20 Best Day Counter Apps for Android and iphone

20 Best Day Counter Apps for Android and iphone

Organizing tasks, events and important date like birthday, anniversary, wedding etc is much difficult in our busy schedule. When you are busy with your work it is a challenge for anyone to stay organized. Technology play a vital role in planning your schedule and you don’t need to remember the dates and months manually. There are many apps that help you in task management but the best one is to install a day counter app.

Day counter applications are important tools for managing our time and attaining a variety of goals. We can keep track of important occasions like birthdays and events which makes it easier for us to plan and get ready. The app will show the countdown once you make a reminder for an event.

Best Day Counter Apps for Android and Iphone

If you need to manage your tasks and explore the day counter apps you are on the right page. You will find top 10 day counter apps for both IOS and Android. So let’s get start :

1. Days Counter App

Days Counter to track both the future or past events.Days Counter app is for reminding days, weeks, months etc before or after an occasions.

Functions of App :

  • Countdown before the event after the event.
  • Suited home screen widget
  • Calculate days, weeks, months, years to keep track of your future or past event.
  • Charming cards with a variety of colors.
  • Sorting the events in many ways and also manual form.
  • Share and save the date of events.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • DARK theme is also available

2. Countdown Days App and Widget

Countdown Days App  counts months, days, hours and minutes until the  special day arrive.

App features:

– simple widget for home screen.

– 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×3 resizable  widgets.

– Count months days hour minutes.

– Count up – counting days after the event.

– Big collection of stickers and emoji.

– You can use gallery photos for widget.

– Due to call option you can view your upcoming special day.

– A lot of pre photos for counting.

– Provide backup and restore.

3. Day Counter – Count Up & Down

Day Counter helps you countdown and remember special days and events that matter to you. It provides Countdown and count up to your events, homescreen widget, wonderful experience and Countdown reminders for special occasions.


Why you choose this day-count app?

– Accurate countdown timer

– Set an number of events in a day, week or month as you can

– Customized notifications and never forget about any special events

– counts for past occasions of the week, month or year

– Keep record of your long-term plans

4. TheDayBefore

The most charming and most easiest D-Day app, not only the count the days, but also the calculations of the year, month, and week.

Why you install this app?

– Stickers, background effects, emoji, background colors, fonts,patterns, text colors, decorating edges, etc

– You can customized the home screen widget

– Widgets of different designs are ideal for home screen decoration

– Keep a record of your precious day, week, month

– You can also uplaod  story

– Diet plan, exam preparation, baby growth diary etc

5. Time Since: Multi Time Counter

This app is use to find out how much time has passed since then:

  • Hours without playing games
  • Time since you haven’t smoked cigarettes
  • Days since you haven’t drink alcohol
  • Hours since you took the medication
  • Weeks since you last traveled
  • Time since you haven’t played LoL
  • Days since you called your family


Features of this app :

  • Stopwatch restart with record
  • Widgets for home screen
  • Start date and also restart date
  • Various Formats
  • Personalized the time counters
  • Many stopwatches at the specific time and continuous operation

PRO VERSION: The premium version offer you some specific features.

All this included in a single purchase and forever:

– Widgets for home screen

– Dark mode available

– Record of history

– Customized notifications

– Different Stopwatch format

– Multiple colorful themes for widget

– Unlimited stopwatch

– Custom start time and end time

– Backup & restore available

6. Countdown Star

Countdown Star is an app use to for the counting of days month etc until the some special day arrive.

Countdown star use  for  birthdays, an upcoming vacation, a wedding, the new Year parties, sporting events, concerts etc.

Features of App:

* Add  personalised events.

* Customize event with gallery photo.

* Set the accurate time for each event.

* you can share and send the selected event’s time with a friend through message, email or social media platforms.

* Include different wallpapers

7. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown is free and easy to use and  keeps the records of exam and testof student.

The most important app for students to prepare the exams on time.

Features :

– keep the record of all exams and test

– Stay focus with a daily and hourly countdown

– you can choose the color code your exams and tests

– There are different icon.

– Share your exam Facebook and Twitter and also with family members

– Notes to exams and tests

– Basic Notifications that can be customized.

8. Time Until


 Free Live backgrounds that bring life to your countdown

 Online gallery

 Timeline view to see events in time

 Countdown editor that is also customized

 Set reminders for events

 Repeats countdown for specific events.

 Beautiful and simple widget to display.

 Can be share as images and video.

 Full-screen mode available

 Dark mode available.

 Very small APK.

 Limited ads.

Premium Features:

 Notifications with alarm

 Unlimited countdowns

 No Ads for premium

 Much more font options and text colors

 Backup and restore

9. The Big Day: Wedding Planner

Install The Big Day and start planning the wedding without any problems. Design custom countdown, manage your lists, spendings, guests and timetable through simple way in this app.

The Big Day Features

 Personalized various event countdowns your gallery photo.

 Manage wedding guests and make a seating plan.

 Schedule wedding day with this app.

 Budget planner is also available.

 Invite your partner through the app

 Get notification about the how much time is remaining until wedding

 Free countdown widget for your home screen

 Simple and easy interface

 No ads to display

10. Dreamdays Countdays

Count down to the events that matter to you with style, reminders, and also voices with more than 5 million users worldwide. In this app  you can manage countdown for  events through categories and degrees of importance.


Main Functions & Features :

  • countdown for events and counting until they arrive
  • Six reinstalled types which are anniversary , birthday, holiday , life , school , trip and also you can add more
  • Voice notification to remind your plan for
  • Set your most favourite event as cover with style
  • Push reminder to remind you of an upcoming event
  • Customizable themes for every occasion
  • personalized order of events
  • For the privacy PIN code is available
  • Widget for the home screen
  • Sharing option is also available
  • Working on Android gadget


11. Days Matter 

How many days are there till your family’s birthday? This and other important dates may be counted down with the Days Matter app. When should you use your credit card? How long till your next paycheck? How much time has passed since the baby’s birth?

Features of App:

  • Support a number of widgets
  • Current History
  • Date Converter
  • Custom Categories – 3 predefined categories: Support Custom Categories, Anniversary, Work, and Life
  • Support for the Lunar Calendar: From 1901 AD to 2099 AD
  • A calendar pin top with major dates listed chronologically
  • Personalized event backdrop
  • Passcode Protection is an advanced feature.


If you want to keep track of the most significant occasions, use the countdown timer.

Function of App :

– Simple to use

– Simple design;

– a countdown of the days that displays the days, hours, and minutes; and

– You may look to a previous occurrence.

– The event is documented as history once it has concluded.

– Widgets for your smartphone’s home screen.

13. Love Days Counter :

A D-Day counter targeting couples is the Love Days Counter – Relationship Calendar. Counting the days a couple has been together without doing any calculations is helpful.

This software can be used as an event calendar to remember major anniversaries and special dates as well as to keep track of your relationships.


Features of App :

Auto-day counting

Task list

Love notebook

Customize the main screen

14. Sober Time

To keep track of how long you have been sober and clean, use Sober Time, a community website and journal.

Start or continue your road towards sobriety recovery: Thousands of recovering addicts are using Sober Time’s sober day counter to overcome serious drug addictions like substance abuse, dependency on alcohol or drugs, smoking, or self injury.


Features and Function

– Tracker for sobriety and sober days

– Track countless requirements

– Share your development

15. Day To | Countdown

For keeping track of all your important occasions and milestones, Days To is a sophisticated hybrid of a countdown app with a reminder tool. Counting down the days to a marriage ceremony, anniversary, birthday, vacation, graduation ceremonies, exam, or retirement is simple with this app.

– Easy to Set Up
– Dashboard Widget
– Notifications of Reminders
– Repeating Choices

16. Big Days – Event Countdown

Stylish and straightforward app to keep track of your events quickly and easily.

• Select the event photo from the camera, gallery, or a search on Pixabay;
• Each event is given a notice, and you may select a favourite event to be displayed at application launch.
– Days till a scheduled event;
– Days have passed since the event;
– To change the countdown’s colour, double-click on it;
– Move the countdown by dragging it;
– A list for each and every event;

17. Time Left – Countdown Widget

Time Left – Countdown Widget & Calendar app allows you to set a countdown for any event or special day you are planning.
In such a way you may always know perfectly how much time is left before your activities start and make the necessary preparations.


– An event can be immediately imported from your phone

– When you create an event, you must input certain information about an event

– You can choose a sound and set a reminder.

– You may access the two widgets for this application from the widgets menu on your phone. You can add it to your home screen so that you can always see the countdown timer.

– You can also change the widget.

18. Hurry – Daily Countdown

Hurry is a small app for important occasions. It tracks the remaining time till events like concerts, holidays, and birthdays.


• Using your calendar to import events.

• Configure recurring event reminders.

• Create customised widgets for your home screen in various sizes.

• Distribute countdowns among family and friends.

• Learn about future community events.

• Take in a selection of animated GIFs.

• Sync and backup countdowns between devices.

19. Countdown App

Your counting is ready to begin. This programme, which is based on the horror film Countdown, will estimate how much time is left.

Get ready for a strange encounter when paranormal events come to life. As you go on in this exhilarating encounter, use cautious.

HomeKit, an Apple framework that permits control of smart home devices, is used in this experience to interact with your house’s lighting. Only users who have HomeKit accessories can use this feature. Please be aware that this experience contains quick, erratic light flashing, which may not be suited for people who have epilepsy or are prone to seizures.

20. Event Countdown Widget

You may use this countdown widget on your home screen to keep track of important occasions in your life. It displays the number of weeks, days, hours, and minutes till (or after) a given date. Numerous countdown widgets are available for your home screen, and you may quickly edit them while adding them or later by clicking on them.

Features of App :
• Set the counter and title’s back and fore colours, then select an icon from the 140 lovely graphics that are offered.
• Background transparency (0, 80, 100%)
– selecting one of six counting methods:
– day (only counts in days; use the event date; the time is irrelevant; the default is 0:00)
• Use event date + event hour only; counts only in hours.
• Automated (starts in days-only mode, switches to hours-only mode in the last day, and then displays minutes-only information in the most recent hour; also uses event date and time).
• With the PREMIUM VERSION, you can load events from Google Calendar and export widgets without any limitations.
• Individual reminder sound
• No ads


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