How to Get the Merciless in Remnant 2

How to Get the Merciless in Remnant 2

With the popularity of Remnant, rom the Ashes, Remnant 2 has gained popularity among fans of Souls like games. Guns continue to be a major focus because of the reliable shooting mechanics, which means that players must equip themselves with the appropriate weapons despite significant advancements that promise an even more captivating gameplay experience.

One of the most effective guns in Remnant 2 is the Merciless Long Gun, which provides enormous damage and causes gradual bleeding effects. Because of its life-threatening damage, shattering power, and staggering impact, this weapon is ideal for short- and medium-range encounters. However, players frequently have trouble finding it, which is why this guide is so helpful!

What is Merciless in Remnant 2?

One of the weapons in Remnant 2 is the long gun, Merciless. Merciless is an avaricious long gun with high damage that gradually causes bleeding. It works best in close to medium range encounters, where enemies can be overpowered by its devastating blast, extra critical damage, and increased stagger.

  • Its rapid fire rate, which provides more Critical Damage and enables quick implementation of the built-in Bleed effect, is its primary feature.
  • With the special weapon mod Bloodline, you can fire a deadly blast that pierces through every enemy in its path. This deals 150 damage plus an additional three times the stagger and a bonus of 25% on critical damage.
  • Moreover, the Bloodline’s potency against multiple targets is increased by 50% with each enemy that it penetrates.
  • The only negative is its reload speed, which can be increased by using accessories like the Wind Hollow Circlet and Gunslinger’s Ring.


Remnant 2; Plasma Cutter

Remnant 2: Merciless Location

Players must craft the Merciless with McCabe’s assistance in Ward 13 since it cannot be purchased from a merchant.

7 Lumenite Crystals, 650 scraps, and one Crimson Membrane are required by the players for crafting Merciless. Though the Crimson Membrane is hidden from view, Lumenite Crystals and scraps are easily accessible. It can be upgraded ten times after it is obtained.

How to Get the Merciless in Remnant 2?

One crafted weapon in McCabe’s workshop is the Merciless Long Gun. But before you can craft it, you’ll need to gather the following supplies:

  • Red Membrane; It is acquired after defeating the Corrupted Ravager, but only in specific conditions.
  • 7. Crystalline Lumenite; Purchase it from Cass for 300 scrap, OR maybe drop it from Elite Enemies.
  • 650 Scrap; Acquire from the majority of enemies and chests in the game.

Finding the Crimson Membrane

After defeating the Corrupted Ravager, players can acquire the unique crafting item known as Crimson Membrane. The Ravager is the last boss in Yaesha’s Ravager’s Lair. Players can reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode until they gain access to The Forbidden Grove variant, which will lead them to the Ravager’s Lair.

After getting through the Water Harp, players may discover the Corrupted Ravager. Players should take direct aim at the Ravager rather than trying to kill or save the Doe. This starts the last boss battle.

During the battle, the Ravager will approach the Doe and begin feeding on him once his health falls to 50%. The Ravager will come back in the player’s direction after killing the Doe. Players must completely eliminate the Ravager this time. The Crimson Membrane is awarded to the players.

After the battle, players can go back to Ward 13 and speak with McCabe there. She crafts the Merciless gun with the Crimson Membrane.


Remnant 2 Heart of the Wolf

Remnant 2 Merciless Notes & Trivia

  • To refresh an enemy’s Bleed counter, aim Merciless at them and use the Mod power if they already have the Bleed status effect applied. The mod only needs to be fired once to return its status effect to its initial state; firing it again should not be necessary.
  • Even The Nightweaver and machine-type enemies on N’erud appear to be susceptible to bleeding. Golems in the Labyrinth and Specters in N’erud are the adversaries that are resistant to bleeding.
  • This weapon can deal a lot of damage and has a great mod ability, but its long reload time and slow projectile speed make it difficult to use and hit weak spots.
  • There appears to be an invisible bar that works like overheat, which in this case causes bleeding shots once fully charged. It takes 15 shots at first to cause bleeding shots. When the invisible bar is almost at its maximum, it should drop much more quickly, so even if you pause firing for a split second, it will take about ten shots to start bleeding shots again.
  • The player character’s main weapon is a long gun, which can be crafted from items that enemies and bosses drop. Long guns are essential for defeating these enemies. Events can also award them, and some are offered for sale by merchants.­

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