How to Get WidowMaker Long Gun in Remnant 2?

How to Get WidowMaker Long Gun in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the Widowmaker long gun is the best and most important weapon. It will be easy for you to target your enemies from a distance with this sniper rifle’s scope. Its one-kill shots can give you a significant advantage in battle and are incredibly helpful in combat.

You must not be fooled by the Widowmaker’s appearance, despite the fact that it may not seem as strong and elegant as the majority of other weapons in the game. You won’t want to pass up this incredible weapon. It is something to behold.

We’ll walk you through every step of the simple process of getting this weapon in this guide. Now let’s get started.

How to Get WidowMaker Long Gun in Remnant 2?

Acquiring the Widowmaker Rifle is a fairly simple process overall. All you need to do is travel to Remnant 2’s main hub, Ward 13. It’s also where the majority of the game’s NPCs are located. It will be necessary for players to interact with the NPCs for various objectives.

We must locate Brabus in order to find the Widow Maker. The NPC arms dealer Brabus is the one who sells you various weapons. You’ll find him in Ward 13, close to the shooting range.

Once you find Arms Dealer, walk up to him and check out the list of available weapons in the inventory of weapons. In his inventory, you will find the Widowmaker Long Gun. The cost of the weapon is 1000 scrap. When you give him the scrap, you’ll eventually obtain this excellent sniper rifle, the widowmaker.


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Overview of Widowmaker in remnant 2

Among Remnant 2’s Weapons is the Long Gun known as Widowmaker. The powerful Widowmaker sniper rifle is made especially for long-range combat, offering improved accuracy and range. It gives shooters the ability to aim accurately over long distances, which enables them to repel opponents and keep control of the battlefield.

In Remnant 2, the Widowmaker is an excellent sniper rifle. This weapon can be quite useful even though it’s not the most attractive in the game. With its increased accuracy and precision, you will be able to destroy your opponents’ brains from a distance.

Widowmaker effects in remnant 2

In Remnant 2, long-range weapons are crucial because they give you command over the battlefield. With its 3x scope, the Windowmaker sniper rifle allows you to target your enemies at a considerable distance. This limits your enemies and offers you the upper hand in combat.

The 20% Stagger Modifier and the 120% Weak Spot Damage Bonus are two of this weapon’s best benefits. It also has a 10% chance of a critical hit. This sniper will kill your enemies in a single hit and make you hold the battlefield. Once you reach upgrade level 20, this weapon’s damage can be increased to an incredible 375.


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Remnant 2 Widowmaker Mutators

Although Weapon Mods and Mutators are not included with the Widowmaker, players can equip them in available slots.

All things considered, the Widowmaker is undoubtedly among the best weapons in Remnant 2, and since it deals deadly damage to enemies at a distance, it’s a must-have weapon for long-range combat.


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Remnant 2 Widowmaker Notes & Trivia

Widowmaker is powerful and accurate weapon made with creativity and resourcefulness. It has a modified barrel with improved accuracy and range that was saved from an old hunting rifle.

The player’s main weapon is a long gun, which can be crafted from items that enemies and bosses fall. Long guns are essential for defeating these enemies and bosses. Events can also award them, and some are offered for sale by merchants.

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