How To Get The World’s Edge In Remnant 2?

How To Get The World’s Edge In Remnant 2?

Are you wondering how to obtain World’s Edge in Remnant 2? Not only is this formidable melee weapon one of the strongest in the game, but it’s also one of the hardest to obtain. We’re here to explain how to obtain this weapon even if you’re an exceptionally talented Remnant player and are unable to obtain it anyway.

See our guide to the best Remnant 2 weapons if you’re looking for some more potent weaponry. Additionally, our Remnant 2 Gunslinger build is a great option to consider if you’re searching for one of the best builds in the game. For now, let’s examine how to obtain Remnant 2’s World’s Edge and what makes it good.

What is World’s Edge Remnant 2?

One of the weapons in Remnant 2 is World’s Edge, a melee weapon. World’s Edge is a bright greatsword made from fragments of broken Worldstone. With charge attacks that release waves, it deals strong damage. With the Horizon Strike mod, charge attacks can launch a penetrating horizontal projectile that deals 116 damage to multiple enemies

How To Get The World’s Edge In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, obtaining the World’s Edge great sword requires an exhaustive and difficult process. First, you must defeat Annihilation to complete the main Apocalyptic mode campaign. After that, you must return to Ward 13’s Brabus near the docks to purchase the World’s Edge for 750 Scraps.

World's edge sward in Remnant 2

The fact that the Apocalypse difficulty option is locked from the outset is the only issue with this. To access Apocalypse, you must finish the campaign on any other difficulty level, which means you will have to finish the campaign twice to access the World’s Edge.

One advantage is that the great sword can only be unlocked once. This means that any other character can still use the weapon even if you delete the character who unlocked it.

What is Apocalypse?

As of right now, this is the game’s hardest difficulty level. Enemy health increases by approximately four times the normal amount, and their damage output also increases accordingly. That implies that even from smaller mobs, you will perish in a few hits. Additionally, boss scaling differs, with bosses having far larger health bases than Nightmare. Lastly, a lot of bosses have the ability to hit you with a single blow. Indeed, Apocalypse difficulty lives up to its name, and conquering it is definitely worthy of some excellent rewards.


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How to survive in Apocalypse?

In order to survive at higher difficulties in Remnant 2, there are several crucial factors to consider. First, I would contend that heavy armor is not as important as I-frames. Dodging is the best strategy at this difficulty level because you don’t want to try to tank damage. Select a sturdy suit of armor that won’t make you slow down or use up all of your energy.

Your choice of weaponry becomes crucial after that. Your build revolves around your weapons, so your best chance of success is to really min-max them. Arguably the best weapon in the game, the Merciless can be built into strong Bleed builds that deal a lot of damage to bosses. Another fantastic option is the Engima, which dispatches the hordes of enemies that will torture you to no end on Apocalyptic difficulty very quickly.


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In other words, it takes a lot of time and patience to succeed in the game at Apocalypse difficulty. Boss patterns, possible area layouts, and nearly every secret the game contains are things you must become familiar with.

Don’t be scared to try different archetype combinations and carefully choose your build. A Gunslinger and Hunter combination, for instance, is very risky but very profitable for a bleeding build. Try switching things up with a Summoner and Engineer build to help deter enemies if you’re getting pummeled by too many of them.


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What makes the World’s Edge a good weapon?

You’ll notice right away that the melee weapon World’s Edge has a sizable 85% stagger modifier. This implies that it can more easily beat opponents by dealing powerful blows to them. Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice to eliminate some difficult opponents, particularly if you need to save ammunition.

But its Horizon Strike weapon mod is really great. With Horizon Strike, your charge attacks pierce opponents by launching a broad, horizontal projectile. This charge attack can be a lifesaver in later difficulties when large groups of enemies with high health pools can easily overwhelm you, damaging and hitting them before they get close.


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Remnant 2 World’s Edge Mutators

There aren’t any built-in Mutators in World’s Edge. When a Mutator has a slot open, players can equip it.


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Remnant 2 World’s Edge Notes & Trivia

  • This powerful sword, which was made from the actual pieces of the broken World Stone, has the rare capacity to use the power of the Root against its adversaries. Despite being heavier than most swords, its crushing blows more than make up for it. In the hands of its wielder, it appears nearly living, crackling with root energy, ravenous for the blood of all adversaries.
  • Melee Weapons are close-quarters weaponry that can be upgraded, purchased from merchants, or discovered anywhere in Remnant 2’s world.
  • In contrast to Remnant: From the Ashes, the World’s Edge Horizon Strike can hit enemies in the air by reaching a height of about 10 meters and aiming vertically.

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