How To Defeat Faelin in Remnant 2?

How To Defeat Faelin in Remnant 2?

This article guides you how to defeat Faelin in Remnant 2 which is one of the two imposter bosses in Losomn.. He is the opposite of Faerin.

One of Remnant 2’s three randomly generated places, Losomn features two distinct tales when you first enter it. After obtaining two masks, you can unlock the main door if you initially spawn in a palace location. You can then decide whether to fight Faelin or Faerin.
You can find Faelin about Beatific Palace, and he’s going to be very charismatic. You will have to go through three phases of distinct attacks if you decide to confront him. This boss will be difficult to beat because the majority of his strikes are difficult to avoid.

Who is Faelin in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2’s Faelin is a Boss. Faelin is a Main Boss who lives in Losomn. He is the opposite of Faerin. The story has to move forward by beating one of them. Because they are harder to fight than Enemies and “Elite” Enemies, Bosses are the real enemies. They usually watch over certain places or things, and some of them are important to the game’s Lore and major story.

Where To Find Faelin in Remnant 2?

You can only find the Faelin boss if you start the game at the palace door in the Losomn area. To get this going again, you can either reroll your mission, which will erase all of your progress, or keep rerolling the world in Adventure Mode until you get it.

After getting the start you need, you have to go through a lot of places to get two masks. You can put these masks inside the circle at the front door of the castle to open the main door. You will have to fight Faerin if you go through the door after you open it, though. Use the lever on the circle with the faces to get to Faelin.

This will change the area again, and then you can go through the main door to meet Faelin.

After the first time you come here, all you have to do to get back is transfer to the Checkpoint Crystal.

How To Defeat Faelin in Remnant 2?

Defeat Faelin in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, every enemy has a weak spot that you can hit to do more damage. Faelin’s weak spot is his head. Your shots will do a lot more damage to this head, even though it has what looks like an iron mask on top of it. This is shown by the fact that your damage numbers turn red when they register.

The area where you fight Faelin is pretty big, so until the second and third stages, you can move around a lot. Stay as far away from the boss as you can because it can do a lot of damage when it’s close. When his health drops to 50 and 25 percent, he changes stages.

You’ll get the Imposter’s Heart and Segment after beating the boss. Faerin is on the other side of the house, and you can talk to him there to get his Sigil ring. You can make the Deceit Long Gun with the Ouroboros mod by giving McCabe the Imposter’s Heart.

Faelin Attack Pattern

Faelin is capable of a variety of close-quarters, long-range, and summoning attacks. For a few rounds, you might have to concede defeat until you become accustomed to his attack style and figure out when to dodge. When it comes to boss fights in Remnant 2, dodging is a crucial mechanic. These are all the attacks that Faelin has carried out:

Defeating Faelin: Phase 1

The boss will frequently approach you in the first phase and use melee strikes. One to three slashes can be used in these attacks at once. As soon as the sword begins to move toward you, you can simply avoid it by pressing the dash button. The boss may also create an aura on the ground that pulls you toward him if you’re too far away.

With the help of a unique aural cue, this aura can be observed all around your character and is simple to avoid. In addition, the boss has the ability to call forth one or two white orbs at any time and place. At random intervals, these spheres fire bullets at you, but each shot causes them to lose some health.

Simply take one bullet to bring these single or double orbs down to a point where they will eventually vanish on their own whenever they spawn.

A row of white orbs that covers the entire field and limits your movement can also occasionally be spawned by the boss. You can just blast one of these orbs to pass through because they only ever send bullets in one direction.


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Defeating Faelin: Phase 2

As soon as the second phase starts, Faelin will fill with a white glow and begin to rise. While he’s in this motion, as shown above, you can’t hurt him. When he gets to the top, a bunch of huge swords will appear in the sky. After a short time, they will fall to the ground and do damage all around them.

To avoid this damage, all you have to do is run to the door of the boss room, where there are no swords. Along with the strikes from the first phase, the boss can bring these swords back up and slam them to the ground at any time in this phase. Watch out for these swords; they’ll hurt you a lot and knock you out.


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Defeating Faelin: Phase 3

The fight against Faelin changes a lot in the last part. The boss changes into a white cloud and moves around the field in different spots. At the same time, swords appear in the sky near where you are. You have to take the right road to avoid these and get to a place where there are no swords.

The boss comes out of the cloud after a short time and does one attack. It’s common for these hits to have a clear sound cue, so try to pay attention to that sound while you look up and make sure no sword falls on you. After he does this strike, Faelin goes back into the cloud.

When the boss does his move and starts the animation of turning back into a cloud, it’s best to hit him.

He will eventually also drop a bunch of white orbs on the field in the shape of a square. These orbs will keep shooting at a small area. It’s harder in the third step because you have to keep track of everything at once.

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