How to Get The Enigma Handgun In Remnant 2?

How to Get The Enigma Handgun In Remnant 2?

The ever-evolving worlds of Remnant 2, the latest game from Gunfire Games, offer an abundance of secrets and items that can alter the gameplay experience. Players have the chance to acquire an infinite variety of advantages over the various monsters and adversaries they encounter in the journey if they are attuned to the location of the game’s secrets or are simply fortunate enough to stumble upon them.

Once players have advanced through the first world of the game and reached the stony Labyrinth, there are a few significant discoveries that can be made to give them an early advantage. One of these is the Enigma Handgun in remnant 2, which shoots lightning-fast projectiles and has the capacity to chain damage to enemies that are close to one another, so it can deal damage to several enemies at once. Here’s how to locate the Enigma Handgun in Remnant 2, for those looking to launch the battle with a bang.

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How to Get The Enigma Handgun (Step by step Guide)

The step by step guide to get the The Enigma Handgun is follows:

  1. The Cipher Rod, seven Lumenite Crystals (dropped by tough enemies), and 1,000 Scrap (found practically anywhere) are required for players to acquire this weapon.
  2. The crafting material known as the Cipher Rod, which you can find in the Labyrinth, is required before you can obtain the Enigma Handgun.
  3. The Labyrinth is accessible after you finish the first world of the game.
  4. After that, you should keep going through the Labyrinth until you come across an odd portal that shifts locations.
  5. The portal changes its destination every time, so you have to jump onto a specific one.
  6. Once you’ve identified it, keep going. Soon, as you descend, a bridge will appear.
  7. Take a few seconds to pause before jumping through the portal.­
  8. You’ll find yourself in an open area after crossing the bridge, where you’ll have to fight off some enemies.
  9. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll come across and have to clear out a group of enemies in an open area.
  10. A statue will be in the middle once you’ve eliminated every one of them.
  11. You can obtain the Cipher Rod at this point.
  12. Now that you have the Cipher Rod, you must go back to McCabe in Ward 13.
  13. The Enigma Handgun can then be made with the Cipher Rod, seven Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 scrap.


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overview of enigma in remnant 2

One of the weapons in Remnant 2 is a handgun called Enigma. Enigma is a tiny replica of the Labyrinth that is always moving and reorganizing. It can be used effectively in close quarters and at moderate ranges, making it a good choice for close to medium engagements.

The Enigma Handgun is a stone weapon with lightening-fast projectiles that can deal damage to enemies in a chain reaction. Its ability to leap to other targets within 7.9 meters of the target, dealing damage at a 30% loss to the intended victim, makes it useful against crowds.

The Chaos Driver mod, which is included with the weapon, drives electrified rods that are tethered to other rods within ten meters. Additionally, the Enigma will deal between 20 and 50 shock damage per second. This is especially effective against groups of weaker enemies and makes it much simpler for players to quickly eliminate crowds.


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Remnant 2 Enigma Notes & Trivia

  • Enigma is a miniature version of the labyrinth from which it originated, shifting and rearranging itself at random and equally unpredictable.
  • When an enemy comes within range of the crosshair, this weapon will automatically aim for them.
  • Increasing the weapon’s range will essentially extend the lock distance.
  • It is more effective to have a rod planted close to the enemy target in order to maximize the Mod’s single target damage than to shoot all of your rods at him.

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