Tekken 8 Characters

Tekken 8 Characters

Fans are really looking forward to the release of Tekken 8, the much-anticipated eighth game in the famous fighting game series from Bandai Namco. There are 32 characters in Tekken 8, and all of them have been shown off before the game comes out. The Tekken series has always been known for having a wide range of characters who all play a part in the story. The Mishima story will finally come to an end in Tekken 8. This should allow the series to focus more on its background characters.

The cast of Tekken 8 was announced in a series of events, from ads for each character to events. Most of the players are back, but three new ones make things more interesting. When Tekken 8 comes out on January 26, 2024, you’ll finally be able to play as all of the characters.

Tekken 8 All Characters

Here’s the list of all the confirmed Tekken 8 characters so far.

  2. JIN
  3. KING
  4. JUN
  5. PAUL
  6. LAW
  7. JACK-8
  8. LARS
  10. NINA
  11. LEROY
  12. ASUKA
  13. LILI
  14. BRYAN
  18. RAVEN
  19. LEO
  20. STEVE
  21. KUMA
  25. FENG
  26. PANDA
  27. LEE
  28. ALISA
  29. ZAFINA
  31. VICTOR
  32. REINA

Details of All characters in Tekken 8


Since Kazuya is the most Mishim a-style fighter in Tekken 8, players who want to play as him must be able to successfully wave-dash. Some of Kazuya’s most powerful moves, like the Perfect Electric Wind God Fist, need to be executed perfectly for them to do damage.

When Kazuya is in Heat, he changes into Devil Kazuya and has stronger strikes as long as his Heat metre is up. Players need to know these moves as well. In Practice Mode, it takes a lot of time to get the wave dash just right and figure out when to turn into Devil Kazuya.

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Jin has been the main character of the series since Tekken 3. In Tekken 7, he didn’t play a part because the game’s goal was to end the story between Kazuya and Heihachi. Now, though, the show will once again be about him.

He has also learned to control his Devil form to some degree, as shown in the trailer, by using some of its skills during normal combos. His change, on the other hand, is still a different character.

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3.   KING

King is involved in professional wrestling, and he also runs an orphanage on the side. The world has been destroyed by the war between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu, and there are now more kids than ever who need his help. King may be the undisputed wrestling king, but he will have to put on a show outside of the bright arena lights to raise the money he needs to help all those kids who have lost their parents. He knew he would need help from others to reach his goals, so he worked on his body and his wrestling skills in order to meet people with similar goals

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Jun Kazama, the roster’s biggest surprise, is rising from the grave to resume combat. Her final appearance was in Tekken 2, aside from the non-canonical Tekken Tag games. However, Jun Kazama has returned in some way.

She will undoubtedly have an impact on the narrative as well because she is Jin’s mother and cannot be disregarded. Additionally, she exudes optimism, and the return of her and Kazuya’s interaction adds intrigue to the entire game.

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When it comes to new looks, Paul is giving up his signature hairstyle. His strikes are just as strong as ever, and his special move is so strong that it tears the sleeve off of his jacket. As you might expect from the only stranger who could beat Kazuya.

He has been a comic relief character for a long time, so it’s more possible that he’ll be in this one too. That also means his partner in crime will be back with him.

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Since making his debut in the Tekken series of video games, Marshall Law has undergone a few shifts in his approach to the game at various points. Since his offensive options are confined within his Dragon Sign posture, it is still necessary for players to master the input to get him into this posture. His Dragon Sign Stance is back in Tekken 8, and it is important for players to master it.

In addition, Law possesses an excellent poke game and a number of frustrating mix-ups, particularly his Banana Peel and Slide Kick techniques. Given that his Slide Kick is famously tough to execute, players who intend to use him as their primary assault should be able to execute this move on a continuous basis when competing. Due to the fact that he is at his most dangerous when he is in close proximity to them, it is imperative that players make it a priority to bring the fight to their opponent as early and frequently as possible.

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7.   JACK-8

A Tekken game wouldn’t be complete without an odd robot bodybuilder showing off his prosthetic limbs to you. As a mainstay of the series, jack units have existed since the start. There are innumerable units available; in certain game settings, they even function as minions.

Jack has a stunning redesign, strong strikes, unexpected agility, and a laser cannon, so he’s well prepared for the competition. Revisions to the tournament’s rules on what is and isn’t permitted are definitely needed.

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Lars Alexandersson is the leader of the rebel force fighting G Corp. He is actually Heihachi Mishima’s child from a false marriage. Lars planned a coup d’état against the Zaibatsu while he was an officer in the Mishima Zaibatsu’s elite military unit, the Tekken Force. He got many Tekken Force members to help him. After the coup, Kazuya Mishima took over as head of G Corp and took control of the whole world. Lars wanted to fight against the tyrant’s rule so he formed a new rebel army called Yggdrasil to get more soldiers to help him start a revolt against the cruel government.

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A Chinese martial arts expert named Ling Xiaoyu harbours affections for Jin Kazama. She breaks into the Mishima Zaibatsu building to look for information that would help her in her quest for missing Jin and to gather hints. Xiaoyu has been travelling the world and pursuing any signs she can uncover for six months, but there is no sign of optimism. Though Xiaoyu is out of leads, she needs to find Jin at any costs. He has something she should know about.Xiaoyu’s steadfast and unwavering devotion is what propels her onward.

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Tekken’s Nina Williams is yet another character who has made an appearance in each and every one of the many games in the series. In spite of the fact that she is an assassin with quick and powerful combos, she requires a great deal of practice to master. Tekken Force, which is owned and operated by Heihachi Mishima, was her previous employer, and she has been in a competition with her sister Anna for a very long time.

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The series’ most recent addition is also making a comeback. Leroy was a DLC character from the last entry, but he matched the series so well that he became popular right away, thus it seems sense that he would be on the default roster rather than as DLC.

It’s only fair that he can wield his cane as a weapon during combat, especially because some opponents are using guns in the conflict. Along for the ride is his dog Sugar, who we’ll probably be able to use in combat, much like in Tekken 7.

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12.   ASUKA

It was Asuka Kazama who beat Lili in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Asuka is skilled in Kazama-style traditional martial arts and a well-known peacemaker. But her success seemed to give her the disturbing feeling that she was always being watched.

The worse Lili’s behaviour got, the more illogical it became. She was shocked when Asuka got home one day to find Lili had bought her school and put roses all over it.

Despite the silly acts, these silly days are about to come to an end because G Corp is about to invade the whole world.

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13.   LILI

Lili comes from a rich family of oil magnates in Monaco. She may have had a nice life, but she really loves fighting. She keeps this from her peace-loving father by travelling the world on the family’s private jet, looking for strong opponents to test and improve her skills.

The thing she wants to do most is beat Asuka Kazama, who has beaten her twice in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.


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14.   BRYAN

It’s good to be aggressive in Tekken 8, but more experienced players know how to punish new players who try to get combo lines too fast. Bryan is one of these people. Some of the best punish characters in the game. You can also use him to attack, but his best move is to wait for your opponent’s turn and steal it with a well-timed counter-hit.

But players need to get better at guessing what their opponents will do before they hit in order to get the most out of Bryan. He also relies on how well the player knows and uses Taunt, since the most powerful strings can only be used after calling out Taunt on an enemy.


Hwoarang, a master of Taekwondo, has always viewed Jin Kazama as a rival after their first match ended in a draw. He reunites with Jin in the Middle East approximately half a year ago. The figure with black wings in front of him was the same one that had instantly troubled him during a previous encounter.

Hwoarang used every ounce of might he had to fight off the raging Jin. But Jin vanishes once more as a result of the Union of Nations military interfering.

“I was the one who won, but…” he uttered. After coming home, Hwoarang was left feeling dissatisfied by the unsolved conflict with Jin, so he immersed himself in stoic training to seek resolution. He takes some quiet time to reflect within himself and eventually comes to the realisation of what he wants and how to get it.

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It’s the exorcist again. In Tekken 7, Claudio made his debut in a small supporting role as part of Heihachi’s plan to use the best exorcist in the world to help him battle Kazuya, the real Devil. It’s unknown, but likely, if Claudio will continue to hunt demons; we’ll have to wait till Tekken 8 launches to find out.

His magical powers and techniques feature distinctive symbols that emerge throughout, and he has some of the best-looking special attacks along with very swift movements and fantastic combinations.

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Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo, who goes by the name “Coffee Queen,” wins hearts with her kind personality and bold mixed martial arts skills.

As the only heir to Ortiz Farm, which is 2,000 metres above sea level, Azucena got a coffee estate. As she watched her father work, she grew her hopes of becoming a world-class coffee farmer.

Azucena worked hard to reach her goal and tried out new ways to grow coffee on her farms. The people around her didn’t believe her, and their doubts became her fuel, driving her unwavering determination.

Her determination paid off in the end. Azucena’s coffee beans won first place at a well-known trade show, which made her a star in the field.

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18.   RAVEN

Ninjutsu expert and accomplished agent Raven performs special missions for the UN’s autonomous troops. His assignments take him all around the world, using his ninjutsu expertise to avert conflicts.

Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corp’s intense power struggle threatens world peace, which feeds Raven’s fear of chaos getting worse.

In order to face impending difficulties, Raven prepares to go beyond his comfort zone and resumes training with his ninjutsu instructor.

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19.   LEO

Leo, the son of genetic researcher Emma Kliesen and well-known archaeologist Niklas Kliesen, looks into Emma’s unexplained death from the previous year.

Confidential G Corp material that Leo finds reveals Emma was researching the devil gene. The information also shows that Kazuya Mishima gave the order to get rid of unneeded researchers.

Concurrently, Mishima Zaibatsu reveals Kazuya to be a devil, which makes sense for Leo. When Kazuya’s mother became unnecessary, she may have killed her in order to gain authority. Leo remembers the vanished father saying, “Truth surfaces when the heart is calm,” and is overcome by it.

Fortified, Leo sets out on a fresh investigation to find the answers.

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Steve is the main boxer in the game, so his strategy can be to either counter-punch or play as a “rush down” character who hits his opponents too quickly. He is hard to learn because he is the only character who doesn’t have normal kicks. Instead, he does ducks and weaves.

Figure out what kind of Steve you want to play and learn how to use his combo strings and counter hits to make sure your plan works. On the other hand, players who work hard can learn both styles, which will give them an edge once they open up their opponent.

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21.   KUMA

The pet bear of Heihachi Mishima, who officially debuted in Tekken 3, was the second Kuma of his line. Given his Rambo-inspired equipment and his fondness for missiles posing as delicious fish, it’s pretty obvious that the passing of his previous master has had some impact on him. This wild raccoon is currently fighting Kazuya in retaliation for his former master. Many of Heihachi’s hallmark manoeuvres are now part of his fighting style.

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Yoshimitsu is the first fighter in the Tekken series to use weapons. At different points in the games, his moves have become more and more strange. This makes learning his moves like figuring out a Rubik’s cube: he has strange stances that go with flowcharts that you need to study and remember in order to do the most damage.

As a ninja, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to trick his opponents, like teleporting, striking and flourishing with his katana very quickly, and standing in strange ways that don’t seem to follow the rules of the game. His sword strikes do a lot of damage and have a long range, which helps him keep enemies away. Most players would laugh at Yoshimitsu as a joke or troll character, but a player who has spent a lot of time studying how he works can make him very dangerous.

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A private military business employs Shaheen to investigate his closest friend’s strange demise. He discovers from a Middle East G Corp official that Kazuya Mishima is the mastermind using his “peaceful” negotiation talents. The day Shaheen lost his family, he saved Salim, a youngster his age, from an assassin. Fate must have been working that day. His father’s skills for defeating attackers were his first time using them to save others.

After, Salim said, “You should use such skills to become a shield for those in need.” He clasped Shaheen’s hands and welcomed him as his bodyguard. After Shaheen saved their son, Salim’s family, the most famous in the neighbourhood, took him in.

Shaheen was skilled in battle, whereas Salim was smart. Despite their different paths, the two grew up respecting each other. Salim ran an oil company, and Shaheen was a private military expert.

Even though their paths diverged, they could work together to defend others’ money and pride. That should have happened. Instead, Shaheen returns home to tell his family about the G Corp executive’s confession about Salim’s killing. The next day, Salim’s younger brother Zarif approaches Shaheen as he leaves.

“I want you to finish what my brother could not,” Zarif gives Shaheen a sword. Salim took his brother’s precious dagger everywhere.

Shaheen removes the keepsake. He swears to never forgive G Corp’s oppression after seeing its smooth surface.

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“The White Angel of Death,” a formidable Commando Sambo fighter, Sergei Dragunov, makes his way into the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The competition is stopped when Heihachi Mishima, the organiser, disappears. Dragunov gets surprisingly happy after being granted an unprecedented leave of absence because of his unwavering work ethic.

He examines what is purported to be “The Angel of Death’s List,” a strangely covered notebook. It’s actually a bucket list, though. He’s sipping homemade sbiten, a traditional East Slavic drink, and humming happily. After giving it some thought, he decides on a difficult assignment and decides to tackle it with renewed vigour.

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25.   FENG

This cruel Chinese martial artist killed his former master after getting in trouble for fighting outside of the school. He made his first appearance in Tekken 5. He now goes all over the world looking for power and destroys many dojos along the way. Even though he is power-hungry, he seems to have a sense of honour because he is willing to lose to people who are better at fighting him. Leeroy Smith beat Feng in the last King of Iron Fist Tournament, but Feng vowed to get back at Leroy after Leroy’s parting shot made him feel bad and said Feng wasn’t even worthy of being compared to his master.

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26.   PANDA

Lin Xiaoyu’s pet and guardian panda was upended when she left after losing interest in Jin Kazama.

A worried panda followed Xiaoyu, marking her path with powder. They found her at the powerful Mishima Zaibatsu Building, where Xiaoyu had obtained Jin’s search data and began a global search.

Xiaoyu’s renewed resolution inspired the panda to join her on this global journey to enjoy each destination’s sights and flavours. The panda coordinated Xiaoyu’s clothing and planned their travel with little information to prevent embarrassing confrontations with Jin. Half a year passed without a reunion despite their efforts.

Xiaoyu’s perseverance persuaded the panda to stay with her till the end.

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If gamers want to play a character with difficult inputs, Lee is the fighter they choose for just-frame combinations. For Lee, time is essential. His devastating combinations depend on the player starting his combo strings at the exact moment in the frame. Lee typically responds with “Excellent,” “Perfect,” or “Great” after receiving input that is frame-perfect.

With his Hitman posture, Lee’s gameplay is more defensive and focuses on counterhitting and baiting opponents into missing their attacks. In order to properly punish their opponent, players must also be aware of their opponent’s reach and spacing.

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Alisa Bosconovitch, an android created to protect Jin Kazama, was forced into a life-or-death struggle with Lars Alexandersson by her boss, despite her emotions for him. Her systems broke down after this interaction.

Lars and others miraculously revived Alisa and welcomed her into the revolutionary army. However, information concerning Lars would disturb her thoughts and spike her fever, which was unusual. She consulted her inventor, Dr. Bosconovitch, worried.

After a few weeks, she received a major upgrade and a shocking revelation: there was no malfunction and Jin no longer controlled her. Alisa realised she could choose with Dr. Bosconovitch’s sympathetic grin.

Alisa made a commitment to herself on the flight home: “I’ll assert my autonomy this time…” This time, I battle with Lars.”

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29.   ZAFINA

Zafina, a mysterious character that assisted Jin in his battle against Azazel, the monster who was the origin of the Devil Gene, is the subject of another entry from Tekken 6, available to us. And it appears that she has been given the final laugh, displaying a power that is aesthetically comparable to that of Azazel.

She conjures forth a hand that is identical to the one that the Demon wears on her arm, in addition to a larger version that she is able to control when performing a finishing technique. At the same time as it is quite alarming, it is also pretty awesome.

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Devil Jin wasn’t made into a playable character until Tekken 5. The ending of Tekken 3 hints at Jin’s evil side. He had moves that were similar to Jin from Tekken 3 before he retrained to fight like his mother. Some people think that Devil Jin is just as dangerous as Kazuya and that they need to stop him.

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It’s Victor Chevalier, the living hero who set up the UN’s separate troops.

Victor has always wanted to help people because his family is famous for being heroes. Victor joins the French Navy to keep up with his father, who was a very important navy officer.

People thought Vic was riding on the coattails of his famous father, so they sent him to dangerous places over and over again. Anyway, Victor is good at fighting and always completes his tasks alive and victorious. This is because he trained hard with the mercenary friend from the East who is his father.

Victor is known for being cheap, which is why a lot of people have split up with him. He always seems to leave a trail of tales and stories behind him.

Victor quickly earns the code name “Phantom Raven,” and other soldiers are both scared and impressed by him.

Victor leaves the Navy to work for the UN. He wants to do new things and help even more people that he can’t do because he works for the government.

He quickly fears, though, that a big business is about to take over the world. In response, he starts getting the weapons he needs to fight the corporation’s secret army.

Because Victor is so good at negotiating, he is able to get armed men ready for the chaos that is about to happen.

G Corp’s harsh military attack has turned into a fire that is spreading all over the world over time. Victor gets his new army ready for battle because he knew this was going to happen.

“We’d best hold the reins to the global balance of power.”

Vic, the living hero, takes back to the battlefield a high-end suit from a famous fashion house and the newest optical weapons.

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32.   REINA

The final fighter added to the game’s original roster is Reina, the third new fighter overall. Reina shows up at an odd location akin to the Mishima Dojo. She also exhibits electricity in her assaults, which is unique to the Mishima family. What’s even more strange is that she doesn’t have a last name.

Theories notwithstanding, she possesses a diverse range of movements due to her ability to execute numerous acrobatic routines as well as strong stances with strong punches. She is a compelling addition to the game because of her ferocity and the mystery surrounding her.

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