How to solve Remnant 2 clock puzzle

How to solve Remnant 2 clock puzzle

The Hewdas Clock puzzle in Losomn is linked to the Lemark District, which is one of many possible side places in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 has a lot of secrets that you can only find by going from one place to another that is connected in some way. If players have been exploring Losomn, they may have come across the Lemark District. This is an especially damaged area of the Dran city where you can find the remains of an old clockmaker’s shop. It might not seem important at first, but it has something to do with the Hewdas Clock Tower, which is one of Losomn’s more famous sites.


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People who play Remnant 2 might be let down if the prize they were looking for is not found when they climb the clock tower. This is because you need to fully unlock both the Lemark District and the Hewdas Clock in order to fully unlock the other.

How To Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2?

Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

Short Guide for Remnant 2 clock puzzle

  • In Losomn, you’ll find Lemark District. A tiny clock workshop is here.
  • Inside, visitors can interact with a wall-mounted clock.
  • Even though the time isn’t clear, adjust two arrows to enter it.
  • The required time is usually in Morrow Parish, Brocwythe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter outside the workshop. One of these localities has Hewdas Clock, a tall clock tower. It’s important to remember the time on this clock tower.
  • Unless you have a scoped weapon, aim from a distance to check timing.
  • Return to Lemark District after memorising the time. The wall clock should match the clock tower time.
  • If done correctly, the clock will make a bird-like sound and drop the Clockwork Pinion.
    Return to the Hewdas Clock and climb it.
  • Find the door at the bottom of the clock tower and ascend the ladders.
  • Beware—the adjacent Stone Gargoyles are disguised Winged Fae. They may shove you off the tower.
  • To activate the Hewdas Clock, use the lever next to a chest at the top. Start the Hewdas Clock by inserting the Clockwork Pinion into the gears and using the adjoining lever.
  • This releases the purple Broken Timepiece from the clock.
  • To make the Time Lapse weapon mod at McCabe, you will need a broken watch, five luminite crystals, and 500 scrape.
  • Time Lapse Mod freezes ordinary foes for seven seconds at six metres. Damage frozen enemies cancels freeze and slows them for the rest.

Detailed Guide for Remnant 2 clock puzzle

Getting the Clockwork Pinion is the first thing you need to do to solve this puzzle. It’s okay if you’ve already climbed the Clock Tower and now realise you need something to get it going again. Your climb wasn’t for nothing. You should be able to find a power box in the corner of the room on top of the Clock Tower. This will turn on the lift. This will get you back to the ground level where you can start looking for the Clockwork Pinion. It will also make it easy for you to go back up the tower once you’ve found it.

Take a moment to note the time by looking up at the clock on the tower before you leave. Don’t worry if you’ve already left the area; the time stays the same.


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You should go to the Lemark District on Losomn from here. This spot is on the side and is currently on fire if you haven’t found it yet. There is a house in the basically small area that is full of clocks. First, find a clock that you can change on the wall in the back of the house. You

might not have looked at the tower clock’s face, but the time is always the same. I’m not sure how to describe this clock in terms of time because it’s not quite like a normal one. But the answer is in the picture below.

Once you get the clock in the right place, you will get the Clockwork Pinion item.

Return to Morrow Parish

You need to go back to the Clock Tower in the middle of Morrow Parish. You can take the lift back to the top if you were here before and turned it on. Climb the Clock Tower again if you don’t.

When you get to the top, you need to put the Clockwork Pinion into the gear-driven machinery. This will make the Clock Tower work again and give you the Broken Timepiece needed to make other items.
That’s it! You’ve solved the Remnant 2 Losomn Clock Tower puzzle. It’s now time to get your prize.


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Remnant 2 clock puzzle Reward

Remnant 2 clock puzzle Reward

Time Lapse Weapon Mod as a Rewards

Within Ward 13, you can discover the Broken Timepiece. Return to Ward 13 and visit Ava McCabe in her office. McCabe can make the Time Lapse Weapon Mod with the Broken Timepiece.

When the Time Lapse Weapon Mod is used, all normal enemies are stopped for seven seconds. It fires a 6m blast. One hit from a frozen enemy gets them out right away and slows them down for the rest of the game.
There is no way that this Weapon Mod is too strong, but it can be useful in some situations. Say you’re fighting through hordes of enemies in the Root Earth world. Crowd control can help you keep them under control.

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