Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough (All Weapons, Rings, Amulets & Armors)

Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough (All Weapons, Rings, Amulets & Armors)

Yaesha is one of the worlds that players can visit in Remnant 2. This land which was once lush and verdant with its forest is now crimson and overrun with Root. The Pan has also been reduced in numbers, both from the invasion and the rebel uprising, but some are still hopeful to someday get salvation from old allies.

Read ahead as we talk about Yaesha and how to progress through it in Remnant 2.

Yaesha Remnant 2

Remnant 2 contains the location Yaesha. Remnant 2 offers a wide range of worlds to explore, including Yaesha. In Remnant 2, every location will have its own distinct events, dungeons, bosses, enemies, and items.

Yaesha remnant 2

Yaesha is a world with lush green forests and the mysterious Pan, who comes back from Remnant: From the Ashes. In the past, before the Ashes, but now The Root has taken hold and begun its attack. Please help free the world of the Pan from The Root. She is called the Eternal Empress and is the “once and future ruler” of the realm. Her name is Bedel of the Vaunnt.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

You can visit one of three worlds during a campaign, but the way in which you can do so will be different each time. One of them is Yaesha. Every time you play in this world, the mini-dungeons, tasks, encounters, events, and even the enemies and bosses will be different.
You can play through one of two main stories in Yaesha. You’ll know which one you’re playing by where you start:

The Corruptor: The Red Throne is where you start.
The Ravager and the Doe: The Forbidden Grove is where the story begins.
When you beat the final boss of any of the storylines in a run, you’ll get the Index Segment, which is the most important item in the whole game.

The Corruptor Storyline

When you get to The Red Throne, the road splits in two. The Pan Warriors also watch over these routes. They are cruel, but not as quick. Each of the three paths leads to a different building with materials inside. The road in the middle leads to a throne room.
Then you’ll meet the Eternal Empress, her servant, and her guards. The Empress tells you through her servant that you will either kill for her or be killed instead. You will be asked to defeat the Corruptor who harmed their previous Guardian if you agree to do so. The guards will be told to attack you if you say no to their request. The servant will tell you that you passed the test after you beat the guards, but you will still have to beat the Corruptor.

The Abomination

Return to the corridor that leads to the throne and turn down the root-infested path; at the end of this hall is a veil. After that, you’ll be taken to this world’s overworld, the Withering Weald. Keep moving and avoid becoming trapped because there will be many infectors and root brutes there. The Flautist and another veil are located at the far edge of the map.

The Flautist

It returns from Chronos: Before the Ashes. It warns you about the journey you’ll take to find Clementine in the Thaen, which has been perverted by their once-god.

Head toward the veil to reach a Yaesha dungeon. Pass through it and fight its boss to go on.

You will then reach Yaesha’s next overworld, The Far Woods. Reach the Widow’s Court by navigating the way. Teleporting enemies await you at the Widow’s Court.

Look for Pan’s Ornate Key on his body in the Widow’s Court. This key also opens an Ornate Lockbox nearby. Depending on whether you open or return the package to the Empress, you can receive different gifts.

After passing the next curtain, you’ll battle the Corruptor at The Great Bole.

 The Corruptor Boss Fight

You will be fighting both the Corruptor and the Corrupted Guardian at the same time during this boss fight. The Corruptor will attack from a distance because it is almost motionless, while the Guardian will move around and swing its many swords at you. The Guardian can separate its arms, which you can shoot to temporarily stop them from moving.
The Corruptor and the Guardian have different life bars, but if the Guardian gets hurt, the Corruptor will try to heal it by giving it some of its own health. It will float over to where the Guardian is and light up a weak spot on its “underbelly” as it does this.

To finish the quest and get the Index Segment, all you have to do is beat the Corruptor. But the drops you get will be different if you keep the Guardian up or knock it down during the fight. In order to get the Hollow Heart, you must beat the Corruptor without knocking down the Guardian. If you do so, you will receive the Twisted Lazurite.

The Ravager and the Doe Storyline

Bedel of the Vaunnt

When you go into The Forbidden Grove for the first time, you’ll see Bedel of the Vaunnt, a Pan whose Root Rot is so far along that Root Mushrooms cover him. In order to save the world, he will tell you to kill the Ravager, a god who was once good but has been tainted by The Root.

Lair of the Ravager

There will be many ways to kill the Ravager, and each one will give you a different item. When you kill him, he’ll drop a Segment that lets you keep going with the main story.

All Items in Remnant 2 Yaesha

Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough (All Weapons, Rings, Amulets & Armors)

Remnant 2 Yaesha Weapons

  1. Blade of Gul: Made at the Bloodmoon Altar Bolt Driver: Play the secret song at the Water Harp to get it.
  2. Crossbow: You can get this item after figuring out a puzzle in Imperial Gardens.
  3. Edge of the Forest: You can find this at one of the pedestals in the Imperial Gardens.
  4. The Red Throne is where you can find Ford’s Scattergun. If you wear Seal of the Empress, you can see a secret basement in the library.
  5. You can get the Krell Axe in Endaira’s End. There is a secret in the Pressureplate Puzzle.
  6. Crimson Membrane was used to make Merciless. After The Ravager eats The Doe, you can get this from him.
  7. You can get the Rebellion Spear from Bedel of The Vaunnt in The Forbidden Grove for saving
  8. The Doe during the fight with the Corrupted Ravager boss.
  9. Sagittarius: You can get this after figuring out a puzzle in the Cathedral of Omens.
  10. To get Sorrow, trade the Tear of Kaeula at Meidre.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Armors

  1. The Bloodmoon Altar is where you can make the Knotted Helm.
  2. Knotted Greaves: You can make these at the Bloodmoon Altar.
  3. You can make knotted gloves at the Bloodmoon Altar.
  4. You can find a red widow’s hat at The Lament.
  5. You can find the Red Widow Raiment at The Lament.
  6. Red Widow Bracers: You can get them at The Lament.
  7. Red Widow Leggings: You can get them at The Lament.
  8. You can find the Lodestone Crown at The Lament.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Amulets & Rings

  1. Archer’s Crest: You can find this item in the Hall of Rain injectible event.
  2. To find Band Band, you have to finish the co-op game in the Musician’s Terrace injectible event.
  3. Getting the Berserker’s Crest at The Coffin is an injectable event.
  4. You can find the Blood Jewel in The Lost Temple.
  5. Blood-Tinted Ring: You can get this ring in The Lament after you solve the Consort’s Puzzle.
  6. Brawler’s Pride – Unknown Drop
  7. This is a reward from The Eternal Empress if you finish the main quest and give her the Thaen Seed.
  8. Celerity Stone: It drops by chance.
  9. You can buy Death’s Embrace from Bedel of the Vaunnt.
  10. Downward Spiral: You can get this at the Crystal Elevator by shooting a ball.
  11. Frivolous Band: Bedel of The Vaunt at The Forbidden Grove gave it to me.
  12. You can find the Full Moon Circlet in The Imperial Gardens when there is a blood moon.
  13. Guardian’s Ring: It drops by chance.
  14. Heart of the Wolf: May drop by chance.
  15. Ravager’s Mark: You get this from The Ravager for killing The Doe before the fight.
  16. You can get the Red Doe Sigil as a reward for giving The Eternal Empress the Ornate Lockbox without opening it.
  17. Sagestone: Chance to Drop
  18. Stone of Balance: It drops by chance.
  19. You can get the Tear of Kaeula at Kaeula’s Rest.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Quest Items

  1. To get Blood Moon Essence, you need to find a Root Wisp in The Far Woods or the Faithless Thicket.
  2. You can find Kolket’s Razor at The Lament after you’ve solved Consort’s Puzzle.
  3. Key with a lot of detail—found at The Widow’s Court.
  4. You can find rotten thai fruit at The Widow’s Court.
  5. You can find the key to the supply room at The Lament after you solve the consort’s puzzle.
  6. You can find the tarnished key at The Widow’s Court.
  7. You can find the Temple Key at Kaeula’s Rest.
  8. Thaen Seed: This can be found in the Ornate Lockbox. Used an Ornate Key to open.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Traits

  • Rugged: Got it from The Laemir 
  • Bloodstream & Barkskin: Got it at Meidre’s Sorrow
  • Blood Bond: Got it by destroying the Root Nexus (Field Location).

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