Tear Of Kaeula Ring in Remnant 2 (Complete details)

Tear Of Kaeula Ring in Remnant 2 (Complete details)

The players can find numerous dungeons and hidden secrets in Remnant 2, which award them with special and powerful items. One such item that can be found by navigating the Yaesha world’s complex and twisted crevices is Tear Of Kaeula. The player can use the ring to give their relic two additional charges.

You can find this ring in the dungeon of Kaeula’s Rest. The battle with Kaeula’s Shadow boss will also begin if you pick it up. Remnant 2’s procedurally generated dungeons make it difficult to find Kaeula’s Tear. However, finding it usually just requires a little exploring and rerolling.

Tear Of Kaeula

Tear of Kaeula is one of the best ring in Remnant 2 that has the ability to increase the amount of Relic charges by two through the powers of Kauela.

Tear Of Kaeula Benefits

When equipped with Tear Of Kaeula, it increases Relic capacity by two.

Remnant 2 Tear of Kaeula Location

To begin your search, you must travel to Kaeula’s Rest. Once you’ve located it, follow the path directly ahead until you come to a wide, flooded area. A sizable archway can be found on the left. This will be to the left of the octagonal shape on the map above, next to a waterfall. Stepping through the archway will take you to an enemy-filled room. After removing them, keep your head straight. There should be a ominous-looking statue there, and Kaeula’s Tear should be directly in front of it.

You will be taken to a new location and face a boss known as Kaeula’s Shadow if you pick up this item, so be aware. One of the hardest boss fights in the game is this one, so be prepared. This boss can be killed in multiple attempts.

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Meidra Remnant 2

Meidra is an optional character that you can meet in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2. When you first meet this bright blue creature, she tells you your fortune and asks you to answer her questions honestly and sincerely. In the middle of the conversation, she will tell you a little about her sister, Kaeula. She is located in Yaesha, and you must buy the Tear of Kaeula Ring 2 from her.

Soon after defeating Kaeula in Remnant 2, the Tear of Kaeula Ring can be found. When Meidra finds out about your fighting with Kaeula, she will be happy because you have ended her sister’s suffering. You can now choose to give the ring to Meidra or keep it with you. What would happen in Remnant 2 if you gave Medira the Tear of Keula ring?

Meidra will give you the Sorrow handgun if you are willing to part with the Tear of Kaeula and return it to her. In reality, this is a crossbow pistol that shoots bolts at opponents, which you can then recall back to the weapon to deal more damage.

What Happens If You Give Meidra The Tear Of Kaeula In Remnant 2?

Meidra will give you the Sorrow handgun if you are willing to part with the Tear of Kaeula and return it to her. It is a weapon with 72 damage, a 2.6 RPS, an ideal range of 16 meters, and a falloff range of 52 meters, even though it might not fire frequently. It also has a special ability called Eulogy, which allows it to recall the bullets it fires back to you. If you can recall every bolt, you will receive 2% of your maximum health back. The bolts can overfill the Sorrow’s magazine up to five times, so if you can retrieve them all, you will be able to fire ten bolts.

What happens if you keep the Tear of Kaeula?

Meidra won’t hold the Tear against you if you keep it. It is actually one of the most valuable items in the game because it will give you two extra uses of that crucial defensive and healing relic by increasing your Relic capacity by two.

Should you give the ring to Meidra?

Depending on the kind of build you want, you can either give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula or keep it for yourself. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, you must decide what you actually need. You should keep the ring if you require greater survivability. If you want more destructive power, then you can give it to Meidra.

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