponents and bosses. If Nightfall is saved for key times, players can use its power to overcome especially difficult encounters, which will increase their chances of winning and moving forward in Remnant 2.

How to defeat Nightweaver in Remnant 2?

I have gathered the knowledge you need to overcome Nightweaver. The Nightweaver can cause damage primarily with three methods: fireballs, ice projections, and calling forth spiders.

There are two stages to this boss: the flying stage and the crawling stage.

The flying phase is more difficult since it requires more skill to shoot Nightweaver. But continue to be persistent and be aware of its attacks. You should be fine if you avoid her slow icicle attacks, her aerial lung attacks, and the blue orbs that explode.

When you inflict sufficient damage, the crawling stage will begin. The same strategies work: shoot any bugs or traps Nightweaver sets, and prevent her forward attacks toward you. I’ve also seen people take advantage of their surroundings, so you might want to give that a shot. You can craft Nightfall after you’ve defeated Nightweaver by dealing enough damage.


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Is the Nightfall good in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2’s Nightfall is an incredible weapon for your collection. One of the most effective weapons in the game, this one was praised. Nevertheless, the performance of an early patch was decreased.

Even so, it remains excellent for close-quarters combat and deals substantial damage to your adversaries. The weapon’s ability is enhanced by its bonus Critical Hit Chance and Stagger Modifier.

Remnant 2 Nightfall Weapon Mods

The Dreadwalker Weapon Mod is included with the Nightfall. This mod gives your weapon a fantastic new stat that you cannot take away. The mod gives this semi-automated weapon an endless supply of ammunition.

Furthermore, this weapon gains a 35% increase in fire rate and a 10% life steal, going fully automatic. The weapon’s damage will increase from 37.2 to 93 upon level 10 upgrade.


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Remnant 2 Nightfall Mutators

The Nightfall has no Mutators at all. Nevertheless, there are empty slots where mutators can be equipped. You can feel the sheer evil of this weapon through your palms as you yield it.

Builds that use Nightfall in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, Nightfall is also utilized in the Painbriger Build, where the Dreadwalker downtime is prolonged by reducing it. The mod makes it a deadly build by utilizing perks from the Hunter and Summoner.


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Remnant 2 Nightfall Notes & Trivia

  • Its skin flows, giving the impression that tiny, undetectable beings are skittering beneath it, scuffing up against your hands and tasting—just tasting—your flesh. Touching the back of your neck causes it to tingle.
  • You know exactly how a nightmare would feel if you could hold one in your hands.
  • The player character’s main weapon is a long gun, which can be crafted from items that enemies and bosses drop. Long guns are essential for defeating these enemies. Events can also award them, and some are offered for sale by merchants.


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All things considered, Nightfall is an exceptional Long Gun in Remnant 2, known for its short- to medium-range abilities and the terror it evokes with its high-damage hardened bone shards. Nightfall is a unique Long Gun among players because of its strength and the powerful Weapon Mod that makes it one of the strongest in the game.

To sum up, getting Nightfall in Remnant 2 requires a sequence of deliberate and strategic actions, starting with arriving in Losomn and ending with a pivotal conflict with the Nightweaver. After the necessary materials are successfully gathered and McCabe is visited in Ward 13, the formidable Nightfall—a weapon with significant power and versatility—becomes the property of the possessor. Through careful planning and strategic use of Nightfall, players can harness its power to defeat formidable foes and overcome overwhelming obstacles on their captivating journey through Remnant 2.

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