Best YouTube Comment Finder Tools (How to Find YouTube Comments?)

Best YouTube Comment Finder Tools (How to Find YouTube Comments?)

Being a YouTuber it is very significant to engage with your followers and audience. By replying to their comments and simultaneously, you should thank them for their unwavering and unconditional support. Similarly, as an audience, you try to find best comments of your favorite YouTube videos

After the past week, I have observed deeply about YouTube comment finder tools. From all my research, I have found the top five best tools which are best either you are You Tuber or subscriber of YouTube channel. Surely, those five platforms are going to help and will be immensely beneficial for the YouTubers in the growth of their channels.

With given list of YouTube comment finder tools, you will be able to filter the best one through those comments through which you can engage in a better way, eventually it will boost the growth of your fascinating channels. Just you need to pick right decision for the better consequences in this particular field.

In this article we would aim to get a better position, also we will try to know about the YouTube comment finder tools. How they are working (specifically)? And how you can actually use them for the better response and growth of your channel?

5 Best Youtube Comment Finder to Find YouTube Comments 

Here are the top five YouTube comment finder tools.

1. YouTube comment finder (YC Finder)

This site is designed for your help in the finding the comments on the YouTube in a fast way and with ease. It is absolutely free to download with easy methods with simple layout. Just you will have to write a keyword for the best result.

You can also find this in the channels. For the comments, you can use this in an effective way from the particular videos in order to find best key words for your channel.

YC finder, A YouTube comment finder tool

Visit YT Comment Finder Website

2. Hadzy

Another exquisite platform which is based on AI YouTube comment finder also, it is very easy to use, reliable and completely free at the same time. It will select the best words among all on the basis of those phrases which you are providing in your videos. It is fantastic option for all those who are thinking about the expanding of their channels.

Hadzy , YT comment finder tool

Visit Hadzy website

3. YouTube first comment finder

It is a very effective platform, which is giving its fast services for the users who are searching for the first comment on the YouTube video in a quick succession. It is also helping you in the finding of feedback in your videos or expected combination. For using process for the YouTube first comment finder, just enter the URL of video which you want to search.

This tool will search through all your comments it will show as the first one. In the next step, you just click on the word to see it in the context. It is free for the windows and for the mac as well.

YouTube first comment finder

Visit YouTube First Comment Finder

4. YouTube Comment Search (YCS)

You tube comment search is the outstanding browser extension which is helping you in the finding of comments on YouTube. This platform looks for the phrases through keyword, username and the URL video of YouTube

This is very amazing platforms in order to get comments in the section of comments which should be appropriate content to your channel and videos. Through this platform you can view both better and negative comments in your channel. This will be helping you to get updates about the statements of the people who did not subscribe your channel. This exquisite platform is available in free. There will be no need of signing up in any account for the using procedure of this browser. You can get these two comments at the same time.

Try YouTube comment search for chrome!

5. You tube Studio

It is the better way for managing your channel through your account and app. You can use all the needed platforms in order to extend your line. It’s most important attribute is getting comments on your videos in quick time.

There are numerous methods for finding of comments in your videos. For instance, you can browse the channel for using the comment search attribute. You can also utilize in an effective way the search of unique word.

After the finding of your comment for which you were searching for, you will be able to reply directly to the YouTube studio. This is very effective way of connecting or engaging with your audience for the better growth of your channel.

YouTube studio for comment Finder

             Try YouTube studio now!


How to Find My Comments on YouTube?

You can find your comments on YouTube through following ways:

1. Through keyboard shortcuts

For the searching of comments in using those keyboard shortcuts initially, go to the YouTube video then, open the YouTube comments portion. In the next step, press the “Ctrl” and the’ F’ keys at the same time. It will be open the search bar at the top of page. Now, type in the search terms and press enter your result will be show in below area.

2. Through chrome extension 

Initially, you need to install the “YouTube comments search” extension to the chrome web store for the searching of comments by using chrome browser. After the install, tap on the extension’s icon option in the tool bar and enter the search option in “search terms” then tap on “search button” in the browser.

The extension will show the complete list of all comments which is matching your search items.

3. Through Firefox extension 

For searching the YouTube comments section with using browser extension you should install the “YouTube comments search” from Firefox add-ones store for searching those comments while using extension of browser. After the installment, go to the extension icon in the tool bar and also just enter search in your “search terms” Option. At last, tap on the search button.

The same extension will show a comprehensive which should match the search option.

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There are some fantastic platforms are available for getting comment but “YT” comment is best among all these tools. It is easy to use, free, and accurate and it will be immensely great prospect for the growth of your YouTube channel.

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