Remnant 2: Plasma Cutter

Remnant 2: Plasma Cutter

Like all Souls-like games, Remnant 2 has lots of hidden treasures to find. The players are not provided with any kind of instruction or explanation by the game. You are expected to do all of the research yourself and eventually reap the benefits of your work. The Plasma Cutter Long Gun is one such hidden reward you can get.

It is a very strong weapon that is certainly considered as essential to the game. The following section contains a guide on how to obtain the Plasma Cutter Long Gun.

What is Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2

The Long Gun known as Plasma Cutter is one of the many hidden weapons in Remnant 2. When directed toward a target, the long, specialized gun known as Plasma Cutter has a high potential for damage. It works best in close quarters, where its accurate cutting ability can deal devastating blows. The Plasma Cutter is an excellent weapon against all enemy kinds overall, but its focused damage makes it especially useful for bosses. The high damage output of the Remnant 2 Plasma Cutter makes it a dependable weapon option for numerous builds.

Plasma Cutter Location in Remnant 2

N’Erud is the location of the Plasma Cutter; more precisely, it can be found on the Timeless Horizon, one of the potential open hub-style maps accessible after completing the first dungeon in desolate, doomed planet . While locations may differ between map instances, players can find this weapon hidden behind a sizable blast door inside a downed ship close to the Titan’s Reach checkpoint.

There’s a scanner in front of the locked door of the crashed ship that determines whether the players can access its contents. Equipping the Navigator’s Helm, a unique armor piece that appears to have been created especially for this encounter, is the only known way to pass the scanner check. It is located in the Extraction Hub, an open-world location that might or might not have spawns in the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. Locate a hole in the center of the massive ground pounders, and investigate the tunnels within in case you find the Navigator’s Helm on one of the zombies.

Return to the crashed ship after obtaining the helmet. Wear it and stand in front of the scanner. The Plasma Cutter will be visible when the door opens.

How to get Plasma Cutter Long Gun?

Getting the Plasma Cutter Long Gun is simple, but it requires some time because there are a lot of steps to follow. A how-to guide for obtaining it is provided below:

  • Go to N’Erud.
  • Make your way to the Extraction Hub.
  • Look for a hidden entrance beneath the extractors; proceed with caution—if you approach too closely, the extractors will crush you.
  • When you find the entrance, walk down beneath the particular extractor and go through the hidden entrance.
  • Kill every enemy you come across, paying particular attention to the N’Erud zombie that drops the Navigator’s Helm.
  • Find the N’Erud Navigation Room (you may need to reroll N’Erud World more than once).
  • Before entering the Navigation Room, make sure the Navigator’s Helm is equipped.
  • Take the Plasma Cutter Long Gun after entering the Navigation Room.


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Plasma Cutter Effects: Is the Plasma Cutter a good weapon in Remnant 2?

The Plasma Cutter is a very effective weapon. The Plasma Cutter has an ideal range of 17m, which is regarded as short or mid-range; however, it does not experience falloff until after 30m. This makes it an effective weapon in most situations, with the exception of those in which the opponent is extremely far away.

The Plasma Cutter is also incredibly effective against bosses because of its inherent capacity to deal more damage when directed toward a target.

Its integrated Weapon Mod, Heat Sink, is also highly beneficial. The Plasma Cutter will instantly reload when it is used. In addition, the weapon produces 50% less heat while in use, and the ramping damage cap is raised to three times. This lasts for 20 seconds, after which the gun will automatically overheat once it is deactivated. If you have the ability to focus on an enemy’s weak point within that 20-second window, you can quickly melt enemies with this weapon mod.­­­­­­


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How Plasma Cutter differs from Beam Rifle?

The Beam Rifle and the Plasma Cutter differ in a few ways. Initially, since the Plasma Cutter is considered a boss weapon, upgrading it requires Lumenite Crystals. Additionally, it includes the special mod Heat sink, which uses the same Overheat mechanism as some other weapons to reduce heat buildup while increasing the weapon’s ramping damage effect by 300%.

The Momentum Mutator still greatly increases the Plasma’s critical hit chance and crit damage, and it still works incredibly well with it. Its static mod choice and Overheat mechanism make it less powerful than its previous iteration, but the raw power it offers to the Gunslinger and Hunter Archetypes increases its value.

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