20 Best Amulets In Remnant 2 (Their Effects & Locations

20 Best Amulets In Remnant 2 (Their Effects & Locations

You have access to a wide range of tools in Remnant 2 to help you develop your character. These things consist of amulets, relics, rings, and weapons. Your preferred playstyle is greatly influenced by each of these. In particular, amulets serve as accessories that bestow onto your character extra powers. Numerous advantages come with these skills, like higher damage, shorter skill cooldowns, faster reload times, higher fire rates, and more. We discuss 20 Best Amulets in Remnant 2 and their locations in this article.

Amulets can be found all across the game world, earned through events, and occasionally bought from merchants, much like all other goods in the game. The amulets you choose should fit the build of your character because some amulets work better than others.

20 Best Amulets in Remnant 2

20 Best Amulets in Remnant and their locations are discussed in this article. They can be found all across the game world.

20. Scavenger’s Bauble

The Scavenger’s Bauble is a valuable tool for developing your character even though it doesn’t increase your fighting strength. Scarp is the primary currency in the game, and finding enough of it can be a little challenging. The Scavenger’s Bauble is useful in this situation. This amulet gives you a 50% gain in Scarp, which gives you extra money to buy items and upgrade your weapons.

Additionally, the Scavenger’s Bauble simplifies tasks by automatically gathering nearby crafting supplies. Thus, when you’re exploring or taking on adversaries, you won’t have to worry about missing out on those materials.

You must locate the Scavenger’s Bauble in Yaesha as a random drop if you wish to obtain it. Search areas such as Imperial Gardens, The Withering Weald, The Forbidden Grove, The Twisted Chantry, and The Far Woods.

19. Jester’s Bell

The Jester’s Bell will be very useful in battle and can be used by any build. This amulet makes it 35% faster to cast mods and skills, which lets you move around more and hit enemies more often. For 15 seconds after casting a mod or skill, all damage goes up by 20%. As you can see, this charm gives you the most good things in Remnant 2, so we suggest you get it.

During big fights, you won’t have to stay still for long in order to use a skill or mod. This means you can quickly avoid attacks and hit back with even more damage. We suggest that you use this charm to be successful, no matter how you play or what you like.

You can get it in Losomn. Inside the castle, there is a jester moving balls around. If you walk up to him and use the Clap feeling, he will give you the Jester’s Bell.Rusted Navigator’s Pendant.


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18. Ankh of Power

Because the Ankh of Power amulet represents a holy sign, it is an intriguing item. The players’ damage output is increased by 15% across the board. A relic would boost a player’s damage by 30% for 15 seconds if they were to ingest it.

The Ashen Wastelands of Root Earth are home to this amulet. It is housed inside a building with two stories.

17. Butcher’s Fetish

The Butcher’s Fetish is an amulet that appears to be rather revolting; nevertheless, it is important to remember that appearances are not always accurate. This amulet has the ability to improve the player’s critical damage by 25% and their critical chance by 15% for a period of fifteen seconds. The activation of these bonuses, on the other hand, is contingent upon the completion of a charged melee attack against your opponent.

It is possible to get the Butcher’s Fetish amulet from Reggie by paying a total of one thousand in-game cash.

16. Hallowed Egg

The Hallowed Egg is essetial for players who want to switch between firearms and melee strikes to quickly defeat enemy swarms. This relic is ideal for Gunslingers that quickly deplete their magazine.

After dealing 30% of a gun’s magazine damage, melee damage increases by 10% for seven seconds; this stacks up to five times.

New players may prefer something passive that raises stats in the background, but experienced players who know when to switch weapons will enjoy it. This amulet requires extreme resource and weapon strategy.

15. Gift Of Melancholy

The Gift of Melancholy increases damage by 25% for seven seconds if stamina is 100%. It’s a good choice for far opponents because you won’t have to dash or dodge, keeping your stamina up.

If you have other stamina-regenerating items or qualities, this ring is even better because you won’t have to wait long to get this damage increase back.

Only by walking the Path of the Fallen in the Awakened King can you get this amulet. The Memoriam Medallion Key that Wraithliege dropped at the darkness door must be used upon arrival.

See our comprehensive guide for detailed directions on finishing the Path of the Fallen.

14. One True King Sigil

It gives a 20% increase in mod damage and a 50% boost to the effects of Faelin’s and Faerin’s sigils for each sigil equipped.

It is situated in Nimue’s Retreat in Losomn. After every battle, you must speak with Faelin’s and Faerin’s counterparts. You must defeat them in two distinct runs. By doing this, you will obtain the Faelin’s and Faerin’s Sigils, which are needed to manufacture this item using Nimue.

These amulets provide reasonable enhancements, which can be further amplified for both sigils. The only drawback is that you have to conduct more Adventure Mode runs to obtain them again because they are also needed for crafting. Our guide to Nimue creating things contains information on additional hidden rewards.

13. Rusted Navigator’s Pendant

Like the Ring of Favor in Dark Souls 3, the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant is a great choice for any build. Your health and energy both get 15 points better when you wear this amulet.

These two traits are very important in games like Remnant 2 and will help you a lot. You can use them all through the game. You can take more hits if you have more health, and you can dodge and use your melee weapon more often if you have more energy. This will make you more effective and quick in battle.

When we talk about agility, the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant also lowers your Encumbrance by 15, which makes you even more agile. Plus, this lets you wear heavier gear, which makes you stronger overall.

This pendant is even better because you can get it from N’Erud, the game’s first world. Check out Astropath’s Respite. It’s in a room at the very top of the spire, right before the boss fight.

12. Stalker’s Brand

At first glance, the Stalker Brand may seem like a pretty easy Amulet. However, because it relies so much on staying out of sight, you need to know a lot about how enemies attack and how awareness works in the game.

They take 10% more damage from range and 15% more damage from close range. If they are not being attacked, this damage doubles.

Since it works best on builds that are more stealthy, it can be very dangerous when connected to an Invader that can drop decoys and then sneak up on enemies one by one. What makes the Stalker’s Brand stand out, though, is that it still gives a very large buff even when the user is targeted. This makes it very valuable and good for most Archetypes in the game.

11. Shock Device

The Shock Device should be worn if the enemy you are fighting is weak to Shock harm. It makes the person deal 20% more Shock damage and 50% more Overload damage.

In Morrow Parish, Losom, at the Secret Passage in the Asylum, you can find the Shock Device charm.

10. Vengeance Idol

In combat, the Vengeance Idol increases your offensive power. This amulet increases all of your damage dealt by thirty percent when your health falls below half. You will encounter numerous foes and new hurdles all the time due to the difficult challenges in the game; your health seldom stays full for very long. This can work to your favor; especially during boss encounters, you can use this damage boost instead of healing right away.

The Summoner Archetype benefits greatly from this amulet since summoning minions depletes some of your health. Thus, you will still have Root Minions to help you in battle and you will receive the damage bonus even if you need health to call them.

Similar to several artifacts in Remnant 2, the Vengeance Idol is a random drop found in Yaesha.

9. Death’s Embrace

This amulet will give you real benefits in battle or the chance to stay out of it. When your HP is below 100%, Death’s Embrace gives you +20% of all damage. Because it’s hard to always keep your health at 100% in fight, we can say that this is a permanent buff. You will also get the Haste buff when your health is less than 50%, which lets you get out of the fight faster.

If you like to play aggressively, this charm is the best choice for you. You will have the chance to do the most damage, and when your health bar gets very low, you can either run away or carefully move faster. This charm can be found in Yaesha or bought for 400 scrap at Bedel of the Vaunnt.

8. Insulation Driver

Amulets that are able to work in tandem with particular rings are considered to be among the most effective. One stack of Bulwark is granted by the Guardian’s Ring whenever any opponent is within seven meters of the wearer. When taken by itself, that is already an outstanding benefit. The combination of this ability with this amulet, which provides a 15% damage boost to all damage and movement speed buffs, results in a combo that is nearly impossible to stop because of its effectiveness.

7. Legacy Protocol

Those individuals who take pleasure in making use of their one-of-a-kind Archetype abilities will find that the Legacy Protocol amulet is a wonderful option. The cooldown for a skill is reduced by twenty percent while it is equipped, and the duration of the skill is increased by fifteen percent. By doing so, you will experience less downtime while waiting to use the skill again, and you will have more time to reap the benefits of its effects.

This amulet was initially presented as a random world drop in N’erud, and it is only available to players who have purchased the Awakened King downloadable content.

6. Weightless Weight

If the armour you want is too heavy for the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant, the Weightless Weight is a good option. It will not increase your weight rating and you will still be subject to heavy rolls, but it will minimize stamina penalties or allow you to dash and dodge. Your character’s mobility speed can be increased by using a gaming ring or the Handler archetype.

5. Whispering Marble

The Whispering Marble is yet another distinctive addition to the Awakened King DLC. Your character gains three stacks of Bulwark with this amulet. You get a 3% increase in all damage for every stack of Bulwarks. The amulet provides a base nine percent boost for the first three stacks. Additional Bulwark stacks can be obtained from other things.

See the guide on getting the items that give you the Bulwark boost for more information.

This ring was given as a random drop in Losomn, just as a lot of other goods in the game.

4. Shaed Bloom Crystal

In the game, the Shaed Bloom Crystal is a great way to increase your damage. You receive a strong damage boost of thirty percent when you wear this amulet. The catch is that this bonus alternates between increasing your physical and elemental damage every five seconds.

Using a weapon like the Enigma handgun, which provides Shock damage, makes this technique very effective. It can be used with other weapons, such as the Chicago Typewriter, so that you can alternate between them according to their respective damage bonuses. This greatly increases the versatility of your conflicts and heightens the enjoyment of engaging in combat.

You may employ elemental damage to give foes status effects, which makes it quite useful.

The Malefic Palace in Losomn is where you can find the Shaed Bloom Crystal. You must seek out the same room where you initially encountered the jester there.

3. Detonation Trigger

Since the Detonation Trigger deals massive damage—both immediately upon impact and as burning damage that weakens the opponent over a few seconds—some players may not choose to build around explosive damage, but this can make it more realistic.

All explosions deal 405 burning damage over 5 seconds and 25% more explosive damage.

Despite not fitting any Archetype, this amulet works well with many weapon mods, notably the Explosive Shot, a grenade launcher. If you own the alien-like Aphelion weapon, you can use the Supernova Weapon Mod to unleash a deadly AOE explosion powered by the Detonation Trigger.

2. Escalation Protocol

Lack of crowd management is Remnant 2’s worst flaw. Running is usually the best response against mob violence, although it’s not always possible. You have an excellent fighting chance thanks to the Escalation Protocol, which boosts damage by 25% almost infinitely. Although that may seem insignificant for 10 seconds, any damage done should earn this amulet a place in any armoury.

1. Toxic Release Valve

Like the Escalation Protocol, crowd management is essential in new equipment. This amulet’s best feature is its ability to instantly apply a DOT debuff by switching weapons. Even though it has a three-second cooldown, you can use it to escape foes and heal yourself if it didn’t kill anything.



In Remnant 2, amulets are items that, when worn, can give players different rewards. In the right spot, a player can wear more than one Amulet at the same time. You can find amulets in many places, get them as a prize from random events, or buy them from merchants. Some can be obtained by beating certain Bosses.

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