Remnant 2: Probability Cord, Its Location and Effects. How to get it?

Remnant 2: Probability Cord, Its Location and Effects. How to get it?

Root Earth is one of four worlds that are explored in Remnant 2’s map. This is where you’ll finish things off by facing the last boss. This final world has particularly powerful opponents, so in order to survive, you’ll need to fight even harder than before.

Like the other worlds, Root Earth has a variety of weapons and equipment for you to collect. The Probability Cord Ring is a unique item that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

What is probability Cord in Remnant 2?

Probability Cord is one of the best ring in Remnant 2. When a critical hit is made, Probability Cord increases Critical Damage by 30%, enabling devastating strikes.

Remnant 2 probability Cord Location

You can find Probability Cord in Root Earth – Corrupted Harbor. Once you defeat two elites and a swarm of small enemies in the boiler room, you’ll be able to access a door that leads back to a checkpoint you found earlier. From there, head up the stairs and search for a long walking root on the side. There’s a ring on that ledge not far away if you follow that root to its end and jump off.

How to get probability cord in remnant 2?

When you arrive at Root Earth, you start out in the Ashen Wasteland. You have to go on from here until you reach the second location in this world, which is called Corrupted Harbor.

Simply stay on the main path in Corrupted Harbor until you come to the first open area. This area will be populated with enemies, so be sure to take steps to eliminate them first.

Then, keep moving forward to come across another open area full of enemies. Once you’ve defeated them, keep moving forward until you reach the first checkpoint.

You’ll see a door to your left after the checkpoint; proceed through it until you come to a set of stairs.  Go through these stairs to find a hanging branch on the right side which you can use to move ahead.

This branching path ends at a location from where you can go down to a lower level.

Once you’ve jumped down, turn around and keep moving forward; you’ll eventually encounter the Probability Cord Ring.

Probability Cord Effect in Remnant 2 (What Does the Probability Cord Ring Do?)

You can find and equip the Probability Cord in Remnant 2, which is an extremely powerful ring that increases Critical Damage by 30%.

This will enable you to hit your opponents with deadly blows every time you aim for a critical hit. This ring will significantly improve your combat if you use a crit build or frequently land critical hits.

The Gunslinger or Hunter archetype makes the greatest match for the Probability Cord. This ring’s power can be used with other weapons, such as LMGs, and is not limited to single-shot weapons like snipers. With more critical damage, you’ll be able to eliminate out everything in your path.

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Best Builds For Remnant 2 Probability Cord

A powerful ring that works well in a variety of builds is the Probability Cord. But critical damage builds are where it really stands out. The top builds for the Probability Cord in Remnant are listed below.

1. High-Tech Sentinel Build

The Probability Cord can be paired with other items in this build to increase critical damage and survivability. Getting as many critical hits as you can is the key to this build, so make sure you comprehend the game’s critical hit mechanics and use the weapons with a high critical hit chance.

2. Painbringer Build

Compared to the High-Tech Sentinel Build, this build is more aggressive and depends on dealing a lot of damage fast. It greatly increases the amount of damage you deal. You can combine the Probability Cord with other items that increase your attack speed or damage.

3. Warden Build

Compared to the previous two builds, this one is more defensive and centers around optimizing your critical damage while surviving by utilizing the Probability Cord. Using a variety of items that boost your armor, health, and resistance, the Warden Build allows you to deal a lot of damage while also being able to withstand a lot of humiliation.

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