Remnant 2 Invader Build Guide: Best Archetypes, Amulets And Traits

Remnant 2 Invader Build Guide: Best Archetypes, Amulets And Traits

The Invader class in Remnant 2 is connected to Root Earth, the game’s last overworld. It is advised that all players who are progressing through the campaign complete the story and maintain the instance without rerolling because the Root Earth region lacks a distinct Adventure Mode. Because players can level and use the Archetype on more challenging difficulties, Invader’s involvement with the Root Earth further suggests that the Archetype is intended for the endgame.

Everything you need to build the best Invader for your playstyle is listed in the following article. It should be noted that this specific archetype is designed to be a trickster in battle because some of its skills let the player automatically dodge blows and even warp to hit enemies with more damage.
The greatest “get out of jail” card Remnant 2 gives its players in tight spots is without a doubt Invader.

Remnant 2 Invader build

What is the best secondary Archetype for Invader Build in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the abilities of invaders will be sufficient to get out of sticky situations. You must, however, choose if your play style will favor more damage or survival.

You can use the following recommended Archetypes in addition to Invader:

  • Hunter: When Worm Hold is combined with Hunter’s Mark, damage is increased. The Ammo Box consumable allows you to modify the ammo economy, which is the only drawback.
  • Gunslinger: Has amazing burst damage potential when Worm Hole and Quick Draw are paired. Passive perks will make it easier to manage weapons and ammunition, but at the expense of weak spot damage.
  • Challenger: Complete survival and opportunity to fight again. Players can survive for a very long time with the help of Invader’s Void Cloak and Challenger’s Bulwark.
  • Engineer: Although the user will require maximum skill uptime, pairing both of these Archetypes results in a corny play style. Engineer’s turrets will be able to deal more damage thanks to the invader’s taunting ability.

Given that they are the game’s secondary classes, Handler and Summoner are especially noteworthy.

best secondary Archetype for Invader Build in Remnant 2

What are the best Accessories for Invader in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the Invader Archetype is a special hybrid of a trickster and a DPS class that offers sufficient adaptability and range. All the amulets and rings required for a respectable Invader build are included in the following rings:

  • Jester’s Bell to speed up the casting of mods and skills and deal more damage when cast.
  • Kinetic Cycle Stone to speed up the casting of skills and mods.
  • Ankh of Power to double the effect after consuming a relic and to increase overall damage
  • Probability Chord for more severe injuries. Stream Coupler to boost the regeneration of health when employing a skill
  • The Plasma Cutter’s damage from Weak spots hits will account for the majority of this setup’s damage. The Twisting Wounds mutator will increase damage and increase the chance of crit against bleeding enemies, as well as cause the weapon to bleed. Abrasive Whetstone’s bonuses will also be activated.
  • The player’s ranged weapon damage is further increased by Stone of Expanse, Constant Variable Ring, and Zania’s Malice. Ring of Diversion also raises the number of dodge roll invulnerability frames.
the best Accessories for Invader in Remnant 2

Although light armor pieces are generally advised in this situation, you can also equip heavy armor with medium dodge if you have a Challenger-Invader combination.

Best traits for the Invader class in Remnant 2

The Invaders should be required to have Barkskin, Expertise, and Fitness. Maintain a constant level of vitality and stamina, plus an additional attribute that corresponds to your preferred method of play.

Wormhole is the go-to Archetype skill because it has the shortest cooldown of any of them. Keep in mind that the Wormhole constantly diverts enemies’ attention, and that Invaders gain lifesteal by shooting at decoys that catch their targets off guard. When combined with Hunter’s Mark, it provides a consistent boost to damage over medium duration. Or, with Hunter’s Shroud, players can go even further into their shadowy assassin fantasies.



Remnant 2 Invader Build Guide: Best secondary Archetypes, amulets and traits

Being everywhere at once is the Invader’s specialty. They accomplish this by using their skills and class-specific benefits to spawn aggro-taking decoys. While decoys allow everyone in the party some breathing room, invaders are excellent for both solo and group play. Thanks to two skills that essentially serve as extra free healing and dodge, respectively, they also have excellent survivability.

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