Remnant 2 Zania’s Malice Ring

Remnant 2 Zania’s Malice Ring

In Remnant 2, do you want to know how to get the Zania’s Malice Ring? As you explore Remnant 2’s worlds, you’ll find a wide range of armour and tools that will help you make the perfect character. On the other hand, you can use amulets and bands to give it special powers or make up for flaws. The Zania Malice is one of these rings. It helps you do more damage. Because of how this ring works, you can do up to 30% more damage to an enemy’s weak spot. During boss fights, this bonus will be very useful, and we will help you find it.

What is Zania’s Malice In Remnant 2?

Zania’s Malice is a Ring In Remnant 2. Zania’s Malice is a scary ring with a metal protrusion that looks like a horn and represents unwavering evil. This ring raises weak spot damage by 10% for 7 seconds when used to deal damage.

Zania's Malice Ring in remnant 2

How To Get The Zania’s Malice Ring

Root Earth is the last world of the game, and you need to get to Root Earth before you can get Zania’s Magic Ring. From the Ashen Wasteland, move forward until you reach the first open area. There, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies.

Once you’ve killed them, look for a big door on the left side of the map. After going through this door, you need to go up until you reach a stop.

Once you get to the right side of the checkpoint, keep going until you reach a hole in the ground. But don’t jump down or act hastily.

Instead, look at the other side. There is a small entry that you can get to by carefully cutting along the edge of the hole. When you get to the small doorway, Zania’s Malice Ring will be inside.

Zania’s Malice Effects

When you hit enemies in weak spots, this ring can make the damage they take get 10% greater. You can also stack this damage boost three times, which means that this ring could help you do 30% more damage to weak spots on enemies in Remnant 2. It’s going to last for seven seconds.

When you use automatic weapons with Zania’s Malice, you can quickly and accurately deal with areas that take more damage. When you wear it with the Probability Chord ring, you have a 30% chance of causing critical damage. This, along with the weak spot damage, makes for a very powerful attack.

Why Zania’s Malice Is Best Ring In Remnant 2?

I’ve learned that the best way to beat an enemy in Remnant 2 is to hit them over and over where they are weakest. With Zania’s Malice, you might be able to do a lot more harm. As long as an automatic weapon is being used, its impacts will stack. When rings are worn, they offer many benefits. You can wear up to 4 rings at the same time.

Zania’s Malice is a great attacking ring, but it also has a very special use. The ring is needed to unlock the Archon Archetype because it is one of the requirements to wear a certain assortment of gear. With this Ring and a number of other items and unlocks, you can get to the Backrooms area. Unlike the other important items, the ring’s description doesn’t say anything directly or indirectly about Andrew Ford.

Remnant 2 Zania’s Malice Builds

The following builds make use of Zania’s Malice:

  • High-Tech Sentinel Build
  • Hunter Painbringer Build


Remnant 2: 10 Best Builds

Remnant 2 Zania’s Malice Notes & Trivia

  • It looks like a horn with teeth has been cut into the fearsome animal’s face thanks to jagged, pointed metal that pierces the bark.
  • This ring has the name Zania, the person who was in charge of making the Sadistic Muffin that was a part of the Remnant material.
  • Rings give players many perks. Once on, you can put on up to 4 rings at once.

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