Remnant 2 Best Weapons

Remnant 2 Best Weapons

The main focus of the gameplay in Remnant 2 is weapons. These are necessary resources to help you overcome the difficult obstacles you will face on a regular basis. Approximately seventy weapons are available in the game and can be found, bought, crafted and purchased. These weapons can be divided into three primary categories: long guns, handguns, and melee weapons.

Choosing the right weapon requires taking into account your preferred playstyle, character build, and Archetype. Because of their applicability in combat, some weapons stand out as being especially valuable and worthwhile.

Best Weapons in Remnant 2

Some of the best weapons and their use and locations are described below.

Spectral Blade

The Spectral Blade is a laser sword with extreme heat. It can deal a significant amount of damage and has a decent reach. When facing a group of enemies or being cornered, its special attack can be helpful as it unleashes a spinning barrage of slashes. Aside from that, the weapon’s blue laser glow gives it a striking appearance.

You have to go through the Travel to Alepsis storyline in order to craft this weapon. After that, in order to battle Sha’Hala, the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud, you must obtain the three Seeker’s Keys. Upon winning the battle, he will release the Eidolon Shard. Now that you have this material, you can make the Spectral Blade by returning to McCabe worship.

Stone Breaker

Stonebreaker is a powerful heavy melee weapon that attacks more slowly but deals great damage. With the correct build, it can deal a lot of damage, but it also puts the player in melee range, which is bad in harder situations. Its biggest drawback is that, with the correct modifications, the weapon can deal enough AOE damage to give the player some leeway.

On Yaesha, the Corruptor boss fight is where you can find the Stone Breaker. The Corrupter will drop a Hollow Heart, which is the essential component needed to make the Stone Breaker, if you are unable to defeat the Pan Guardian. To craft the weapon, you will also need some Scraps and Luminite Crystals.

Atom Smasher

The fast-swinging hammer melee weapon Atom Smasher has a mod that makes it capable of faster attacks. This weapon’s attack speed will temporarily increase with any charged attack. With a fast attack speed that stuns opponents, it outperforms most other melee weapons. On N’Erud, it can be acquired through the train event at the Terminus station.

After the event is over, the Atom Smasher can be found in the last cabin of the train, though getting there will involve some platforming. There’s no harm in looking for the weapon and giving it a try to see if it suits your play style because it’s not too difficult to obtain. When compared to other weapons, the hammer’s fast attack speed makes it a lot of fun, and its damage is sufficient for lower difficulties.


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With its remarkable accuracy, Sorrow is a unique handgun that excels in medium-to long-range combat. Its performance is matched by its attractive appearance, and when fully upgraded, it deals more than twice as much base damage. Furthermore, you can recall bolts with its weapon mod, Eulogy. This makes Sorrow a useful secondary weapon and a dependable source of healing in addition to dealing damage.

Finding the Tear of Kaeula Ring in Yaesha is the first step towards obtaining the Sorrow handgun. After making this discovery, Kaeula’s Shadow confronts the person. You’ll need to locate and speak with Meidra after this encounter. You can get the Sorrow handgun by giving her the Tear of Kaeula ring.

Rune Pistol

The Rune Pistol is a fast-firing, accurate semi-automatic handgun. When combined with its good damage, accuracy, and range, this handgun becomes an invaluable tool for taking out multiple enemies at once. Like Sorrow, its weapon mod, Soul Brand, has the ability to self-heal and can also heal your allies if you defeat enemies that have been marked after applying the modification.

Finding the Ravenous Medallion in Losomn is the first step towards obtaining the Rune Pistol. After that, proceed with the Marrow Parish narrative until the Nightweaver’s Web is revealed. The Medallion can be exchanged here for Decrepit Rune, which can be utilized at McCabe to craft the Rune Pistol.


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Double Barrel

With its high damage that can easily defeat opponents up close, the Double Barrel is a great option for close-quarters combat. Although it has a finite magazine, you can use the Bandit Mutator to get around this restriction because it gives you the opportunity to put used ammunition back into your magazine immediately after hitting a target. This mutator is the ideal addition to the weapon.

Unlocking The Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe is necessary in order to obtain the Double Barrel.

The Widowmaker

The Widowmaker is essentially Remnant 2’s sniper rifle; aside from its high weak spot multiplier and high base damage, this weapon is only fully usable by players with accurate aim. Its magazine holds just one bullet, so you have to make every shot matter. Even though it has a long reload time, it’s still a very useful secondary weapon for initiating combat.

It is an extremely risky but highly rewarding weapon, and with the right rings and builds, you can increase its damage even more. You will enjoy playing as the Widowmaker if you enjoy taking on opponents at a distance and eliminating them before they get close. It is available for 1000 scrap from Brabus in Ward 13; no other materials are needed.


For the simple reason of being user-friendly and having a high damage potential, the MP60-R is possibly the best secondary gun in the game. It works incredibly well with any mod that adds extra damage per bullet or status effects because of its lightning-fast firing rate. In certain situations, other options might perform better than the MP60-R, but few are as consistently helpful as this one.

The MP60-R is located in the room that you can access in Ward 13 using the key that is located in Ford’s chest. To round it up, you can use our instructions to unlock Ford’s chest.

Sparkfire Shotgun

Designed for medium-range encounters, the Sparkfire Shotgun is a powerful Long Gun that was released with the Awakened King DLC. This potent shotgun not only deals damage but also fires incendiary shells that cause enemies to become Burned, gradually dealing Fire damage. It is possible to equip any weapon Mod with a secondary ability, just like you can with other standard weapons in the game.

You must use the Lighthouse Key at the Derelict Lighthouse location in the Awakened King DLC in order to obtain the Sparkfire Shotgun.


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Enigma is a unique handgun that fires lightning bolts rather than bullets. The Overloaded status is brought on by these bolts that jump from one enemy to the next. It excels in enclosed spaces and performs well in close to mid-range combat. Additionally, you can create an electrified rod snare with the Chaos Driver Mod that deals shock damage to enemies it strikes.

You will need to obtain the Cipher Rod from a secret passageway in the Labyrinth in order to craft Enigma at McCabe.

XMG57 “Bonesaw”

The XMG57 “Bonesaw” is a very strong weapon. It has a large clip that lets you shoot continuously, and the longer you shoot, the more accurate it gets. It’s a great option to combine with the Hot Shot weapon mod—our choice for the best weapon mod to purchase first—because it can fire continuously for an extended period of time, allowing you to really pile up the damage.

Although it is the Medic archetype’s starting weapon, Brabus in Ward 13 sells it at any time during the narrative. It’s a great option for almost any build looking to deal a lot of damage because you can buy it early in the game and start upgrading it straight away. It also works really well with Hot Shot.


Sagittarius is a single-fire bow with high damage. High single-shot damage is dealt, and weak spot hits increase the damage even more. Bosses can be damaged by its mod, and enemies can take AOE damage from it. Its incredible weak spot hit damage and safe mid-range playmaking are what give it its strength.

Cube Gun

An excellent handgun for short- to medium-range combat is the Cube Gun, which is available in early games. Its endless ammunition, which removes the worry of running out of bullets, is its best feature. Its notable mod, Cube Shield, also gives you a shield that can take a fair amount of damage. This could save your life in boss fights.

You must defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in order to obtain the Conflux Prism, which is needed to craft the Cube Gun. By taking this to McCabe, you can make this stylish firearm.


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Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter fires laser beams instead of bullets, much like the Enigma Gun. Due to its great accuracy, huge magazine capacity, and high damage, this weapon becomes one of the most reliable options for almost any build. It is a deadly weapon due to its versatility, lack of recoil, and potent ranged damage. Its Heat Sink Mod also reduces heat buildup and increases gun damage.

The Navigator’s Helm must be equipped before you can access the Navigation Room at N’Erud, where you can find the Plasma Cutter.

Archetypes of the Challenger, Handler, and Hunter

The charge-type weapon Sagittarius has a high damage capacity. By figuring out the Yaesha puzzle in the Cathedral of Omens, you can get it. For those who enjoy taking on the role of rogue characters in video games, this weapon is a fantastic choice. When you hit those weak spots, Sagittarius makes you feel like an absolute badass, even though it doesn’t come with the whole stealth package.

Crescent Moon

Although a one-shot bow might not seem like the best option for a game like Remnant 2, Crescent Moon has some unexpected surprises that might make you think differently.

First off, it works well at different ranges thanks to its high damage and accuracy. It deals 261 damage when fully upgraded, and you can even double this figure and improve rapid firing with the appropriate accessories. This bow is unique because of its amazing mod, Moonlight Barrage, which is probably among the best mods out there. This mod increases damage, changes charged attacks to fire two arrows, and turns basic attacks into fully charged shots. Additionally, when the mod is active, it can even heal you with Moon Essence dropped from enemies that the bow has struck.

Getting this bow is not easy; there are steps involved. To use the Dreamcatcher on Nimue while she’s asleep, you must first obtain it. This gives you access to a consumable that will carry you to a location where Anamy’s Echo is located. You can enjoy the best bow in the game if you take this crafting material to McCabe.


If you can consistently make shots, Alpha-Omega might be a great choice for you. Without a doubt, its most significant feature is its weapon mod, the Beta Ray, which marks targets it strikes. Reloading or switching guns will cause the brand those enemies leave behind when they die to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. AOE damage is awesome.

To obtain Alpha-Omega for your arsenal, you must defeat the formidable final boss of Remnant 2, Annihilation. Although the battle won’t be simple, you’ll emerge with the Forgotten Memory, which you can give to McCabe to create Alpha-Omega.


The powerful handgun Anguish, which was added recently with the Awakened King DLC pack, has several uses. Its primary use is as a shotgun; it deals good damage and is perfect for close- to medium-range encounters. Alternatively, you can charge the bullet to unleash an explosive rod that deals minor health damage to all enemies in the vicinity.

With the help of the unique weapon mod Loath The Weak, you can wield the weapon like a machine gun, unleashing sharp needles that damage enemies with a brief burst upon impact. You can spam this mod until the mod time runs out, having three weapons in one, as it doesn’t cost you any ammunition.

In order to acquire this weapon, you must finish the Dranception event.

The Widowmaker

The Widowmaker is essentially Remnant 2’s sniper rifle; aside from its high weak spot multiplier and high base damage, this weapon is only fully usable by players with accurate aim. Its magazine holds just one bullet, so you have to make every shot matter. Even though it has a long reload time, it’s still a very useful secondary weapon for initiating combat.

It is an extremely risky but highly rewarding weapon, and with the right rings and builds, you can increase its damage even more. You will enjoy playing as the Widowmaker if you enjoy taking on opponents at a distance and eliminating them before they get close. It is available for 1000 scrap from Brabus in Ward 13; no other materials are needed.


Merciless is a powerful weapon with a high damage output that excels at firing quickly. Short- to medium-range interactions are when it works best. This long gun has a respectable magazine size and excellent accuracy. The integrated bleed effect, which stands out for its strength in the game, is its unique selling proposition. Additionally, the Bloodline Mod gives the Merciless the ability to fire a devastating blast that can pierce every enemy in front of you. Impaled enemies receive an additional 50% damage, making them especially useful in situations where you’re surrounded by enemies or in a corner.

You can only obtain the Crimson Membrane by defeating the Corrupted Ravager under certain conditions in order to craft the Merciless. You can forge this weapon with its potent Bleed effect by taking this crafting material to McCabe.

World’s Edge

The melee weapon World’s Edge has excellent stats, but obtaining it is quite challenging. It is excellent in all circumstances and has one of the highest stagger modifiers in the game. The weapon fires horizontal waves when it is charged. This weapon’s ability to stun opponents accounts for much of its power.

The acquisition of World’s Edge is the most challenging task in the entire game, since it necessitates defeating the game on an apocalyptic level. One the one hand, obtaining it from a quest won’t require you to go above and beyond. However, you will need to defeat the game on the apocalyptic difficulty. The game’s versatility makes it nearly worth the effort to play on the hardest difficulty level.


With its fast firing speed and high damage output, the Nightfall is a formidable weapon in close-quarters combat. When completely enhanced, it turns into an unstoppable power. The Dreadwalker mod for this weapon is its real selling point. With this mod, you can virtually disappear, making it more difficult to target you while you’re moving.

A range of other advantages are also added to the Nightfall, including limitless ammunition, a 25% boost in fire rate, 10% Lifesteal, and complete auto mode. This gun maintains its rank as one of the most potent weapons in Remnant 2 with the correct build and some practice.

You have to defeat The Nightweaver in Losomn and obtain the Cursed Dream Silks in order to obtain this intimidating-looking gun. Return this crafting item to McCabe as usual to craft the Nightfall.


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One greater-powered weapon in the Awakened King’s armory is Monarch. This long gun has an integrated harpoon designed to entangle opponents. It can deal damage from any distance and fire bullets quickly thanks to its large magazine.

The really amazing part is that the weapon can be changed into Harpoon Mode by using the Chain of Command mod. This designates a target and converts your normal shots into homing rounds, albeit with built Influence and a 15% damage reduction. You can shoot in any direction, and your enemies will eventually be hit by the bullets.

Upon reaching full power, the Monarch reflexively reloads and blasts off a shockwave. Your character also receives an additional 20 seconds of unlimited reserve ammo and a 20 percent damage boost. You must go through the whole Awakened King and defeat the One True King in order to get the Agony Spike needed for crafting in order to obtain this weapon. After obtaining it, proceed to McCabe to make the weapon.

In addition to shooting for you, this weapon has an endless magazine.


Deceit is a fantastic weapon for people who want to fight like marksmen. Despite having a tiny magazine, every shot will undoubtedly deal your enemies some serious damage. Because of this, it is excellent for the Hunter class, though it can be used with any archetype.

Deceit can only be obtained by defeating one of the two bosses at the conclusion of Losomn, a biome that tells the tale of the imposter kings. Make sure you choose to kill Faelin when given the choice between him and Faerin. You can use the Imposter’s Heart that he will drop to craft Deceit by taking it to McCabe.


Chicago Typewriter

A fan favorite from Remnant: From the Ashes, the Chicago Typewriter is back for good reason—it’s just that good. Its huge ammo capacity lets you keep the damage going, even in close-quarters battles where reloading can be a liability. This makes it fantastic against bosses who have short attack windows.

You can find Leto’s Stash and the Chicago Typewriter, two very well-hidden weapons, in the same room. Nevertheless, finding Leto’s Stash and obtaining this gun will be worthwhile because it should work with almost any build in the game. To that end, use our guide to locate Leto’s Stash and obtain this gun.


The handgun Nebula shoots an acid-type stream of damage that corrodes over time, dealing damage. A cloud of gas is released by enemies that are killed by the gun, counteracting the on-hit effects of the weapon. Its damage over time effect makes it a good option for many builds since it lets the player switch to a long gun, which increases overall damage output even more.

In a similar way, its acid aspect mod contributes by gradually dealing a significant amount of damage. To obtain spice bile, you must kill Tal Ratha by refusing his offer to eat you. Give this material to Ward 13’s McCabe so that he can make the weapon out of it.

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