How To Send A Starbucks Gift Card Via Text

How To Send A Starbucks Gift Card Via Text

Here in this article we would try to know about the sending of Starbucks card by text message.

What are Starbucks gift cards?

Starbucks gift card is also know as “eGift”. These gift cards of Starbucks are prepaid. We can buy food, drinks, and merchandise at any given Starbucks location.

These Starbucks gift cards are available for buy through the online system in their official stores. We can also gift these cards to coffee Lovers. It is completely a suitable way to treat someone to a coffee or a snack. You can purchase these Starbucks gift cards through different denominations. Also, you can restore them by with the additional funds as per Requirement. This is quite easy, uncomplicated and simple method.

Process to send Starbucks Gift Card via Text Message on iPhone

By sending these messages you can surprise your close ones.

On the other hand if a receiver has an android device, then he will receive a link for the gift card as a replacement of a graphical representation.

We can only send these Starbucks gift card in a peer to peer method.

This mode identifying that you cannot send a gift card to the message card.

Here are some basic steps to send the Starbucks gift card.

1. Take your iPhone and launch the app store.

2. Then you will have to install the “Starbucks app” on your iPhone.

3. In the third step you will have to launch the messages app. While In the tool bar (which is also called as app drawer) pick the Starbucks gift icon and tap the icon.

4. Start a new conversation with your desired contacts or approach conversation thread which you already have From your earlier conversation.

5. Close to your text box, tap on the applications icon to call on the app drawer.

6. Another step to be followed is you will have to scroll around and you will see the Starbucks gift icon. Just tap on it.

7. Different Starbucks gift cards will show up. Click on anyone as your your choice.

8. In the next step you will have to set an amount for that gift card of around $5,$10 or $25.

9. In this step just tap on buy.

10. Now to verify the purchase. You will have to give your touch ID, or face ID also you can use the iPhone pass code.

11. With choice, you may also Put in a comment to just add some clarity to your buy.

For the credit card users the transaction for buying the Starbucks gift cards will be mentioned as “Starbucks card E gift”.

How a Receiver will use the Starbucks gift cards?

On their phone messages phone message box, the receiver will see the Starbucks gift cards.

The receiver must also Install the Starbucks app in the phone and should have an account on Starbucks.

1. The gift card must have an option which says “Tap to use the gift card.”

2. By tapping the above mentioned step will launch the Starbucks app.

3. Then, The receiver can either print the gift card or put on to their Starbucks app to use It at any Starbucks position.

4. When the receiver visits any Starbucks outlet, they can actually save Their gift card by presenting it to the Barista. Otherwise, They can add this to their Starbucks app with their mobile device and also pay with their mobile device.

Choosing the Right Starbucks Gift Cards

Its all depending upon the right moment or any special event of that time. You should find different

Understandable gift cards. So choose your gift card suitably which should be appropriate. This will certainly make these gift card more special and relevant for the receiver. These will be access able for the both varieties of physical and in the digital designs.

Send the Starbucks Gift Cards Through Email

There are following steps for sending of Starbucks gift card through the email. In this step you will have to link your credit card to your Starbucks account on the official app.

1. Initially, launch the Starbucks app.

2. Then need to go to the bottom portion of the app.

3. In this step just tap on the option Gift > “Then select the type of gift card”

4. In the next step tap on add item.

5. Then, enter the email address of the receiver and your detail as a sender.

6. In the next step, do enter the amount you want to load the for the gift card.

7. In the last step just tap on “MAKE PAYMENT” that’s all.

Is there any Possibility to Share the Gift Card in the Starbucks App?

This is pretty much possible which takes few seconds for both, the sender and receiver must have account on Starbucks app.

1. In the start launch the Starbucks.

2. While in the second step tap on the tab gift.

3. In this step choose the “Best design of gift card” that is appropriate for this specific occasion.

4. Subsequently, set the amount for the gift card which starts around “$5 and goes up to $50”

5. In this step, “Write a personalized message” as well to make this gift card more and more catchy and Memorable.

6. For the checking, just tap on “MAKE PAYMENT.”

Final verdict

Now days, usually no body would want to buy the physical gift cards for the friends and Family members or relatives. The process of buying physical gift card is hectic and difficult. So, it is easy, comfortable and manageable process to sending the Starbucks gift cards by the text message.

This is the complete and valid information about the sending of the Starbucks gift card by the text message from your iPhone. It is a decent way to gift your dear ones on the special moments to enjoy the coffee at the one of the premium Coffee brand in the world. I hope This information is effective for all its audience.








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