Remnant 2 Ornate key And Lockbox

Remnant 2 Ornate key And Lockbox

In Remnant 2, players may come across a corpse clutching an Ornate Key while exploring Yaesha’s world. The note next to the corpse indicates that the key opens a lockbox in the Court, but it can be challenging to locate the appropriate container. It’s true that some fans might not know where to look for the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2, but this guide will clear things up by showing you where to find it.

What is Ornate Key in remnant 2

A quest item and ring in Remnant 2 is the Ornate Key. Quest Items are necessary to unlock and progress through specific quests, including main story quests, as well as to unlock and discover specific areas. Key Items can be found in designated locations, given by NPCs, or taken as loot from bosses and enemies.

Where to use ornate key remnant 2

An “Ornate Lockbox” is supposed to unlocked with the Ornate Key found on a corpse in Yaesha – The Widow’s Court.

Remnant 2 Ornate Key location

Everything related to the Ornate Key can be found in and around one of the Widow’s Court on Yaesha’s main courtyards. Finding the Widow’s Court shouldn’t be too difficult because it seems to spawn as a crucial area in the majority of Yaesha versions. The Widow’s Court’s central water fountain, which also serves as one of the two potential Ornate Key locations, is another important feature.

The task for the players is to locate a dead Pan warrior wearing bronze armor. Their corpse will appear in one of the temples to the right of the courtyard, or it will appear somewhere near the water fountain itself. Going through the entire complex isn’t a big deal, but half the fight is knowing what to look for. The Ornate Key and a scroll describing the task that the deceased Pan was meant to perform will be placed next to the corpse.


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Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox Location

  • The lockbox is located in the Widow’s Court area. To get there, though, you have to go beneath the castle.
  • There are several paths leading down. The ones on either side of The Widow’s Court’s main area are the safest.
  • There are some ruins on one side that you can descend using stairs and slopes. On the other side is a higher platform with gaps to jump and ladders to climb.
  • Just keep moving in the direction you have selected until you come to a watery area directly beneath a gateway.
  • There’s an illusionary wall next to the brazier that you can just walk through. It has a tunnel with a lift on the other side of it. To go straight to some royal quarters, take the elevator.
  • The lockbox is located atop a table once you’ve entered.


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What To Do With The Ornate Lockbox

Once you get your hands on the Ornate Lockbox, there are a few different things you can do with it. These are your choices:

  • Once it’s opened, take out the Thaen Seed and plant it in the Ward 13 garden. It will develop into a Mature Thaen Fruit, capable of bringing you back to life after death.
  • Give the Thaen Seed to the Empress in the area of the Red Throne after opening it to reveal it. You will obtain the Burden of the Rebel ring in exchange, which speeds up the use of relics however decreases skill cooldown.
  • Leave it locked and give it to the Empress in the area of The Red Throne. You are rewarded with the Red Doe Sigil, which adds a 30% boost to the efficacy of relic healing. When your health drops below 50%, that figure doubles.

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