10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives/ Torrent sites, Proxy, Mirror sites in 2023

10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives/ Torrent sites, Proxy, Mirror sites in 2023

One of the most popular BitTorrent websites, Torrent9 gained tremendous growth in recent years. The simple layout and containing a large number of Torrent files Torrent9 gained huge popularity in the world. Torrent9 is banned in different countries like US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, India, KSA etc. But you can access Torrent9 different Alternatives, like

  • 1337X
  • Co
  • The Pirate Bay
  • GloTorrents
  • YTS
  • iDope
  • Torlock
  • Torrent Downloads
  • EZTV
  • LimeTorrents

What is New Address of Torrent9 

The new link for Torrent9 is Torrent9.am which is banned in different countries but you use different alternatives and proxy mirrors to unblock the Torrent website. You can use VPN ( virtual private network) to unblock the Torrent9 web.

Why Use Torrent9 Mirror Sites And Proxy?

The main purpose of using mirror sites and proxy is to get access to Torrent9 original website content where anyone can download the desired and popular TV shows, films, series and documentaries by using these alternatives. Furthermore, using a VPN to access this website is no longer necessary because of Torrent9 mirror sites. Finally, if Torrent9 is blocked in your area, Torrent9 proxy sites are very useful.

Access of Torrent9 through VPN

VPN services can unblock the Torrent9 where the Torrent9 is banned due to different legal issues but if you face any difficulties in accessing Torrent9 you can use different alternatives.

10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives 

In this part of article we provide you full detail of top 10 alternatives to access the Torrent9 and download your desired Torrent files.

1. 1337X 

1337X, alternative of toreent9

On the list, 1337X is the first and one of the most popular alternatives to Torrent9. There are several torrent files and magnet links available on this sophisticated torrent website. Users can share the top torrent files on 1337x for free download. The content on 1337X is properly divided up into several categories, including music, software, movies, and much more. This tool is block in different countries like Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom. Since obtaining a complete facelift, 1337x has gained about 53 million monthly users. It’s probably one of the more well-known torrent sites we’ve discovered and an effective Torrent9 alternative.

2. Katcr.Co 

Katcr.Co, 2nd best torrent9 alternative

Kickass Torrents (Katcr) is another secure torrent service where you can get free movies. A team of former KickassTorrent employees created this new website. Kickass Torrents has a simple, straightforward user interface. Kickass Torrents’ content is divided into a variety of categories, much like Torrent9’s, including movies, TV shows, music, games, applications, and more.

Last but not least, searching information on katcr.co is made quite easy by filter methods like categories, sub-categories, and intervals.

3. The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay, Best Torrent9 Alternative and Mirror site in 2023

Since it has been operating for about 20 years, The Pirate Bay (TPB) has established itself as the leader among P2P platforms with a variety of functions. Since 2006, governments have attempted to shut it down, but it keeps operating by using numerous mirrors.

We discovered when evaluating The Pirate Bay that it provides the typical search-based user interface supported by a few filtering features. We were able to find what we were looking for, however it may not be as exact as YggTorrent. There are also a number of Pirate Bay alternatives if you don’t like this website.

Furthermore, the Pirate Bay is banned in a number of countries, including the US, UK, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, and China. Apart from that, due to the Pirate Bay’s popularity it attracts a fair percentage of malicious uploaders.

4. GloTorrents 

GloTorrents, one of the Best Torrent9 Alternative

GloTorrents is great alternative for French speaking users. The ideal Torrent9 alternative for movie fans is GloTorrents. GloTorrents’ user interface was thoughtfully designed, which makes it stand out from others.

GloTorrents provides content ranging from straightforward Android games to complete Blu-ray movies, just like the other websites on the list. GloTorrents provides simple one-click download option, however you should always research the reputation of the contributor before downloading anything. GloTorrents is available in every country or region.

5. YTS 

YTS, site like torrent9

YTS is one of the most popular alternative of Torrent9 among the movies enthusiastic which provide you numerous collection of popular movies available in different resolutions 720p, 1080p and also 3D. The magnet links are not available for downloading movies like Torrent9. YTS also provides complete detail of like cast names, trailers, and synopsis for various movies. YTS is blocked in Ireland.

6. iDope

iDope, among Best Torrent9 Alternatives and Mirror site

IDope is the next great Torrent9 alternative on the list. Similar to Torrent9, iDope features a significant number of torrent files and magnet links from all genres and languages. The content on iDope is efficiently sorted into a variety of categories, including e-books, games, and movies.

Preview movie screenshots on iDope before downloading any content. You can download movies in different resolutions 720p, 1080p and even 3D. This Torrent9 Alternatives is also blocked in Ireland.

7. Torlock

Torlock, site like torrent9Torlock
Torlock, site like torrent9Torlock

Torlock is the mirror proxy site use as the alternative of original Torrent9. Torlock only have verified Torrents so you not gonna find any fake content on this site. This is one of the most popular alternative of Torrent9. Each section of the site is well organized like TV shows, music, games, e-books and much more. Torlock is banned in different countries like Australia, UK, India etc.

8. Torrent Downloads 

Torrent Downloads, torrent9 alternative, proxy site

The another alternative of Torrent9 is torrent download which has same theme like search engine, use for the downloading of films, series, music, TV shows and other stuff. This site is simple and easy to use because of its magnet links availability where you can download torrent files by just clicking on the link. Magnet links is the only way to download the files in Torrent download.

9. EZTV 

EZTV, an alternative of torrent9

The next popular alternative is EZTV which is a non popups and advertisement site. This alternative is may not be updated up have a tremendous torrent site. This site have a variety of collection of movies, TV shows, music etc. It is also known as the king of TV shows because they have numerous collection of newest TV shows. EZTV is blocked in Australia, U and  Ireland.

10. LimeTorrents 

LimeTorrents, alternative of toreent9

The last but not the least alternative is LimeTorrents which provide you one click download option, the size of torrent file and the date of uploaded torrent. Similar to other alternatives it has different categories for movies, music, games etc.


In the conclusion all the above mentioned Torrent9 alternatives if you are live in the area where the Torrent9 is banned due to different legal issues. You can assess the Torrent9 through these sites and download the desired content you love.

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