What is Config APK APP? Everything you need to know

What is Config APK APP? Everything you need to know

Many system programme’s such as System UI, OneUI, Home, and others, have been configured on new smartphones; however, because they operate in the background, we are unable to see them in the app drawer. For your phone’s Android operating system to operate properly, these apps are crucial. However, when users notice these apps affecting the system’s resources like phone power, data, etc., the majority of people who are unaware of them assume that they are spyware, or tracking software.

This article is about the system app which is considered as the spy app by various people. The app name is config APK. This app is already installed in phone app list. Let’s investigate whether Config APK is spyware or not.

What is config APK on Android?

Config APK is an Android system application which provides the support in managing and installing apps on your device. This application handles the process of installing, removing, and upgrading every app on your phone. It uses very little battery life and does not take up much space on your phone.

What is an APK?

The format of a file used for distributing and installing applications (apps) on Android devices is known as an APK, or “Android Package kit.” It includes all of an app’s important parts, such as its code, tools, description file, and certificates.

Is Config APK is safe or not?

As long as it hasn’t been altered or infected by malware, Config APK is safe. Its main responsibility is to manage the installation and configuration of applications on your Android smartphone, making sure that they are properly set up for things like screen resolution, language, and other device settings.

What are the common errors reported by config APK?

There are several errors reported by people about Config APK app but the most common types of errors are ;

  1. Insufficient Storage: When an app cannot be installed or updated because there is not enough space for storage on the device, this error appears.
  2. Network Issues: Errors during app download and upgrades might be caused by issues with the device’s internet access, such as an unstable or unreliable W­i-Fi or mobile data connection.
  3. Package Parsing Errors: When the operating system Android tries to parse an app’s APK file, it may encounter difficulties. These errors are frequently brought about by compatibility or corruption issues.
  4. App-Specific Errors: Installation, compatibility, or service-related errors may each have a different error message that is specific to that programme.
  5. Permission Errors: It’s possible for apps to ask for permissions you haven’t given them in some cases. You will be given the option to provide the required permissions in these circumstances.

How to solve these errors?

These errors can be solve through

  • Clear cache
  • Stable Internet
  • Free the storage
  • Updated software
  • Give permission to apps

Is Config APK is spyware?

Config APK is a file that is pre installed in the android smartphones that control the configuration of apps. So, config APK is not a spyware nor a virus but an Android system that help to operate the different apps. Checking an app’s permissions is the best approach to determine whether it contains malware or not. It’s most likely a spy app if it has access to your phone, contacts, media files, and messages without your awareness.

What are the Permissions required by config APK?

Config APK is an Android system application, and unlike third-party apps, it normally doesn’t ask users for specific permissions. Instead, it works as a component of the operating system for Android and is in responsible for controlling how apps are installed and configured, specifically how configuration APKs are handled.

You can also check that by

Setting > three vertical dots > show system apps > Config APK > Permission

Does Config APK drain more battery?

On Android devices, Config APK doesn’t drain more battery or decrease battery life. Because it is about 20kb file so there is no chance of more battery consumption. However malfunctioning in the configAPK can cause more draining of battery life.

Can you disable Config APK?

Yes, but it can results into System instability, failures, or issues with app installations and updates . It’s typically not advised to try to delete or modify system applications as long as you are using a customized or rooted Android device, and you have considerable understanding of Android programming, or both. Even so, such activities might have unforeseen effects.

Can you uninstall or delete the config APK?

No, Config APK cannot be removed from an originally installed, unmodified Android device. It is not intended for users to uninstall or deactivate Config APK because it is, a system application and plays a crucial part in the android smartphones operating system. Since Config APK is a system app so you can’t delete this but you can disable the app.

How to protect device form spyware attack?

Config APK is not a spyware but there are some hidden apps that play the role of spyware. To protect your device from these spyware apps here are some recommendations

  • Install apps through trusted sources
  • Update the software
  • Give permission to apps carefully
  • Install verified anti virus software
  • Disable installations form unknown sources
  • Secure your data and accounts

You may significantly lower the danger of spyware attack on your Android device by following these security precautions, being selective about the apps you install, and exercising caution when granting permissions.


The majority of Android smartphones come with the system app Config APK. You shouldn’t be concerned about the app because it is very safe. However, some users believe it to be spyware because it exhibits several characteristics of a spy programme, such as running in the background and draining the battery. Contrary to popular belief, Config APK is not spyware, as I have already demonstrated to you. Additionally, you shouldn’t remove it from your phone. Since it manages all apps of your Android device, your phone might operate worse if you disable it. If you ever experience Config APK-related issues or notice any strange behavior on your device, it’s best to speak with the manufacturer of your device or contact a reliable tech support source for advice on how to fix the issue in question.

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