Where to find the Hatchery Dungeon in Remnant 2

Where to find the Hatchery Dungeon in Remnant 2

Hatchery is the place in N’Erud that can be visited in Remnant 2. It has its own scenery, events, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.

Remnant 2 is an action-adventure game with lots of strange places. These spots have a lot of useful items that will help you move forward in the game. Each one has a different boss and animals that you can beat to get useful things. That being said, there are some places in the game that are secret and can’t be reached directly.

In Remnant 2, Hatchery is also one of the hidden places. When players are exploring the N’Erud map, they usually come across this spot. It has a lot of unique items, like a Ring, a Tome of Knowledge, and a Cracked Shell, which can be gotten by beating Primogenitor, the boss of Hatchery. Not surprisingly, Hatchery is a locked building that is hard for players to get into. Follow these steps to quickly open the door.

What is the hatchery in remnant 2?

Located in Remnant 2, the Hatchery is one of the possible areas that links N’Erud’s first and second overworlds. The Hatchery seems to be a storage space that is full of dangerous Parasites. It’s one of many places in N’Erud that can be visited. Remnant 2’s locations will each have their own scenery, events, dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.

Remnant 2 The Hatchery Enemies

Enemies in The Hatchery are as follows:

  • Baby Parasite
  • Parasite
  • Parasite Spitter
  • Slug Parasite
  • Hatcher

Remnant 2 The Hatchery Bosses

Primogenitor is the Boss in The Hatchery 

How to get to The Hatchery in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the Hatchery is an underground place that can only be found in the world of N’erud.

As you look around the Phantom Wasteland, you might roll (spawn) it. On the ground, you will either find a lift that goes down to the Hatchery or a quarry that leads into the basement.

For the Alepsis-Taura plot, you might want to use the Seeker’s Rest checkpoint. This will make it more likely that the Hatchery level will appear.

The way to get the Hatchery in Remnant 2

How to complete The Hatchery in Remnant 2

The Hatchery is where the unique events of N’Erud happen. It’s full of challenging tasks and cruel enemies that are ready to be faced and explored. They can be part of the main story or just happen at random to make your time in the area more interesting.

Shoot the Broken Cable to open the locked door

Shoot the Broken Cable to open the locked door in The Hatchery dungeon in Remnant 2

Around the middle of The Hatchery, you can find a Locked Door that is also known as the Aerary Glyph Door.
Because Remnant 2 maps are randomly laid out, you might see it earlier or later in the area. An enemy change from bugs to robots is a sign that you are getting close to the door.

To open the door, you must destroy the things in the small room next to the glass chamber to show a secret path. Through the vents, it will lead you to a different room with a ladder that leads to the Rerouting Cable Ring.


Where to find the Hatchery Dungeon in Remnant 2

There is a small hole in the wall before the hatch that leads out of the room. Two wires and something that can be destroyed are inside. Shoot it and then drop the door. The room will open up and the Blackout Ring will be ready for you to take.
Remnant 2 gives you many ways to solve the same problem, and The Hatchery Locked Door is no different. The Progeny or WD109 mini-bosses are the two other choices, based on whether the domain will be able to access optional bosses.
For The Progeny, the Aerary Glyph key is next to a dead body. It will open the door to the boss fight with the Aerary Glyph.
On the other hand, you can draw the agro and lead him to the stairs for WD109. His attacks will not only break down the door, giving you more space in the fighting area, but they will also open other locked doors nearby.

Atom Splitter’s Secret Room in Remnant 2:

You might be able to get the Atom Splitter from the Hatchery. It’s one of the best fighting weapons in Remnant 2. If your map sends you outside where there are spinning towers, stand on the ledge and let the robot arms give you a place to jump. For the Atom Splitter, it’s an easy puzzle to figure out.

Defeat the Primogenitor

Primogenitor is a small blue parasite that is part of the Bug race. It is thought to be one of the first ones. Even though it’s small, it can fly and duck into hatches to take advantage of its surroundings. It can also call Hatchers and other smaller enemies to give you the full boss fight experience.

The last boss in the Hatchery is the Primogenitor. When you kill this monster, you’ll get a Cracked Shell that you can use to make the Space Crabs weapon mod in Remnant 2.

Defeat the Progeny boss (optional)

In Remnant 2, the corrupted Slug Parasite is an aberration that sporadically spawns in The Hatchery. The Aerary Glyph key route, which unlocks the locked door that rewards The Crises Ring and Disengage Mutator, is accessible through this mini-boss.

Compared to other members of its species, the Progeny is faster and more hardy, and it can summon Robot Grunts to fight with it.


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Defeat the WD 109 boss (optional)

Another chance event enemy that can show up in Remnant 2’s The Hatchery dungeon is WD 109, a Robot Grunt that has turned into an Aberration.

It uses normal Robot Grunts in the stadium to keep attacking you with big groups of enemies. When you kill this N’Erudian monster, it will drop the Transpose Mutator and 2-7 Corrupted Lumenite Crystal. It will also let you open the locked door with the Excess Coil Ring behind it.


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Remnant 2 The Hatchery Items

The following items can only be found at The Hatchery:

  • Primogenitor dropped cracked shell.

The following will also be randomly put in the area:

  1. The Book of Knowledge
  2. A ring or amulet from N’Erud’s random loot pool

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