How To Unblur Course Hero (4 Simple Methods)

How To Unblur Course Hero (4 Simple Methods)

Due to recent advancement in technology most of things goes online, educational system is one of them. There are many online educational platforms that help students and teachers to get things that they want from comfort zone. The educational website provides access to lecture notes and other materials, making it a great resource for students around the world. The website isn’t always the most cost-effective choice, either but you can access these websites through different ways. If you are interested in these solutions you are on the right page.

Course Hero is a well-known example of such a platform. Since it was established in 2006 by college student Andrew Grauer, its mission has been to assist students in graduating and gaining confidence. But for most of students it is very expensive and they can’t afford its subscription fee, so here we will provide you solutions to unblur course hero.

Overview of Course Hero

COVID-19 brings changes in overall market in the world and effect almost every field, educational field is one of the most effected department. There are several online educational learning courses that provide help to learners in accordance with their individual plans. Giving someone else a task does not guarantee that they will execute it in the manner that they intended. But this problem can be solve through the online educational platforms because everyone has different style to learn and understand the context, among the other educational platforms course hero is one of the most popular website where anyone can get solutions to problems.

How To Unblur Course Hero

You can see the content of course hero in two different ways, the official method and other methods.Both approaches have been concluded for you using a few simple actions. These methods are explained step by step below.

Official Methods To Unblur Course Hero

You can use two methods to officially unblur course hero ;

  1. Course Hero subscription
  2. Upload documents to unblur course hero

1. Course Hero Subscription

Monthly subscriptions to Course Hero cost between $10 and $40. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford a monthly plan, especially if they are on a limited budget. If you do not already have an account, you can create one for free using the website. Less benefits and limited access to the majority of materials are included with a free Course Hero profile. There are methods to unblur limited content, nevertheless, and learn more effectively. This includes making quizzes, looking over uploaded information, and uploading original papers.

2. Upload Documents to Unblur Course Hero (Unlock Course Hero for Free)

It’s really simple to use Course Hero for free and professionally. And for this, all that you need are copies of the your original notes or paperwork. Since you must hold the copyright to the material and have the owner’s consent to submit the relevant papers, the content must be entirely original and free of any instances of plagiarism. It is necessary to upload your notes or documents to the Course Hero website after you have made a free account. After uploading the original documents, you would then need to wait anything between a few hours and three days. As soon as the Course Hero team approves your documents, you will also receive free unlocks in an email.

10 successfully approved papers will grant you 5 unlocks, each of which can be used to unlock and unblur a single Course Hero document. Only the documents that are accepted will be used to determine how many free unlocks you will receive, so it’s a good idea to upload extra copies. Within 30 days of uploading the documents, all unlocks you acquire become invalid.

Unofficial Methods to Unblur Course Hero

By using this method you can unblur course hero content for free, you need to just follow these steps.

  1. Unblur Course Hero by Using Inspect Element.
  2. Using different platforms to unblur course hero

1. Unblur Course Hero Using Inspect Element

To unblur course hero by using inspect element, follow the instructions step by step;

  • In the first step select your course or the work you need assistance on the Course Hero website.
  • In the second step open the document from which you want to see the results.
  • When it open, right-click on the it and select the option of inspect.
  •  the fourth step you have to find div tag in the new window. If you cannot find that you can use ctrl + F and search for hide or obscured.
  • Now ‘Edit Attribute’ can be found in the menu when you right-click on the tag. Type ‘none’ for the new ‘class’ element at this point.
  • In the last step click on enter

2. Using different platforms to unblur course hero

You can unblur course hero content through different platforms like reddit, telegram, discord etc. Media files, documents, and PDFs from programmes like Course Hero are offered by a wide variety of groups and communities. You could get in trouble for this act of piracy. You must therefore do so at your own risk.

How to Get Course Hero for Free?

Apart from all these methods you can also use different alternatives to unblur course hero. To get Course Hero for free and unblur the content, you can follow the given points below:

  • Upload ten documents to unblur course hero, five free unblock.
  • After that, if your document receives 5 thumbs up, you’ll also get a free unlock.
  • Any five of your documents that are unlocked will qualify for a free unlock.
  • You can rate five questions or papers to receive one free unlock.
  • You can unlock 1 thing for free after reading 5 documents.


You can unblur course hero through different ways as discussed earlier from both official and unofficial methods and also by using other different platforms like reddit, telegram, discord etc but you can risk your privacy. Other than course hero there are various platforms like Chegg where you can also get access to different lectures and notes. If you have any questions regarding this top mentioned that in the comment section.

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