Is Softonic Safe, Legit, Secure & Legal?

Is Softonic Safe, Legit, Secure & Legal?

On windows, every user came across with the needs to download some tool, applications and software which are not available on Microsoft store or available for purchase. So users try to search and download from other sources. One of the sources is Softonic which is popular for availability of a variety of free applications and software. But question arises, is it safe to use such third party applications. Is so Softonic safe and secure? Before discussing it, we should understand Softonic.

What is Softonic?

Softonic is the website where a user can download free games, videos, windows, applications, extensions and many other things. It has more than 100 million visitors per month which makes it one of the world largest app and games downloading website. It is the website and was founded in 1997. It is registered with the company name of “Softonic International” and its office is in Barcelona Spain. It is accessible on the desktop as well as android. It has a user friendly interface which loads quickly on smartphones. Softonic allows you to download software all categories.

Is Softonic Safe?

Alot of people think, “is softonic safe” before downloading any utility from it.

Softonic claims that their site is safe and secure and they have expert technical team which assures the safety and security of website. They claim to give due important to their users who are downloading applications and games from their website and show their concerns about their data security. They also claim that they assure that their website has no malware, virus and spyware. They have expert review programs in which expert review the safety and security of website.

Expert Users in forums like Quora, Reddit says that the website is not 100% safe for downloading applications and games because softonic doesn’t host all the downloadable utilities on their own servers. When user clicks on download button they fetch the download link from the official website and starts downloading. When it fetches link from third party, then there is possibility that the third party may have malicious file. There is also a possibility that a spyware or malware may get attached during the fetching process, and in this way their safety is compromised.

Moreover, there are a lot of downloadable applications and games files that are outdated. And we know that outdated utilities have compromised security and they are not 100% safe, so there are chances that when you download outdated file from Softonic, it may contain malware and your PC safety is compromised and your PC get hacked. But there is the solution of these problems which is discussed below, which enhance user safety and data security.

Softonic Reviews – Is it legit and Secure?

Trust pilot is the site and platform which reviews the safety and security of the other websites. This website has reviewed the softonic and gave 4.3 ratings out of 5 stars, which is positive from a user point of view and it can build trust of users on softonic.

Is Softonic Legal to Use?

Softonic is legal to use as long as it is available in your region. You can use it to download software and applications any time without any legal issues. If it is not available in your region, even then you can use it with authentic and reliable VPN.

Is Softonic Free?

Softonic claims to provide free software’s and applications. Buy this is not totally true. When you install premium Version of any application they provide you a trail period, after which they ask to purchase the license key.

Sometimes they give you premium application free but after sometimes the software company ask you to add purchase order details, then you can’t use the software and you have to purchase it or stop using it.

How to Download Software from Softonic?

As Softonic is software downloading website so you should know how to download applications and software from Softonic.

  1. Open the browser and search for
  2. When website is open you will see search bar in it’s homepage.

  1. Search the name of application or software you want to download. For example Minecraft
  2. Click the download button and it will start downloading.


These are the same steps to download any software every time.

When to Download content from Softonic?

Softonic provides a lot of android play store applications, apple store applications, and Microsoft store applications. But you should use original sources like the android play store, apple store and Microsoft store for applications that are available on them. Any application that is not available on these platforms can be installed from softonic. So use softonic when applications are not available on Android, Apple store and Microsoft store or they are available for purchase.

How to Download Safe content from Softonic?

Most of the files that users download from softonic are safe and secure. However, we recommend you to scan files before installing because softonic is attacked by hackers and they’re try to attach malicious and spyware with files they users download, so for your data security we recommend to scan downloaded files before installing them.

Also check and  ensure that the file you are downloading is updated and latest version of that application because outdated versions contains bugs and issues and are susceptible to attached by hackers, hence it compromise your security. So always download latest version of the application.


So we concluded that Softonic which is software and applications downloading website primarily for window users, and secondary for MacBook, iOS and Android is safe and legit to use. But there is small margin of safety compromise, so user must scan the downloaded files before installing. Moreover, always download the latest and updated version of any software because outdated versions contain security threats. It is free but sometimes you have to pay for premium software after trail period. It user friendly and vast varieties software and application makes it popular. But we recommend downloading only those software and applications from Softonic which are not available on platforms like Microsoft store, apple store, chrome extension store and android play store.


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