Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build

Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build

The most recent souls-like game from Gunfire Games provides a wide variety of Archetypes or classes. Some people are skilled in close quarters fighting, while others are better at long range combat. The second category includes the Summoner class. In this article we explained our top-rated Summoner build for Remnant 2, which includes its best secondary archetypes, weapons, abilities, attributes, relics, rings, and much more.

As their name implies, summoners in the game have the ability to call forth minions, who deal the majority of the team’s damage. Although the character loses some HP as a result, you can still use them however the situation calls for.

Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build

Although perfection is unattainable, it is possible to come close to it. If you don’t have the proper resources and direction, the Summoner Archetype might not accomplish much.

It’s not as hard as you might think to play as the Summoner. Sometimes you won’t even need to move an inch in smaller battles, but other times you will need to take the initiative.

Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build

Let’s look at our top Remnant 2 Summoner build, which includes the archetypes, weapons, skills, traits and rings that perfectly suites it.

Best Archetype Combo Summoner Build in Remnant 2

  • Primary Archetype: Summoner
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer

In Remnant 2, the Super Summoner Build will do the most damage, with most of that damage coming from your summons.

So, the Summoner archetype gets the top spot. It goes without saying that the minions you call are the best help you can get, whether you’re playing alone or with other people.

Because that’s the whole point of the Summoner Archetype, every item in this build was chosen to make the summons work as well as possible. It also has the Ruthless perk as its main benefit, which basically makes your followers angry.

It works like this: when you call up a minion, you shoot it. They will become angry after being shot, and all of their stats will go up. They will do 50% more damage, be faster, and be able to move around better when they attack once they are fully upgraded.


Best Bleed Build In Remnant 2

Every shot they take does more damage the longer they stay strong. If you know you’re going to fight, call in your minions ahead of time and wait a few seconds before throwing yourself into the fight. In turn, this means that the damage they do with their first shot will be huge.

It is important to have the Flyer minions because they are the most powerful because they can fly and cover a large area. It will give us more than two summons from the Summoner when we pair it with the Engineer as the secondary. The Engineer’s turrets also count as summons.

Because of its range and damage, the machine gun turret is best for the Engineer Archetype. It’s fine if you change some things to suit your tastes. If it works for you, it’s good enough.

Best Archetype Combo Summoner Build in Remnant 2

Best Weapons for a Summoner in Remnant 2

The following are the top primary weapon choices in Remnant 2 for Summoners:

Long Gun : Blackmaw AR-47 with Space Crabs Mod and Momentum Mutator

It’s a long-range weapon that’s mostly easy to use. With this, you will be able to do a huge amount of damage. It’s more likely that your next shot will be critical after you pair it with the Momentum Mutator. This happens every time you land a critical shot.

Plus, your critical shots will now hurt more. This effect can be used up to 10 times in a row. Now for the crazy thing we’ve added to our gun. The mod for the space crab. When you turn this mod on, 5 alien eggs will fly out into the ground in different directions.

When these eggs hatch, they’ll turn into space crabs that will follow you around. They will jump at the enemy and explode when they hit them, doing a lot of damage. Also, the idea of calling for help with our build goes well with it.


Remnant 2 Best Bow Build (Archetype, Weapons, Rings & Amulet)

Hand Gun (Enigma)

When your primary handgun runs out of bullets and it’s quicker to just swap out than reload, you should primarily use your secondary handgun for cleanup and backup purposes.

It had better be a solid backup if we do need one. That is precisely the reason the Enigma serves as our reliable backup handgun.

Instead of shooting bullets, it fires an energy beam that can strike several targets at once. The Chaos Driver mod is pre-installed on the firearm.


How to Get The Enigma Handgun In Remnant 2?

Electrified rods will spawn and strike enemies upon activation. A number of rods will spawn, and if two or more of them are within ten meters of one another, they will link and intensify their damage. All in all, this can be an excellent clean-up tool.

Melee Weapon

Summoners do not need a melee weapon to be effective. But if you have to pick just one, the Rebellion Spear might be the best option.


How To Get The World’s Edge In Remnant 2?

Best Weapons for a Summoner in Remnant 2

Best Traits for a Summoner in Remnant 2

Most traits are more about personal preference than hard and fast rules, but regrowth is an absolute necessity. The Summoner Archetype is a good fit for this archetype-specific quality.

In other words, it will grant you health regen for a set amount of time. Your health is used to create summons, so it is absolutely crucial. It is advisable for you to prioritize restoring your health.

You are free to allocate your remaining points however you see fit, but Vigor and Endurance are two that you must consider.

Best Rings for a Summoner in Remnant 2

The rings we have selected for our build are as follows:

  1. Soul Guard: Bulwark is awarded if you have any active summons. Because of the Amulet we have selected, you will gain haste if you have Bulwark active.
  2. Soul Link: You will now receive a 5% lifesteal from your summons in the form of health.
  3. Hardened Coil: You will absorb 3% less damage if you lose 10% of your health. Stackable up to five times.
  4. Anastasija’s Inspiration:: You will feel hurried if you are healing. You will always be in a hurry since Soul Link causes you to constantly heal.
Best Rings for a Summoner in Remnant 2

Best Skills for a Summoner in Remnant 2

The following are the top Skills available in Remnant 2 for a Summoner:

  • Primary Skill: Flyers
  • Secondary Skill: Vulcan

At Level 5, the main skill becomes available, allowing you to call forth a Root Flyer Minion to fight alongside you. You can call forth a maximum of two at once, and it costs 10% of your maximum health.

Best Amulet for a Summoner in Remnant 2

Insulation Driver: When using Haste, you can deal 15% more damage if Bulwark is active. You will be more agile and able to move faster as a result.


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Best Armor for a Summoner in Remnant 2

It only seems sense to have the best of everything since our goal is to have the greatest Summoner Build. Because the Fae Royal Armor set defends against a variety of attacks, that is the reason we have chosen it.

You may feel a little heavy, but that’s what comes with being well-protected. Go ahead and try anything else if you think it would work better.

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