What is CQATest App? Is it harmful? How to get rid of it?

What is CQATest App? Is it harmful? How to get rid of it?

Have you ever found any application in your smartphone suddenly which was not present earlier. This happened with a lot of people that they found CQATest app in their applications suddenly. What is SPATest app? Is harmful for your device? Is it virus or malware? Is it spyware and collects your device data? How to fix issues related with this app? How to remove and uninstall this app? We will cover the answers of all these questions in this article.

What is CQATest App?

For proper functioning of the android phones, the mobile manufacturing company’s uses some applications called system software. These applications remove bugs, fix issues and gives future software updates. Among them, one application is CQATest present in Motorola and Lenovo smartphones and is hidden from user interface.

CQATest is a system application which monitors the performance of hardware components of the mobile phone. CQA stands for “Certified Quality Auditor” and the name indicates that it is for the Quality Audit and inspection of system hardware and built-in applications of the mobile phones. It looks at the proper functioning of the mobile hardware and software systems.

Why is the CQATest app in my phone?

CQATest is the pre-installed hidden application in our phones which checks the functionality of our mobile phones. Its gives information to mobile manufacturing company about functional performance, updates, bugs and issues present in the mobile and using this information manufacturer sends the system updates to you. This app is only for mobile manufacturer and not for end users, that’s why it is hidden by the developers but it appears suddenly in the applications because of some system bugs and faults.

Is the CQATest app harmful, is it safe?

CQATest app is not harmful to your device and personal data. This app is design to check the functionality of mobile hardware and system softwares and does not concerns with your personal data. There is no risk to your personal data and files because it does not collects your personal data.

It only collects optional data from your device to make device more functional by sending updates to fix bugs and issues. This app is care taker of your mobile phone.

Is CQATest App a Virus?

No, this app is not the virus or any malware. This is system application which is hidden by manufacturer while launching the mobile phone and purpose of this app is enhancing functioning of the smartphone in future through updates. But sometimes it unhides and appears in the applications of the mobile phone suddenly due to any bugs or issue. You can leave it as it is if it’s not harming your mobile phone. But sometimes it unhides and appears in the applications of the mobile phone suddenly due to any bugs or issue. You can leave it as it is if it’s not harming your mobile phone.

Is CQATest app spyware?

No, CQATest app is not spaware. It doesn’t collect your personal data and information. It only gets some permission necessary for the manufacturer for future device performance. However if your phone has two or more CQATest applications, then this can be alarming. You can uninstall, scan or factory reset your device.

What are the problems being faced by users because of this CQA Test App?

The sole purpose of CQATest is to check the performance of the mobile phone but many users reported some common problems that arise from this application. These are listed below:

  • Mobile screen hangs More frequently then before.
  • Mobile heating up more quickly then before.
  • CQATest app consuming a lot of mobile storage and background data and disturbing the storage related functions.
  • Battery drains quickly and battery life decreases after this app.
  •  Sometimes Home button does not work because of this app.

How to fix these problems caused by CQATest App?

If you face above mentioned problems then you can take following steps to fix these problems;

  • Clear your mobile cache
  • Reset your mobile phone to default settings
  • Factory reset to your mobile
  • Check for software updates and update them.

Note : Before factory reset of your mobile phone, create backup of your existing important data.

Even then problem doesn’t solve  then you can disable or stop that application for some time.

Is it necessary to keep this app?

It’s your personal choice to keep it or not. But think this app does not harms your phone but work for the proper functioning of the mobile phone. If you remove it then it cannot be reinstalled. And removing it can cause issues to your mobile performance, so think before removing it from your mobile. And I recommend not removing it from your mobile.

What is the Permissions Taken by the CQATest App?

Like other applications it requires access to camera, sensors, microphone, speaker, and other components to detect the device hardware and system software’s conditions.  Without these permissions, this app would not be able to perform its function of detection of system performance. However this app doesn’t require the permissions that lead to access to your personal data.

Can I Disable or remove CQATest App?

Yes, you can disable the CQATest app but disabling it can cause some issues and problems in the functionality of your device after some days because manufacturing company would be able to get device performance data and would not be able to give updates to fix bugs and issues.

Here are the some steps to disable the app;

  1. Open settings in mobile
  2. Click on Apps or Apps and notifications
  3. Find CQATest app in the list of apps and click on it.
  4. Find and click on disable or force stop option instead of uninstalling it.


CQA Test is the system application software for the future updates and proper functioning of the smartphones. Since it is only for mobile performance and doesn’t need any interaction with the user, so it is hidden. Sometimes it appears because of any bugs or issues but it doesn’t harm your mobile phone. It is neither virus and malware nor spyware in nature and does collect your personal information.

If your device doesn’t work properly after it’s appears, then you can scan your device or perform, factory reset. If problem still exists then you can remove it or use force stop option in the settings.


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