10 Best Snapchat Saver App(s) for Android & iPhone

10 Best Snapchat Saver App(s) for Android & iPhone

Now days, as we all know Snapchat is a very famous social media tool. This app is having several specifications like User have a lot of options to enjoy this app. In this app we can share various features with our friends like videos, photos and messages. Some how some improvement is still required in some things because mostly users want to save some snaps but this option has not provided by this popular app. So, memory or record and even messages will not be saved in Snapchat as we can say that the only and important grey area of this app which definitely demands update and positive change.  There are many snap chat saver apps for android apps and iPhone Mobiles for the purpose of saving of the snaps and stories of Snapchat. These saver apps will work in limits according to the policies of snap chat.

These Saver apps help its users so that those saved snaps could view in Future. These saver apps can be view even after the deletion by the sender. Simultaneously, these Saver apps provide numerous choices for its users. It’s been difficult to find out for picking of these saver apps that which one is best and suiting me.

10 Best Snapchat Saver App(s) for Android & iOS

1. DU Recorder

One of the premium choice is DU Recorder also known is exquisite, Reliable and easy to handle for the Recording of screen and stream creator for both iPhone and android mobiles. This exquisite app, Du recorder is owned by the Inshot Inc. This app has gained Good reputation due to its best service provided for its users which is helping in saving the apps for the iPhone mobiles.

This app is comprises with many best features.  Those features allowing its users to capture and record the device screen with fantastic and best quality of the audio and video. Moreover,  DU Recorder also allowing it’s users for the stream recordings to the range of other social media tools like Facebook, YouTube and twitch. All the recording through this saver app brings high quality and gives extraordinary results in the form of HD resolution. This app is also allowing it’s users to adjust the video quality and frame rate to adjust their need. Moreover, XRecorder also records audios from the microphone. App also having characteristics of editing tool that allowing the users to cut, trim and integrate the recording.

DU Recorder provides best options for professional looking videos. This app is user- friendly making it easy for its users in the recording the screen and in stream of content. In just a few steps user can easily start and end the recording and personalize setting like video with good quality and direction.

This app offers numerous ranges of Platforms and various choices at the same time just to help users by personalize the recordings having the capability for adding the text, logos and also watermarks. This app is exquisite for almost everyone just due to its numerous features and reliability and also easy to use at the same time.

On the other hand, another Good saver app is shot saver app which is designed by v-ware which allows its users to save Snapchat stories and snaps without inform the sender. This app is extraordinary for all those who want to keep their record of past snaps without any hurdle. This app is good for the android due to its users friendly interface of the app which is effective.

This app is also allowing users to save screen recordings and Snapchat stories without any detection. This app is unidentified that means sender will not be able to know about his snaps whether it’s been saved or not saved. Moreover, snapshot doesn’t require any sort of fixing of the android apps. This app is uncomplicated to use and install.

An additional feature of this app is the potential of saving all the sections of snap chat in which including videos, photos and stories.

Users can view and manage their saved content with ease in the app. It is a suitable platform for all those who want to review their mesmerizing and most-liked snaps.

DU recorder - Snapchat saver for iphone

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2. Screen Recorder for iphone (Llc By Cleaner)

Another platform for all iPhone users is LLC by cleaner which also works for the screen recorder in iPhone. This is a best app for those who want to save screen recording.

Specifically, this app is very effective for face cam reaction video and live steam games as this tool is very helpful for the recording of screen contents and for reels through the front-facing camera. This quality of this app is very famous among the gamers as it allows them to share their reactions to that game which they are playing with their viewers.

Another one of the best feature of this app is Easy to use and handle there will be nothing problem during the use of this exquisite app. Just you will have to install the app and manage the setting according to your choices. Also, there is availability of recording the audio from the device microphones it would be good if you want to attach the commentary in your videos. After the completion of recording, you have option to save the video to your camera roll also you can share this with social media tools like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Generally, this screen recorder for iPhone app by cleaner LLC is best choice for the screen recording. It is providing numerous features like easy to use, best quality of recording which you can share with friends and family. If you are a gamer and v-logger then this app will definitely going to entertain you.

Snap saver for iphone

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3. Snapbox

Here is another remarkable option that is usable which is also easy and simple with multiple features. This app is also for saving of images and videos. You have option in this app to save all those snaps directly in your gallery. This app is comprises all the best features for its users. There is another advantage of this app is it is allowing it’s users to save without leaving any detection.

SNAPBOX. Snap saver for iphone

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4. Story Saver 

Save story is another fantastic app for android devices. This app is also fantastic for the screen recordings, audio and video. You have brilliant options to cut and trim both video and audio. This app is available in play store you can download it from there. The other good thing about this app is you don’t have need to login or any registration. It is available directly for the use with no needs to sign up and also login.

Story saver for Snapchat

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5. Snap Video Downloader (Snap Saver)

This is another amazing app for the screen recording and screenshot with ease. This app is very famous created Tit@ns By H@yy@t which is fantastic app among all the android users who want to save Snapchat stories without facing any problem. This app is very decent for snap chat saver which is available on google play store you can install it from there. There will be no limitations for users while saving Snapchat stories. It is available for free. The app doesn’t demand any sort of registration or login for download the stories. This app is very simple to use just you need to open the app and then login to your Snap chat account. Once you will complete this process then you will be able to view all the stories of your friends which will be accessible to you for the download. Then, what ever you want to download you can download just you will have to click the button of download. Then, app will start the downloading as per your own choice and selection. Availability will be very simple and easy even you can reach them while being offline.

As this app is very user- friendly which makes users comfortable while its use. Updating process is also very simple as it can be update regularly to improve and enhance its updated and upcoming features for its audience. Generally, this app is tremendous for any one who wants to save Snapchat stories with ease. This app is reliable and effective for its audience.

Snap saver for Android
Snap saver for Android

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6. Private Screenshots

It is also very useful app which is developed by Shaman land for all the android users. It is also created for same purpose of save snap chat content without being traced. There are many apps that are being traced but this app is best which is not being traced while saving those snaps. Definitely, it is not easy to save snaps without alerting or informing the sender. This app is allowing it’s users for capturing screenshots within the app after this those screen shots will be saved in the private gallery. This process clearly identifying that sender will not be informed while saving his content for the purpose of personal use.

This app has vast range of many best apps that is simple and very easy to use. This app is designed with the unique approach of conservative process. This app is very simple which makes thing easy for its users also helping it’s users to fix their needs. This app is providing its users of safety because it offers the option of pin and also the option of fingerprint lock. Eventually, this option of safety ensuring that only its real owner would access to this app and at the same time no one other would reach to this app without the consent. This app is very versatile as it has many best options. This app would only allow to it’s users to saving the snap chat content It also gives the option of saving the content of other app most famous apps from other messaging apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. The choice through this private screenshot makes it even more brilliant and effective for the users. So, it’s a great option for all of those who want to save content from the numerous apps with the best option of not being traced. This app is reliable user-friendly which is fulfilling all the options of users.

Private screenshot- snap saver app

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7. Video Downloader Fast Save

Video Downloader fast save app is also for the android devices. It is developed by photo and video applications which are allowing its users to download videos and photos from the different social media tools. This app is very popular the reason behind its popularity is its use which is very easy and having fastest speed of download. It is specifically very helpful for all those who want to download videos from those different platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This app is very unique as it has option of download the videos completely in HD format. HD option is increasing the quality of video. Moreover, this app is allowing for saving of stories and reels from the famous app Instagram. This features makes more fantastic and at the same providing this with ease for all the followers of social media who want to save and share all the unique content with the Friends and family  which is liked by them.

Generally, this is an excellent platform for saving the photos and Videos, from all the social media platforms. Its process of downloading is very fast with HD quality videos and at the sane time it’s providing the facility of save stories and reels which make this app looks even more brilliant.

Video downloader fast save- Snapchat saver

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8. Video Downloader Story Saver

The video downloader story saver app is by the fast video Dev bay which is extraordinary snaps saver app. It is available for android devices. This app is exquisite which is providing fast download options and also it is very easy to use app hence, it is not difficult at all in use. It is providing options for saving the video and download from the Snap chat within seconds and in one clucks. All the users can download the snaps with fast speed with ease. Video downloader story saver gives props access to save the snaps and enabling users to view those snaps during offline mode. Its most prominent feature is the fastest and quickest speed of download. The entire process of downloading will take just few seconds. This app is available for the entire android devices. It is a great advantage and facility for all those who want to save time and get content in short time period. This app is immensely easy to use which isn’t difficult at all. With this app, users would be able to download and save all their favorite stories of snaps and videos mostly which they likes without facing any hurdle or problem. It is user-friendly app and available for those even who are not tech-savvy in just few clicks. It is allowing users to download and save those Snapchat stories and videos with fast and quick approach.

Video downloader fast save - Snapchat video saver

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9. Snap Grab

It is another good app for snaps saving by Watthen web this app is working as a private screenshot platform which is designed to make the Snapchat a problem free process. This app allowing it’s users to take screenshot while using media capture intents. It ensures that the process of capture photos without leaving any detection. More ever, this app includes the floating button services which allows the users for start the screen shot then operate to all other app as per routine. When user will click on the floating button, this app will catch the snaps and then save it. It is best process which is very easy and simple. Its best feature is like other best apps is the process of avoided from all type of trace while taking the screen shots. This is very useful for all those who want to save their old and favorite memories without any problem of privacy which can’t be impacted. More ever, this app is one of the best snap chat saver applications for all the iPhone users. Another great feature of this app is ease of use with the option of floating button option which allows users to capture screen shots in just one click.

Snap grab for Snapchat saver

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10. Snap Downloader Pro

Snap downloader pro is also a famous app. This app is specified for android devices for those who want to easily download music and videos from the Snapchat. Users can download their favorite snap chat stories, videos and videos with effortless approach with in few clicks. Snap downloader supports approximately all formats which is also free to use which is making this app most prominent app. This app is available for audience on the google play store. It has built in media player, it is allowing it’s users for the process of preview their downloaded items. It is ensuring that users can easily download their favorite content or item with high speed and in less time. This app provides the option of updating on the regular bases. This app is improving with rapid pace with new innovation. This app is also very user-friendly which is providing numerous options to its user so that they can actually enjoy their favorite content.

Snap downloader pro. Snap saver app

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