How To Solve The the Lament Dial puzzle in Remnant 2

How To Solve The the Lament Dial puzzle in Remnant 2

This is the guide ” How To Solve The Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2″. It is one of the most interesting puzzle you’ll find in Remnant 2.

The guide to Solve The the Lament Dial puzzle in Remnant 2

One of the most common things you’ll find when exploring Remnant 2 is the Lament dungeon is a big dial covered with symbols. It’s readily apparent that it’s a riddle at first glance. However, the answer to it is far less clear. It’s actually pretty hard to figure out.
The fact that you can’t simply ask a friend to tell you the dial code—since each person has a unique one—makes it even more difficult. Yes, this problem takes advantage of the game’s randomness. Though the code you require varies every time, the process for determining it remains the same. And that’s what you do.

Table of Contents

Find The Design Book

  • First, you need to locate a significant book in order to begin solving this problem. It may not always be in the same spot for every player because this game likes to rearrange things for each player.
  • But usually you may find this book downstairs, right below the dial. It’s in the room you go into after solving the problem with the shooting arrows. Not only is the book at the centre of the space. It’s on the ground, sloping slightly downward.
  • When you locate it, open it up to discover the design within; each player’s will varies on this. It will be crucial to capture the design, so take a photo or make a concerted effort to recall it.

Find Your Symbols

  • There is no straight link between the design in the book and the symbols on the dial. Instead, it matches the patterns on some of the sheets that are over close dead bodies.
  • There are a lot of dead people in the room with the book. There are also more on both sides of the dial upstairs.
  • You need to find four sheets that are the same style as the ones in your book.
  • Take note of the symbol above the body when you find one with your image on it. You will get your dial combination if you do this with all four.

Use The Dial

  • After obtaining four symbols, use the dial.
  • Turn the dial’s various portions until the symbols form a line that extends from the middle arrow to the mechanism’s top. There seems to be no significance to the order.
  • Press “activate plinth” to unlock the door after the symbols are in the proper locations
  • This is the guide ” How To Solve The Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2″

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