What is Rune Pistol? How to get Rune Pistol in Remnant 2?

What is Rune Pistol? How to get Rune Pistol in Remnant 2?

You can equip two different kinds of weapons in Remnant 2: a primary long gun and a secondary hand gun. Gaining an effective secondary handgun weapon, such as the Rune Pistol in remnant 2, can make your journey through the merciless world of Remnant considerably simpler. However, it is a secret weapon, so obtaining it is difficult.

We will examine the abilities of the Rune Pistol, its superior quality, and its precise location in Remnant 2.

What is Rune Pistol Remnant 2?

One of the weapons in Remnant 2 is the Rune Pistol, a handgun. The Rune Pistol is a reliable semi-automatic handgun that is particularly good at quick attacks using small-caliber bullets. It works best at medium range, where it can be used to engage opponents at a moderate distance with accuracy and control.

It’s considered a small handgun because of the small caliber ammo it uses. With its superior accuracy at medium range, it can fire three shots in a burst. In Remnant 2, the Rune Pistol’s damage to enemies is double that of its normal weapon. But in order to do that, you must attack their weak points.

How to get Rune Pistol in Remnant 2?

You must switch to the Adventure mode for the Losomn area with the selected difficulty level before you can begin your search for the Rune Pistol.

To craft a Rune Pistol in Nimue, you will require the materials Decrepit Rune x1.

How to get Decrepit Rune in Remnant 2?

The Decrepit Rune is the only item required to craft a Secret Rune pistol. Decrepit Rune is not located in the game’s open world. It can only be obtained by trading in your Ravenous Medallion. The Ravenous Medallion can only be obtained by visiting the Great Hall.

Get to the Great Hall

Find the starting point first when you launch Adventure mode. You will have to reroll if you attempt to reach the Ravenous Medallion from any location other than the Morrow Parish. If you have located Morrow Parish, you can now proceed; however, in order to make sure you arrive at the Great Hall from the Forsaken Quarter, locate the Cotton’s Kiln dungeon.

When you enter Morrow Parish in Remnant 2, this ought to be the first one you come across. Once you’ve entered the Forsaken Quarter, search the wall for a magical double door. They’ll come in pairs. One will lead you to the Great Hall, and the other will carry the narrative forward.

There will be an exclamation point on the other magic door, but not on the Great Hall one. You would have to redo the entire area in order to find the Remnant 2 Secret Rune Pistol if you were unable to locate the magical door without the exclamation mark on the wall.

Enter the Kitchen

Once you’ve located the magical doors and entered the Great Hall, follow the hallway all the way to the kitchen. You will need to climb stairs and pass through a short hallway to reach the kitchen. Turn left as soon as you walk into the kitchen. And keep going until Remnant 2 contains the Ravenous Medallion.

The next step is to obtain the Soulkey Tribute in Remnant 2 after obtaining the Medallion for the Secret Rune Pistol. As you move forward and reach the Shattered Gallery, you can locate it. The Tormented Asylum can be unlocked by paying this tribute.

Open the portal to Tormented Asylum

You must now enter Morrow Parish’s basement in order to reach the Tormented Asylum. You have to locate a web on the wall that has a centrally located, glowing blue core. Engage with it to let the Tormented Asylum portal open.

Turn left to enter the Asylum’s room where a web of strings is hanging from the wall. Give it the Ravenous Medallion, and in exchange for the Secret Rune Pistol, you will receive the Decrepit Rune.


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How to craft the Secret Rune Pistol in Remnant 2?

You have to visit the Nimue Retreal in order to craft the Secret Rune Pistol after gathering all the necessary components. Proceed down the stairs at the back of Nimue Retreat once you arrive at the fast travel point.

Proceed until you come across Nimue, who will be a large woman. Speak with her, then select the Rune Pistol from the menu. The Decrepit Rune is the only material required to create the Secret Rune Pistol. Return it to her and take the Rune Pistol with you.


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Remnant 2 Rune Pistol Weapon Mods

Rune Pistol has Weapon Mod of Soul Brand. It applies Soul Brand to every enemy in a 25-meter distance for duration of 25 seconds. When an enemy with the Soul Brand is killed, they leave behind an Echo that lasts for ten seconds before they reenter the Nightmare Realm.

Any survivor who moves within 3 meters will draw an echo, which will instantly restore 20% of their Max Health.


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Remnant 2 offers a wide variety of weapons so that players can select the ones that best fit their preferred gameplay style. This results in an action-packed gaming experience. Players will come across special items along the main campaign path that unlock special guns. One of these is the Rune Pistol, a special weapon that can only be obtained by crafting the Decrepit Rune, a particular item. Still, there are a number of steps involved in getting this ready.

Players must first obtain the Ravenous Medallion in order to obtain the Decrepit Rune. That’s why you have to travel to different areas in Remnant 2 in order to obtain the Rune Pistol. Small-caliber bullets are used in the Rune Pistol, a semi-automatic weapon that excels at both accurate shooting and rapid fire attacks. It is definitely worth the effort to obtain given its effectiveness.

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