Remnant 2 Heart of the Wolf

Remnant 2 Heart of the Wolf

Remnant 2 contains 127 rings, each of which has unique qualities and powers. Our guide below contains information on all the features of the Heart of the Wolf Ring as well as where to find it.

The Heart of the Wolf can help you increase your speed in battle, which is a crucial ability. For sprinting, dodging, and melee attacks, stamina is required, and in games like Remnant 2, controlling it is a talent that must be mastered.

This ring provides you with a notable 25-point boost in stamina, which is why it is extremely helpful. This ring’s only drawback is that it can drop in Yaesha at random, making it quite difficult to find.

What is Heart of the Wolf Ring in Remnant 2?

Heart of the Wolf is a ring in Remnant 2 and also serves as an accessory. The Heart of the Wolf is an artifact that was created to mimic the powerful characteristics of the Ravager. It improves maximum stamina and speed of movement.

Heart of the Wolf Effect in Remnant 2

Heart of the Wolf increases Max Stamina by 25 and Movement Speed by 10%.


Remnant 2 Probability chord Ring

Heart of the Wolf location

Heart of the Wolf is located in Endaira’s End, one of many Yaesha world areas in Remnant 2. Usually, the ring appears next to a skeleton deep into the region. If players are careful and examine the skeletons they come across in this area, they can to discover Heart of the Wolf.

Yaesha is a separate realm found in Remnant 2. Replicated in Remnant 2, Yaesha is one of the several realms available for exploration. In Remnant 2, each of these locations will have unique terrains, events, obstacles, enemies, heroes, and artifacts.

Endaira’s End emerges as a unique location inside Remnant 2. The wealth of the former nobility is preserved in this barren wasteland of the ancient Pan culture. Endaira’s End is one of the many areas in Yaesha that are available for exploration . Every one of these locations in Remnant 2 will have unique environments, events, paths, strong opponents, bosses, and treasures.

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Remnant 2 Heart of the Wolf Notes And Trivia

  • This artifact was made as a devotional tool meant to mimic the abilities of the beast; it is not, in fact, endowed with the power of the Ravager.
  • When worn, rings offer players a variety of advantages. Four rings can be worn at once.

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